Blood of the sacred, blood of the damned

Welcome to the BBP Gabriel Knight 3: Blood Of The Sacred, Blood Of The Damned Companion. This page aims to give you a good overview of the game, with a walkthrough, point list, character/cast list, easter egg list, a fun stuff list, and a review. I try to be as complete as possible, but as with any good game, GK3 is so crowded with data, that it's impossible to get a grip on all its features without the aid of a special file viewer.
LAST UPDATE 6 May 2016
Added easter egg, added bloopers, revised point list.

Gabriel Knight 3 Secret Documents

Table of contents:

Introduction to Gabriel Knight 3: Blood Of The Sacred, Blood Of The Damned

Gabriel Knight, writer and Schattenjäger, receives an invitation in the mail. He and his assistant Grace Nakimura are asked to look after a baby. The baby's father, Prince James of Albany, has received numerous threats from Night Visitors, who want to drink the nipper's blood. While Gabriel and Grace are sitting in the nursing room one night, looking after the baby, two men come in. Grace falls asleep, and Gabriel, protected by his talisman, sits paralysed as the men steal the child. Gabe chases them as they travel by train. They get out at Couiza and are picked up by a car. Gabriel is still dizzy and is being ushered to a hotel in the nearby town Rennes-le-Château, where he wakes up. Day 1 starts, and it's up to you to lead Gabriel and Grace to the kid.

The interface is straightforward enough, though it's handy to read the instructions first:
A cursor with an extra line around it, means that there's an object to inspect. Click, and several icons will appear. Hold your cursor over the icons to figure out what they mean, but most of them are clear enough.
A plain arrow cursor will take your protagonist as close to where you clicked as possible.
Bent or fat arrows will mean you will walk to a new scene in the specified direction.
Hold the left mouse button and drag to turn left or right, or move the camera forward or backward.
Hold the left AND right mouse button to lift or lower the camera, or move it left or right.
Press SHIFT, hold left mouse button and drag to tilt the camera up, down, left or right.
Hold left and middle mouse button and drag for "flying", that is, moving the camera forward or backward when it's at an angle.
Rightclick to enter the menu. From here, you can access the inventory, turn the cinematics on and off, receive a hint, save, restore, quit or enter the Advanced Options. With the Advanced Options you can configure your equalizer or use the closed captioning.
In the inventory, TAKE an item to make it pop up in the icon menu you get when you click on any object. The active item can also easily be accessed with the menu.
Press I to enter the inventory a little quicker.
Press Escape to stop whatever film is playing: whether it's a walking protagonist, dialog or film.
Press Space to put the camera at the original height and tilt angle.
Press P to pause.
Press F5 to save a game into a slot called QuickSave, without having to enter the SaveScreen first. You will only have one QuickSave file, and pressing F5 again will overwrite it, even if you overwrite the Quicksave with a regular save.
Press F6 to restore the QuickSave game.
Press F11 to make a screenshot. It will be saved as a PNG in your Gabriel Knight 3 folder and be around 100KB in size.


In this walkthrough, I'll often use the word "talk". When you're talking to a character, usually a row of icons pop up, showing the possible topics. Use ALL of them, and drain them from left to right. There are few exceptions, and I'll note these where necessary.
To write something in your notebook, Take the notebook in the inventory screen, and use its icon when you click on whatever you want to write down.
At times you will have to take fingerprints. Do so by: clicking the brush, click the brush onto the powder, click and drag the icon you have now over the item you're scanning. When you find a print, put back the brush, take the tape, click on the print, and click on the cards at the left.

Day 1, 10-12 AM
Good morning! Open the closet in Room 25, pick up TAPE and WIRE HANGER. Get out to the hall, enter the lobby, and move through the large archway to the dining room. Talk to Mosely. Pick up MAPLE SYRUP. In the lobby, read the hotel register. Talk to the receptionist Jean. When he walks away, snatch the MAGIC MARKER from his desk. Take a MINT from the table on the other side. Talk to the man in the lounge: Emilio Baza. For alternate dialog, talk to him before you talk to Jean or read the register. Enter the phone booth. Use Prince James's calling card on a telephone to call him. Go outside.
Talk to the redhead lady, Madeline Buthane, next to the Volkswagen van.
Look at the bookstore. Look at the San Gréal books.
Visit the museum. Talk to Madame Girard behind the desk. Enter the big hall with all the signs. Read them to get a good background on the events in the game. Stand on the side with the Saunière texts, and walk near the two ladies to overhear them. Then walk over and introduce yourself: they're Lady Howard and Estelle Stiles.
Now, walk back to the hotel front. The time block should end here.
If it doesn't, it could mean that you haven't drained all possible subjects with everyone. Make sure you talk with Jean, Madeline and Baza after you read the register, and that you talk with Girard and the ladies after you've looked at the Holy Grail book.

