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Tour guide of Eindhoven and a lot of photos:

The focus on this section of my web world is my art, photos, texts and my game files.
Games are under Text and focus primarily on adventure games: Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit Larry, Phantasmagoria, Shivers, Under A Killing Moon, Voyeur, Legend Of Kyrandia 1, Island Of Dr Brain and LAD: Local Area Dungeon. Pages on the Laura Bow series are coming up.
Another minor section of Text is Cluedo. As a huge fan of the board game I made a strategy guide and wrote articles on Cluedo-related items. In the remainder of the text is a Zappa lecture transcript, a highly interesting translation of a 1901 article on tobacco and health, two recipes and some of the fiction I made that isn't blackmail material.

The Arts section has expanded considerably, now that I can easily upload work to DeviantArt and MijnAlbum. Major sections are: Gallery Of Great Guitarists, Fowl Works that include ducky parodies of films and other arts, ZAPPA - every artwork I made that is related to Frank Zappa and/or Zappa.com, there's Calligraphy, there's Ready Set Animate with GIF files, and there's Fred & Derek.

Photography, too, expanded way beyond previous site capacity. There are pictures of my hometown Eindhoven: the GLOW festival and Carnaval, but also of the Evoluon and the surrounding nature. Another large section deals with pictures I made at de Efteling. Others refer to little day projects I went to. And there's a gorgeous Paris page.

Audio is the little problem child on the site. The pages and MIDI-files are still accessible, but now that YouTube has stopped embedding, there's just a simple link to that BB-corner on the Audio page. My YouTube account hosts anything from music to drawing to entertainment, but by nature most of them are of game walkthroughs.

The BBP Gabriel Knight Companion Circuit

Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers Companion
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Companion
Der Fluch des Engelhart and Richard Wagner
Talking Tantalizing Tarot in The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery and Phantasmagoria
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood Of The Sacred, Blood Of The Damned Companion
Gabriel Knight 3 Gallery #1
Gabriel Knight 3 Gallery #2
Gabriel Knight 3 Wayback Treasures
Gabriel Knight 3 Secret Documents
The entire scripts of all Gabriel Knight games are available, just send me a guestbook note. I'm still looking into a way to publish them permanently, which in view of their size is a difficult task.

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