PinBot Restauration

One of the peculiarities of squats is that items occasionally lose their owner. In the days I had a squatting boyfriend, I lost a mandarin and a glove, but gained a T-shirt. These things happen because somebody puts something somewhere. Person A owns item B, which he takes to squat C. For whatever reason, he leaves item B at the squat, and either forgets about them or resigns ownership. The next owner will then be decided by the first to pick it up and realize: " Hey! This's been here forever! The owner will not be back here, so I might as well keep it."
At antisquats, it can be just the same. At my sister's ex-place, a former school in the Lulofsstraat in The Hague, there were 4 couches, 6 chairs, a trampoline and a broken pinball table. When the place had to be cleared, my father and I were allowed to take the pin with us.
Getting it home was not an easy task. We didn't have the time to take it home with the truck we rented for the removal, and the table had to be cleared. So we dumped it at Grandma's place for a week. A week later we were just too busy to pick it up, and we couldn't rent a car on such short notice. A week after that, we couldn't rent anything either, so we just went to granny by car, see if it would fit. It didn't. We busted the car fan while trying.
A week later, we rented a trailer. And so we finally picked up the machine.
And then came the restoring. We're still working on it, but at least we got our baby going. I'm keeping a blog on it at blogspot.

Pinbot Dimensions:
Name: Pinbot
Theme: Outer Space
Made By: Williams
Built in: 1986
Height: 73 3/4 inch = 187 cm,
Height with backbox folded: 53 inch = 135 cm
Width: 30 1/4 in = 77 cm
Depth: 53 in = 135 cm
Weight: 225 lbs = 102 kg.

Here we have just installed Pinbot on his legs. It was left legless in the anti-squat.


Backbox pre-cleaning

Interior viewed through tiny hole. Our first peek at the inside.

Full glory

Under the playfield. The yellow circle shows the left flipper solenoid, which had a broken holder. The green one shows the burnt solenoid.

Backbox interior shows loose knocker wire.

Burnt transistors

Outside of flipper store

The drop targets from below.

Innit gross!

Right slingshot, with elastic that's about to burst

Something's missing to the right... otherwise, cool shot!

The visor gives us many jam problems, we thinks it misses something.

Those white sticky things make us wonder if something should be there.

Snailhouse ramp, with broken thingy.

Ball Balance 1

Ball Balance 2. As I had to keep up the flipper, my sister made the photo.

Ball Balance 3.

Ball Balance 4.

Ball Balance 5.

For real: High score of 9.4 MILLION!!!

My new highest score: over 10 MILLION! Unfortunately the table doesn't register any scores over 9,999,999