Day 1, 12-2 PM
Enter the hotel dining room to overhear a conversation between Madeline and a big Australian, John Wilkes. Go to Wilkes and talk to him.Alternatively you can wait with introducing yourself to him until next timeblock, or the one after that, for different dialog. Then enter the hallway outside the rooms. Watch Emilio and the British ladies change rooms. Head for the church. Overhear Vittorio Buchelli and Abbé Arnaud arguing. Then talk to Buchelli, then talk to the Abbé. Leave the church. You should hear a clock ticking. This means you've entered a new section in the time slot, and characters may now be elsewhere. Now go back to the hotel, knock on the door of Room 33 and chat with Mosely. After talking to him about the case, you can click on the Close icon, then click on the door and use the Peek icon. Baza is spying on you! After the interruption, talk to Mosely on all the other topics. Then leave, pick up the glass that Emilio left behind on the table, and move to the front of the hotel again.

Day 1, 2-4 PM
Time to get you some wheels! (for a different line, visit the moped rental before it's open. I like hearing Gabe yell YeeHaw!) Enter the Moped Rental. Talk to Mr Bigout about renting a bike. Hmmm... only a purple crappy bike available... and Mosely's on the reservation list...
Talk to Lily Howard and Estelle in the lobby, then it's time for the first time-based puzzle. Put a mint on the table across Room 27, with the painting with the path on it. Knock on Mosely's door and talk to him about his passport. Then leave. Go down. Grab a new mint in case it goes wrong the first time. Then: when Jean is not at his desk, push the buzzer button #33 to get Mosely out of his room. Walk up on the stairs AT THE WALL WITH THE TABLE (that's opposite to where the buzzers are). Now, walk until you're nearly at the corner with room 23. Watch Mosely walk out. Follow him. When he stops to eat the mint, click on him and use the TAKE icon in order to steal his PASSPORT. (If you came up on the wrong side, you can still make it if you're quick, but it's not handy. If you're near the stairs when you click on Mose, he'll see you.) Then, open Room 33 and steal Mose's gold BLAZER. Leave the room.
Now go to the museum. Take the RED CAP from the lost and found. Go to the cemetary behind the church. Watch the Abbé spray his plants. When he's gone, steal the SPRITZER.
Move into the alley behind the church until you find the cat. If you didn't pet it earlier, move now, leave and come back so it sits on the wall. Use the tape on the hole in the shed, squirt the kitty, and when it shoots through the hole, take the tape again. Use the maple syrup on the hair to make a MOUSTACHE. Combine the red hat, blazer and moustache to form a Mosely outfit. Use the magic marker on Mosely's passport.
Now, you're finally ready to rent the bike. Go to the shop, click on you and use the Costume icon.
Yay, wheels! And a bonus SPADE AND BINOCULARS You may want to explore the different areas before you follow the walkthrough. Go to Larry Chester, talk to him. Then go to Blanchfort. Wait for Madeline to drive by in her van. She'll halt at Coume Sourde. You can talk to her there, but she doesn't have much to say. Now go back to Blanchfort. Climb the White Rock and visit the ruins. Use your binoculars to view through the place. If you look at Rennes-le-Château, you can see Buchelli looking back. But for points, find Coume Sourde and spy on Madeline. Then, walk back down again. Now wait for Wilkes to drive by on his orange moped. Follow him and visit him at L'Ermitage.Talk to him about his rig. When you're done, copy his license plate number at the parking lot. Enter the map again for the next time slot.
Instead of visiting Larry now, you can visit Couiza, and talk to Chester in the next time block. Or you can visit both before you follow Wilkes and/or Madeline, making your 4-6 time block really short. But then you won't see the Madeline/Abbé conversation.

Day 1, 4-6 PM
Go to Blanchfort again. If you see Lady Howard and Estelle Stiles in their blue moped, follow them. You won't get points or a new location, but now you can copy their license plate at the start of the next time block. You can visit Wilkes (left, at Black Rock) and his worm thumper again for some more taunting. At the top of the White Rock, at the ruins, sits Emilio Baza. Talk to him. Use your binoculars again. Find L'Homme Mort, and spy on Mosely and Madeline. Now, when you go back down to the parking lot, write down Emilio's license plate number. Head to L'Homme Mort. Look at Mosely's bike... heh heh. Talk to Mosely, and move back to the parking lot. When you're there, write down his license plate as well.
Take a break and visit Rennes-le-Château. Go to the cemetary and open the window of the Abbé's office to overhear him and Madeline. Eeow.
Use your moped again to visit the Couiza train station. Talk to the taxi driver outside. He's just behind his car, and you may have to move your camera to find him. When his memory lets him down, use your wallet on him to continue the conversation. Then, enter the station. Look and think at the Arrivals sign. Hmmm... no Naples route... and Buchelli said he came from Naples... Talk to the lady at the ticket booth to confirm this, and to ask about the other train travellers.
Go back to Rennes-Le-Château. A new timeblock should start.
If it doesn't: Make sure you've visited Mosely, and both Larry (drain subjects) and Couiza (drained cab driver, thought at arrivals and talked to Marcie). You also need to have introduced yourself to Wilkes.

