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Ever since I got NoteWorthyComposer,I've been using it enthusiastically, to discover music that I only hadon sheet, to study pieces I know more intensively, to compose, to play,to learn all about orchestration, and to pass the time whenever I'm bored.I have a large collection of MIDI-files of all types, but the ones publishedhere were all typed in by me, but not composed or orchestrated by me. Theintention of publishing these files was to communicate with other MIDI-users,to exchange sheet music, and to get some Dutch composers who are hard tofind on-line. If you have any requests, mail me. I'm currently workingon the full-length fully orchestrated Danse Macabre, which, of course,takes so much time it might not get finished until I discover how DreamWeaverworks.

For more information on any of thesecomposers/works/theme parks: visit my links section.

Works by Frank Zappa:
*** HowCould I Be Such A Fool? (Freak Out, Cruising With Ruben And The Jets)
*** AmericaDrinks And Goes Home (Absolutely Free)
*** MotherPeople (We're Only In It For The Money)
*** Oh No(Weasels Ripped My Flesh, among others)
*** WaltzFor Guitar (unrecorded)

For the first four, I used The FrankZappa Song Book, all are vocals with piano accompaniment. The Waltz ForGuitar was written in 1958, and not published until it appeard in a guitarmagazine. I used a JPG of this as source. Some of the notes were toughto read, so it may not be adequate. Zappa-fans may recognize it as thebit from Brown Shoes Don't Make It.

Works by Ruud Bos, all for the Eftelingattraction Fata Morgana:
*** Harbour
*** EasternJails
*** Jungle

I used the Efteling music book "Pardoesen de Bange Boeven", now tough to find. It's primarily made for kids, hencethe thin sound. I'll do Villa Volta and Droomvlucht on request. Jungleand Harbour were more or less orchestrated since the settings were quadrophonic,so it would be easier to type it in 4 than in 2 voices. Their intent ispiano solo for young kids, but some of the distances between chord notesare too large even for me to play.

Works by Franz Schubert:
*** Du RingAn Meinen Finger
*** Rast(from Die Winterreise)

Sources: sheet music given to meduring various musicology classes, so I don't know the exact origin. Sorry.All are singing with piano accompaniment.

*** Blackand White Rag
      George Boston, a cheerful ragtime, piano solo
*** Toccatafor guitar
       Louis Ignatius Gall, interesting toccata, very fast and tough!
*** MellonCollie And The Infinite Sadness
       Smashing Pumpkins, after the guitar book, all errors in there have beencorrected, and there's plenty! Piano solo
*** PoolscheSuite (Polish suite) deel 1
       Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman, after Philips sheet music which contains somuch spelling errors I'm not sure how good the sound is. Piano solo.
*** Preludeno 1
       Heitor Villa-Lobos, after a Russian music-sheet. Beautiful guitar solo.
***Qui Est Promesses
       Guillaume de Machaut, after Hoppin's Anthology Of Medieval Music, motetfor three singers
       Perotin, after Hoppin's anthology, for four singers with a great lung capacity.

More to come, so stay tuned!