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These pages shows you all the paintings found in Gabriel Knight 3: Blood Of The Sacred, Blood Of The Damned, except for the ones in the church. These were all screencapped using the in-game screenshot function. Then, the game pics were edited in Paint. For research I used various sources. These are mentioned below. I also list the phrases Gabe and Grace say when looking at the paintings. On this page are all pics that are not in any of the other guestrooms: the pics from Room 25, the lobby, diner, kitchen, museum, bar, Serres attic, Larry's house and Saunière's villa.
Links on this page will lead to high-res versions of the painting. They all lead to external pages.

Gabriel's Room

Auguste Renoir: Gabrielle aux Bijoux (ca 1910).
Gabriel: "I may not know art, but I like it!"
Grace: "That WOULD be over Gabriel's bed!
Notes: Used in reverse.

Henri Fantin-Latour: Still Life With Flowers And Fruits (1869)
Gabriel: "Looks like an ad for wine."
Grace: "I've done so many still lifes for painting class, I'm sick of them. This one isn't bad though."
Notes: Used in reverse.

Edouard Manet: Monet peignant dans son bateau-atelier (1874)
Gabriel: Who would wear a white suit in a boat? Who would wear a white suit period?
Grace: That looks like a Casset reproduction.
Notes: Used in reverse, and unlike Grace notes, NOT by Casset. Thank you Grace for making this painting so much harder to find.

Gustave Caillebotte: Périssoires (1878)
Gabriel: That looks like fun! Except for the rowing part.
Grace: Looks like two Englishmen exploring the Amazon. Which begs the question: what's it doing in a French hotel?
Notes: Used in reverse. Segments of the painting were cut.

Federico Zandomeneghi: Woman in the Field (1893)
Gabriel: See? Now there's an artist who knows how sexy red umbrellas are.
Grace: I think Gabriel has a thing for red umbrellas.
Notes: For the game, sections have been cut from all sides.

Pál Szinyei Merse: Picnic in May (1873)
Gabriel: Little family in the grass. How domestic.
Grace: They don't make families like that anymore. Too much work!
Note: Sections of this painting were cut, removing the sky completely.

Gustave Caillebotte: Bord de rivière, effet de brume matinale (1875)
Gabriel: They need to get some of my dad's paintings in here. These are a bit too happy for my taste.
Grace: I expect Mark Twain to come around that corner any minute.

Charles-François Daubigny: The pond of Gylieu (1853)
Gabriel: Pastorale du swamp. Oh lovely.
Grace: That's soothing, if you really like green.
Notes: Used in reverse.

Edouard Manet: The Viennese: portrait of Irma Brunner with black hat (1880)
Gabriel: Talk about your big hair.
Grace: Great profile! Reminds me of Barbra Streisand in Hello Dolly.

Paul Cézanne: Still Life With Skull And Candlestick (1865-1867)
Gabriel: Well That's cheerful! Makes me feel right at home!
Grace on 2:7-10AM before talking to Jean: Yuck! Reminds me of something Gabriel's father would've painted!
Grace after talking to Jean: Guess that's what happens to guests who give Jean a hard time!
Notes: Used in reverse. This painting features prominently in Shivers, but there it's the right way round.

Claude Monet: Still Life with Pears and Grapes (1880)
Gabriel: Shouldn't that painting be in the dining room? No, that would make too much sense.
Grace: Fruit. Don't suppose there are hidden messages in that one.
Notes: Used in reverse.

Auguste Renoir: Female nude (Anna) (1876)
Gabriel: She has a certain naive barnyard charm.
Grace: Women could actually eat back then.
Notes: Used in reverse, and stretched horizontally. A correct version is found in Room 31 (Howard/Stiles room)


Edgar Degas: Before the Performance (ca 1896)
Gabriel: Nice legs.
Grace: Am I nuts or does that look like a man in drag? Allright, so I've seen La Cage Aux Folles way too many times.

Diner2, 6, 7
Edgar Degas: Frieze of Dancers (c 1895)
Gabriel: Nothing like tutus to help you work up an appetite.
Grace: Funny. I never looked like that when I took dance classes.
Note: The Degas dancers look very different in the game, to the extent that these may be sketches made by someone else..

Renoir: The theatre box (1874)
Gabriel: She's kinda cute, but what do you suppose he's doing, exactly?
Grace before talking to Madeline for the first time: Nice use of colour in that one! Love that red.
Grace after meeting Madeline: Nice, but I'm not too keen on red at the moment.

Jean-François Raffaëli: Absinthe drinkers (1881)
Gabriel: Two lonely guys in hats.
Grace: Male bonding.

Renoir: Luncheon of the Boating Party (1881)
Gabriel: Hey, a painting of diners for a dining room! Clever!
Grace: Somebody really likes impressionist art.

Claude Monet: Houses of Parliament (1904)
Gabriel: Guess that's to keep the cooks from drinking too much wine. They'll think that their vision's getting fuzzy.

Edward Burne-Jones: When Adam delved and Eve span...
Gabriel: Adam and Eve. I never liked that story. Can you imagine there being only one woman on the entire planet? Ooh god!
Grace: Adam digging. That's appropriate for this region.
Note: original is an engraving.

William Morris: The Orchard (Summer) (1890)
Text: Midst bitten mead and acre shorn,
The world without is waste and worn.
(From: The Orchard, by William Morris)
Gabriel: Hey, he kinda looks like me! Except for the dress part.
Grace: Cute guy. I'd love to see Gabriel in an outfit like that.
Note: Original is a tapestry. Verse and tapestry by Morris. Only the Summer section was used.


Gabriel: I'm not sure I'd want that thing between my legs, looks dangerous.
Grace: Looks like something from Ludwig's castle.

Frédéric Bazille: Portrait of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1867)
Gabriel: That painting is about as colourful as Larry himself.

Claes Janszoon Visscher: Leo Belgicus (1650)
Gabriel: A lion-shaped map. Weird.
Grace: It looks like a map of the region. Unfortunately it's out of date - and in French.
Note: Map of The Netherlands Republic. Although the text at the bottom right is indeed in French, most of the texts surrounding and below the portraits is in Latin. The place names are in Dutch.

John Constable: The Hay Wain (1821)
Gabriel: Hmmm... this was once Saunière's house. Nice, but kinda outdated now.

Serres attic:

Grace: It's a little dark in here, but these paintings don't look valuable to me.

Research Resources: Google
Impressionism-Art French site with many painting pictures of many less-known and well-known painters.
Olga's Art Gallery. Collection of works by Cézanne. Collection of works by Caillebotte. Collection of works by Renoir. 300+ Renoir paintings and drawings. 800+ artworks by Edgar Degas.
ManetEdouard.org200+ artworks by Edouard Manet.

My primary source for finding these paintings was not the Internet, but a book in 3 parts: Malerei des Impressionismus 1860-1920 by Peter H. Feist. Roughly 70% of the GK Gallery can be found in this book, and I would never have found many of the paintings without it.


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