Day 1, 6-10 PM
At the moped shop, look at the blue moped and note its license plate. Now, you can also note the other plate: it's Buchelli's. Leave the shop for a long segment that will end outside Room 25.
Walk down, talk to Simone, enter the dining room to overhear Wilkes and Buchelli. Then leave.
Note that Prince James's men are walking to the cemetary. Follow them. When you arrive at the cemetary, click on the huge tomb and use the Hide icon to start the sequence.
After the Scots have given the Abbé a hard time, use your tape recorder on the church office window (if you missed out on the Madeline conversation you may have to open it first). Record his phone conversation. Move back to the hotel. Click the car of Prince James's men and follow it. They'll go to Larry Chester. Move to Blanchfort, and walk from there to Chester's house. When you arrive, click on the tree that's closest to the well and Hide. Observe the handshake closely.
Return to your bike. You may visit Rennes-les-Bains to copy Buchelli's bike number if you haven't done so already, but you can also return to Room 25 to talk to Grace and Mosely. When the handshake needs to be recalled, use icons 2, 5, 3, 1, 4 in this order. Continue the conversation. This ends Day 1.

Day 2, 7-10 AM
You start off day 2 as Grace in room 25. Pick up your FINGER PRINT KIT. Now, start up SIDNEY. Check your e-mail. Then click on the Search function. Look up Grail and Vampires. Leave the room. Pick up the book by the door. Leave the room again. Go to the dining room and talk to Madeline. Then, head for Tour Magdala and talk to Abbé Arnaud. Return to the hotel, knock on Mosely's door and enter the dining room to start the tour.
At Poussin's tomb, all you have to do is write down what Emilio doodled in the sand: SUM. Then wait and click around until Madeline says it's time to go.
At Blanchfort, move near, or talk to, Wilkes to overhear the conversation between him and Madeline. Then walk near or talk to the British ladies to overhear a group argument on a document called Le Serpent Rouge. Talk to everyone about this document. Interrogate Wilkes a little more, and flirt with him. Leave Mosely for last. When you're done with the final topic, you'll cue to a dream scene of Gabriel. Only Madeline, Wilkes and Mosely will score you points. Aside from these, you will also have to talk to Emilio on Le Serpent Rouge to finish this time block. You don't have to end with Mosely, but it'll look silly when you don't.

Day 2, 10-12 AM
Gabriel wakes up after a bad night on the sofa. Pick up his FINGER PRINT KIT, enter SIDNEY and use ADD DATA to scan the licence plate numbers and the tape recording you made of the Abbé. Use the Translate function to translate the tape. Then, use the Suspects function and link all the license plates (except Mosely) and the cassette to the respective suspect. Leave SIDNEY. Pick up the POEM Grace left for you.
Leave the hotel room to start a very tense time-based puzzle. You talk to Roxanne, the maid. She's cleaning your room. Walk near room 27, wait until she's cleaning there. Initially she'll park her cart straight in front of the door, but later she'll pop out and tilt it, so you can sneak in. Do so in rooms 27, 29, 31, 21, and 23. In Baza's, Wilkes's and Buchelli's room, find the dumbwaiter and unlock it, then hurry back before Roxanne returns. In Madeline's and Howard/Stiles's rooms, you'll have to walk out to the balcony and unlock the main door by clicking on the doorknob, using the Unlock icon, then opening the door. After room 31, this may be tricky. I always find I'm late for Buchelli's room as the cart is already tilted, but usually I can still make it.
If Gabriel starts to walk all the way around the hall to get to the room, press Escape. It'll skip his walking, but the time puzzle is not affected.
If you don't make it into one of the dumbwaiter rooms, it doesn't matter much because they're not important to the game. If you failed to sneak into any of the ladies rooms, you can open the window in Room 25, walk out, climb over the roof, and enter through the balcony doors. It won't give you as much points, but at least you get to walk on the roof!

Now, move to the front desk and talk to Jean. He'll give you access to the kitchen. Enter the kitchen, open the dumbwaiter door, spin the crank, get in and pull the ropes to get you up. There are 2 dumbwaiters. You can try them both. You can also go to Emilio's room from your room without going to the kitchen. Now you can burgle! In Emilio's room, only searching the bed will get you points. You can also check his Jesus picture for fingerprints. In Wilkes's room, read the letter on his desk. In Buchelli's room, get fingerprints off the suitcase in front of his bed. Open his top drawer and search his trousers for the train ticket stub. He's a priest! Hmmm...
In Madeline's room, search her bed to find a gun. Take fingerprints from it. Put it back under the bed. Open the top drawer of her cabinet. Get the MAP. In Howard/Stiles room, search the bed to get two PARCHMENTS. Then, enter the bathroom and get SUPPARATION H, and take prints off the mirror.
Now, go the the cemetary. Open the office window. Try to open it further. Won't work. The wood is swollen. Use the Supparation on the window (quote Gabriel: "I can't believe that worked!") and open it. Enter the office. Open the Abbé's desk drawer. Read the magazine and take his fingerprints. Close the desk and leave.
Go back to the hotel and use SIDNEY. Scan and link all the finger prints. Scan the maps and the parchments. You can link them, but there are no points for it.
Now, go to room 29 and put the map back in the drawer. Go back to room 31 and return the parchments. Go to the hotel lobby and Roxanne will reward you with a big sandwich!
Side discovery: you can also use the roof to dangle between the balconies if you unlocked the doors.

Day 2, 12-2 PM
At Serres, enter the wine tasting room. You can try talking, but only Abbé Arnaud will score you points. So go back to the courtyard, and walk through the porch just left of the house. You hear a baby crying! Uh oh... Climb the small wall nearby with the red roof tiles. When you´ve reached your destination, climb the ivy. Then you´re in the attic of the castle. Get a look/around. Open the closet and look at the robes. Write down the symbols. Find a large chest. Open it. Montreaux has now heard you and is going to the attic! Quickly hide in the wardrobe, and he´ll just miss you. Look in the chest again: it was a doll. Hmpf. Now, find the staircase down and use it to go to the library.
If Montreaux caught you, you'll be ushered out. The attic is no option, and you'll have missed out on the library. But you can still enter the wine cellar: after the lady has tossed out the wine, the small doors leading to the basement are open.
If you're in the library, you can't go back up, so make sure you've copied the symbols and found the doll if you play for full points.

In the library, spot the painting. Move the nearby chair so it's below the portrait. Climb the seat. Inspect the portrait (magnifying glass icon) and inspect its eye a little closer. Then, climb off the chair. Look at the desk. Open it. Get the fingerprints off the book in the drawer and read it. Put it back and close the desk. Push the button on the left of the bottom of the desk. Lights will shoot out of the statues.
Turn every statue to the left (or right, if you prefer) to make a familiar symbol and to reveal new stairs. Enter.
You're now in the cellar. Search for a path down that leads to a door. If you listen at the door, it's where the sound comes from. Open it, and discover the wine press. Talk to the old lady to end this chapter from one shock to another: Prince James's men are found dead at the Devil's Armchair.

Day 2, 2-5 PM
You are Gabe again. Use the water glass on door 29, to hear a phone conversation with Madeline. Use it again on door 31 for a conversation between Howard and Stiles. Walk to the lobby and talk to Wilkes. Walk into the phone booth and quickly use the tape recorder on Buchelli to eavesdrop on him.
This is not entirely time-based, sooner film-based. Unfortunately that means that you can't use Escape if you go for the full score: if you do, it'll skip Buchelli's phone conversation.
Now, take the Harley to the Devil's Armchair. Look around on the parking lot. Note the tire tracks. Walk to the back, following the tracks, to find the car of the men. Use your notebook on it to rub off the tiretracks.
Now, enter the Devil's Armchair. When Mosely asks you who could've done it, answer Vampire for two points; any other answer order will not lead to points. When you're done talking to him, look and think at the men's faces, throats and bodies for additional dialog.
Now it's time to Find The Blood. Turn the camera so you're looking at the armchair, then turn 90 degrees to the left. You'll see a rocklike section, with two dead trees at the back. There, on the ground, is the blood. Look at it to approach it. You can think at it, look, smell, taste and take it. But to advance you'll have to think twice at the indentations in front of the stains. Gabe will get two visions. When you have seen them both, it's time to leave the crime scene.
You'll drop off Mose in Rennes-le-Château. From here, you'll have to get back on the road again, and bug someone else who saw the victims last night: Larry Chester. Talk to him until he kicks you out. Note how he sets his alarm clock. Now, find the window with the hole and use the coathanger on it. Hmmm... Larry set his alarm at 2AM... Go back to the hotel, talk to Jean and ask for an alarm call at 2AM. Enter the telephone booth and call Prince James again. You can also call Prince James before visiting Larry, for different dialog. Go to Room 25 for a chat with Mosely and Gracie. When that's done, take Mosely's fingerprint off the bottle. Go downstairs and get Wilkes's finger print. Go back to the room and start up SIDNEY. Scan Wilkes's fingerprint and link it. Scan the Buchelli tape and translate it. Now, use the Make ID feature. Make sure it's set on Gabe. Then, use the top left menu to find Reporter - New York Times. Select and print this ID. Now, ride the bike to Serres. You'll drive straight onto the yard, but walk out first to find more tire tracks. Compare them to the ones you rubbed off the James men car: it's the same! Now, knock on the castle door. Talk to Marceau and you're granted an interview with Montreaux. When you've exhausted all the topics, it's time to head back to the hotel room and talk to Grace and Mosely.

Day 2, 5-10 PM
You're Grace once more. Walk into the dining room to overhear the conversation between Gabriel and Mosely. Ouch. Head out to the museum, and talk to Mr Baza on the way. The museum may be closed, but there's an envelope taped to the door. Pick it up. It's a copy of Le Serpent Rouge! Scan it for fingerprints and find one. Go to the church. Pick up an English pamphlet. Knock on the door near the altar and talk to the Abbé. Leave his office. Look at the picture of the angels above the devil. Use Trace icon on their hands 4 times to find a tilted square. You can also find and score if Gabe finds this. This can be done at Day 1 10-12AM already. Head back to your room and start up SIDNEY. You'll be seeing a lot of this PC now. Scan the fingerprint of the envelope. Then analyze the pamphlets and the map. Now read the first riddle of LSR. Look up Ra in Search. The poem means the sunrise line the church pamphlet mentions! Analyze the Map, use the Enter Points function. Mark the Rennes-le-Château church and Blanchfort, then click Analyze Now. You've solved the first riddle!
For the second one, you can look up all the four names the Pisces verse mentions. Read the middle page of the church pamphlet about the Magdalen statues, and remember the places. On the map, mark the churches in Rennes, Bugarach, St Juste et le Bezu, and Coustaussa. Now click Use Shape. Use the circle. A circle will appear on the map. Select the circle and move and resize it, so it intersects all 4 points. It also intersects the plase where the Sunrise line meets the Meridian.
The clock ticks. Exit SIDNEY, go to the hallway and pick up a drinking glass outside Room 31. You won't be using it, but it's fun anyway. Enter the lobby to hear Gabe gossiping about you. Call him a jerk and head back to your PC. Read Aries and look up Quaternity, Pythagoras and St Michael. Fit a square over the circle. Now, think at Taurus. It talks of fruit. Look up the notes of the parchment about Blue Apples and think at them. In the map, enter points at Serres and the meridian/sunline/circle conjunction. Analyze them. Then select the square and tilt it so it touches both these points. The clock ticks again. Leave SIDNEY.
Go down to the lobby and watch the scene. You can now scan Baza's glass for prints, and Buchelli's if you failed to get them off his suitcase. Go back to SIDNEY, look up Asmodeus and chessboard, and analyze the map again. Draw an 8*8 grid to fill the shape. And that's the end of that chapter.

Day 3, 2AM You start outside Room 25. Up to Larry Chester! Again, don't park at his house: stop at Blanchfort and walk to Larry from there. Peek through his window. As you see him walk away, follow him. At the new scene, wait until the PC gives you the control again, and move to where Larry was digging. Dig it up. It's a manuscript! Dust it for prints. Now, walk back. You can't follow the Sedan unfortunately, the motor won't start. When it does, visit L'Homme Mort. Mosely's up late! Enter the scene and talk to him, give him a good scare. After that, go back to the hotel, for two nightmares and a mighty sweet scene.

Day 3, 6-10 AM
You're Grace again. Take a look at Gabriel, still sleeping. Read the manuscript on the table and pick up the HARLEY KEY. Check your inventory. Note you now have the key to Mosely's room (in case you change your mind). Use it. Unlock room 33. You'll have to inspect the entire room before you can pick up what you need, so open the wardrobe, both suitcases, and search the bed before you can move the pile of clothes. In that, is MOSELY'S LOCATOR.
Go to the museum souvenir stall and pick up the 3 post cards. Go to SIDNEY and scan the postcards. Analyze them. The Temptation of St Anthony does not have hidden geometry, but the others do. Also collect the texts while analyzing. Now, it's time to find the rock formation of St Anthony & St Paul: it's L'Ermitage. Go there. Use the postcard on the cave. Then click the cave and use the Point icon. Enter the cave. Take the note you can find there. Leave again. Now use the locator on yourself to find the exact centre of the circle. It's just in front of the cave. When you reach it, Gracie will write an X in the sand with her heel. Click the X with the Shovel icon. Wait until she's done. Now you can go back to SIDNEY and solve Leo: enter dots on the map at Poussin's Tomb and L'Ermitage. Then analyze.
Leave the computer for now. Go to L'Homme Mort and talk to Madeline. In the hotel dining room, talk to Buchelli.
Back to SIDNEY. Look up Solomon, Solomon's Temple. Temple Floorplan, and St Vincent. Select the middle two columns (from bottom left to top right) on the map with the Enter Points function, then analyze.
Look up Soul, Hexagram, Duality, Seal of Solomon. On the map, select the Hexagon in the Use Shape function. Make it so large that it fits right into the circle, and put one point on the place where the Meridian intersects with the Sunrise xline.

Day 3, 10-12 AM
Gabe wakes up, slightly hung over. Oh dear... As soon as you're in the hallway, go to Wilkes's room and eavesdrop. When the conversation is over, enter the room to ask if you can help. Afterwards, enter the Staff Only closet where Roxanne is. Talk to her about Wilkes. She'll let you into his room. You can search it, but there's nothing to find, except the window is wide open and the bed is slept in. Nor does the bathroom search give any clues. Tell Roxanne about your findings. Then, it's time to talk to Mosely. Knock on his door.
Hit the road! Visit Poussin's Tomb for a brief chat with Emilio, then visit Larry Chester. Go back to the hotel and enter your room to see a vid with Mosely and Madeline. This hotel is a fruit bin! Now it's time to find out what happened to Wilkes. Go to L'Homme Mort and find the footprints. Look at them to arrive at the death scene of Wilkes. Search him to get his letter. Then find his blood, it's just round the corner. Look at the blood and the footprints. Then go back to Room 25 and talk to Grace.

Day 3, 12-3 PM
As Grace, start up SIDNEY and read the mail about the Temple of Solomon. Solve Scorpio by marking the divisions of the temple on the map: in the middle columns you selected earlier, mark off a 4*4 block on either site. Click Analyze. Then, mark the site by clicking in the middle of the top 4*4 square you just marked.
Go to the hallway and look at Buchelli. Walk to the diner and overhear the conversation between Howard and Stiles.
Now, solve Ophiuchus. Analyze the text file called Arcadia. SIDNEY will suggest you to fill in the missing words. It's "SUM". Now, take this through the anagram parser. When the words appear, click Arcam (Tomb), Tango (I touch) and Dei (God) to solve this riddle.
Now, up to Sagittarius. Analyze the map again. Look for a railroad at the top of the map, over Château Serres. Mark out the top of the loop, the end of the tail and some of the points in the middle. Then analyze. You're now ready to head back on the road.
First, visit the SouthWest arm. Find the red handkerchief and pick it up. Use the locator on Grace and let her walk in front of the small pile near the hanky. Use the shovel on it. Pick up the note there.
Head for the NorthWest arm. Pick up the note.
Now, search The Site. Pick up the note on the tree. Then use the locator on yourself and find the spot, it's to the right side of the section you're in. Dig on the cross Gracie writes in the ground.
Drive to the Howard/Estelle site. Pick up the binoculars on the moped. Enter the site and talk to the ladies.
The binoculars can be picked up as early as 2:5-10PM. Head for Chateau Blanchfort again. Use the binocs and look at the orange rock. It'll now be a new location on the map.
Go to the Orange Rock. Walk around it and find that Buchelli buried something. Dig it up. Search the manuscript for fingerprints. There are 3 of them, all on the right-hand side.
Back to SIDNEY. Scan in the prints and perform a match analysis on each. When you're done, exit SIDNEY and Mosely will come and get you.
Yes, poor Gracie has to dig a lot. Alternatively, Gabriel can get it in the next time block, but you'll score much less. You have to spot Buchelli's moped, then return to Room 25 to end the chapter. Gabe won't take the fingerprints when he digs it up, but you'll get some different dialog at the meeting, and additional dialog in talking to Grace in the next chapter.

Day 3, 3-6 PM
At the meeting, answer the questions: the first thief is Mosely, the second Madeline, the third Buchelli. He buried the manuscript.
After this revealing scene, head to Saunière's villa to talk to Prince James.
Then, head for the Tour Magdala to talk to the Abbé.
Visit the Howard/Stiles site. Talk a little to Estelle. More importantly, find the bottle in the sidecar and scan it for Estelle's fingerprint.
Back to Room 25 to scan and link this print. Talk a little to Gracie.
Alternatively you can let Grace find the fingerprints at the moped rental shop in the next time block. You don't even have to return to Room 25 then.
Now, visit Serres. Climb the gate. After the disturbing scene, enter the garage. Turn on the lights. A black sedan! Look at the bats to end the chapter.

Day 3, 6-9 PM
Start up SIDNEY again. Read the mail about the Serres symbols. Now Grace and Gabe know who the vampires are! Also perform a match analysis on the Serpent Rouge fingerprint. It's Estelle's.
Leave the room. Follow Emilio. He walks to the cemetary. Enter this scene to overhear a conversation between him and Mesmi.
Go back to the hotel. Talk to Estelle in the lobby. For maximum points, ask about Le Serpent Rouge (middle icon) first, then about the left icon.
After she exchanged the picture for the poem, knock on Emilio Baza's door.

Day 3, 9-midnight
When you've landed in the temple, you arrive at a giant chessboard. If you want to solve this puzzle yourself, it's very manageable, although I advice to copy the board and try it away from the game; saves time watching Gabe jump and land. The 5th door, near E8, is the one that opens after you've stepped on all the sword tiles. You'll have to end on E8, or else Gabe will try to walk across the chessboard and fall to his doom.
You can only stand once on any tile, except for the ones with the skulls. You'll fall straight through those.
BLACKENED SOLUTION: E1 C2 A1 B3 A5 C4 B6 A4 B2 D1 F3 H1 G3 H5 F4 G2 H4 G6 H8 F7 D8 E6 C7 E8

"I finally get why Poe is so scary..." When you've crossed the chessboard, make sure you save your game. The Pendulum is notoriously difficult, although I, unlike many other players, have much more trouble landing on the platform than with catching the pendulum. Missing will cause you to be sliced, and that's not pleasant.
Note the symbols on the spinning disc in front of you. Step on a square that's right BEHIND a symbol. Move the camera close to where the pendulum comes into the wall, so you'll have more time catching it. Hold the mouse cursor near that spot, and click as soon as it turns into a hand. If you miss, the blade will slide Gabe on coming back. I just discovered you can also jump onto the pendulum if you stand 2 tiles behind the gold symbol. This way, you don't risk being hit by the blade on the way back. Click on the pendulum as soon as your cursor changes into a hand to hold on to the blade.
Press F5! You can dangle a while here. Hold the mouse cursor over the pillar, so you can see it change into a hand cursor. When the blade is not far from moving over the platform, click. The forward momentum may cause you to fall way down, and kill you.
Unfortunately the place where you should click, differs strongly depending on what computer you use. On my Vista I had to click whenever the blade was in the 2nd section from the middle, but on my Win 98 I had to click as soon as the pendulum swinged into the screen.
Press F5 when you land. Call Grace. Put the 8 (infinity), the egg (fertility) and the apple (perfection) dealies on the scale. If you did it well, you'll enter the next room.

Save. Look at Solomon and radio Grace for points. You can ask her for translations in the next sections.
In the first puzzle, take the leather glove, use that to take the stone in the fire (you may have to tilt the camera to see it), and give that to the light brown demon with the axe.
Now, go to the mirrors. Step on them. Turn the dial on the bench in front of it, to the left. Unfortunately, the arrow direction does not match the twisting direction. Use the left. Fortunately this time there is no penalty for missing. Then move to the table with three buttons. Press the Yin/Yang button to open the door.

Save your game. Cross the Invisible Bridge by jumping from tile to tile. You can't jump more than 2 tiles far. If you stand too long on a tile, it'll disappear. Save occasionally with F5.
REMEMBER TO SAVE ON THE LAST TILE. After that, the game cannot be saved anymore, and if you fail to beat the demon you'd have to cross the bridge again if you click Retry.

The final showdown! When the opportunity comes, climb the tomb on the left of the screen. Show the demon the talisman (click demon, use talisman icon). For maximum points, radio Gracie now, then show the talisman again. Otherwise, as soon as the demon raises his head, slice his neck with the dagger. Enjoy the open ending!

Point List

Day 1, 10-12 AM Begin 0 points, end 46 points
2 Get coathanger
2 Get tape
4 Enter dining room - talk to Mosely
2 Get maple syrup
2 Read register
4 Talk to Jean on tour, check-in
2 Get mint
2 get Magic Marker
4 Talk to Emilio, introduce, check-in
4 Talk to Madeline on tour, check-in
4 Call Prince James
2 Look at San Gréalsign
6 Talk to Madame Girard, introduce, grail, treasure
2 Overhear Howard and Stiles
4 Talk to Howard and Stiles, introduce, treasure

Day 1, 12-2 PM Begin 46 points, end 83 points
2 Overhear Wilkes and Madeline in the dining room
2 Talk to Wilkes
2 Enter hotel hall to watch Howard/Stiles and Baza change rooms
2 Overhear Buchelli and Arnaud in the church
6 Talk to Buchelli, introduce, check-in, treasure
10 Talk to Arnaud, introduce, church, grail, Magdalen, Templars
2 Talk to Mosely about the case
5 Catch Emilio spying
4 Talk to Mosely on Grace and Schattenjäger
2 take glass

Day 1, 2-4 PM Begin 83 points, end 153 points (station first) or 152 points (Larry first)
2 Talk to Bigout
2 Talk to Howard and Stiles in the lobby on room swap
2 Put mint on the table
2 Buzz Mosely
5 Steal passport
2 Use magic marker on passport
2 Take Mosely's jacket
2 Take spritzer
2 Take cap
2 Use tape on hole
2 Spray cat
2 Get furry tape
5 Make costume
10 Rent Harley
2 Knock Larry's door
10 Talk to Larry on all subjects
2 Follow Madeline
5 Spy on Madeline
2 Follow Wilkes
2 Note Wilkes's license plate
6 Talk to Wilkes on all topics

Day 1, 4-6 PM Begin 152 or 153 points, end 181 points
2 Write down Emilio's license plate
5 Spy on Madeline and Mosely
2 Talk to Mosely twice
2 Write down Mosely's license plate number
5 Eavesdrop on Arnaud and Madeline
5 Talk to taxi driver after bribing
2 Think on train arrival board
4 Talk to Marcie on Naples, twice

Day 1, 6-10 PM Begin 181 points, end 219 points
2 Write down Howard/Stiles license plate
2 Write down Buchelli's license plate
4 Talk to Simone on check-in and trunk
2 Overhear Wilkes and Buchelli in dining room
5 Spy on Prince James's men and Arnaud
7 Record Arnaud phone conversation
2 Follow Prince James's men to Larry
5 Watch handshake
9 Talk to Grace and Mosely

Day 2, 7-10 AM Begin 219 points, end 250 points
1 Look up "grail"
1 Look up "vampires"
1 Get fingerprint kit
2 Get Holy Grail book
2 Talk to Madeline on tour
2 Introduce to Arnaud
4 Start tour
4 Write SUM
2 Arrive at Blanchfort
2 Overhear Wilkes and Madeline
2 Overhear Howard and Stiles
2 Talk to Madeline on Le Serpent Rouge
2 Flirt with Wilkes
4 Talk to Mosely on Gabriel and treasure

Day 2, 10-12 AM Begin 250 points, end 342 points
1 Take fingerprint kit
5 Scan Buchelli, Howard, Mosely, Wilkes and Baza plates
4 Link Buchelli, Howard, Wilkes and Baza plates
2 Unlock Baza's dumbwaiter
6 Unlock Madeline's door
6 Unlock Howard/Stiles door
2 Unlock Buchelli's dumbwaiter
2 Unlock Wilkes's dumbwaiter
2 Talk to Jean on food
2 Open dumbwaiter in kitchen
12 Enter rooms of Wilkes, Baza and Buchelli
2 Search Baza's bed
1 Read letter on Wilkes's desk
2 Get Buchelli's fingerprint
2 Open Buchelli's drawer
4 Get Buchelli's train ticket stub
2 Search Madeline's bed
2 Get Madeline's fingerprint
2 Get Madeline's map
2 Search Howard/Stiles bed
2 Get parchment
2 Get Howard's fingerprint
2 Get Supparation H
2 Use Supparation H on window
2 Read Arnaud's magazine
2 Get Arnaud's prints
11 Scan and link all prints, scan the map and parchments
2 Return parchments and map

Day 2, 12-2 PM Begin 342 points, end 380 points
2 Talk to Arnaud
2 Climb wall
4 Climb ivy
2 Copy symbols on robes
2 Look in trunk
2 Hide in wardrobe
2 Find the doll
2 Move chair
2 Inspect eye
2 Read book in drawer
2 Get Montreaux fingerprint
2 Push button below desktop
5 Move the heads in correct position
2 Enter wine press room
5 Talk to old lady

Day 2, 2-5 PM Begin 390 points, end 483 points
2 Eavesdrop on Madeline's room
2 Eavesdrop on Howard/Stiles room
2 Talk to Wilkes
7 Record Buchelli phone conversation
2 Talk to Arnaud about dead men
2 Look at tire tracks
2 Find car
2 Rub tire tracks
2 Find corpses
2 Talk about vampires FIRST
2 Think on the heads
5 Find the blood
4 Think at knee prints twice
5 Call Prince James
8 Talk to Larry on dead men and handshake
7 Use coat hanger on clock
2 Watch Emilio and Estelle in hotel lobby
2 Follow Estelle from Blanchfort
4 Talk to Estelle at Howard/Stiles site
2 Talk to Jean about alarm call
10 Talk to Grace and Mosely
2 Get Mosely's fingerprint
2 Get Wilkes's fingerprint
4 Scan and translate Buchelli's tape
2 Scan + link Wilkes's fingerprint
2 Print fake NY Times ID
2 Compare tire tracks at Serres parking lot
5 Get an interview with Montreaux
8 Talk to Montreaux about grail, murder, viticulture (twice)

Day 2, 5-10 PM Begin 483 points, end 560 points
5 Overhear Gabriel and Mosely in dining room
2 Get Serpent Rouge
2 Get Serpent Rouge fingerprint
2 Get church pamphlet
2 Trace angels
3 Scan SUM & translate
3 Scan & analyze robe symbols
1 Scan Le Serpent Rouge print
4 Analyze Parchment 1
8 Analyze Parchment 2
2 Scan & link Montreaux prints
1 Link Mosely's plate to suspect file
5 Solve Aquarius
5 Solve Pisces
2 Get glass
2 Overhear Gabe, Mosely and Madeline in lobby
1 Look up "quaternity"
1 Look up "Pythagoras"
1 Look up "St Michael"
12 Solve Aries and Taurus
2 Overhear bridge conversation in lobby
1 Look up "Asmodeus"
1 Look up "Chessboard"
5 Solve Gemini and Cancer

Day 3, 2AM Bgin 560 points, end 575 points
5 Peek in Chester's window
4 Dig up manuscript
2 Get Larry's fingerprint
2 Leave Blanchfort / Spot Sedan
2 Talk to Mosely

Day 3, 7-10 AM Begin 575 points, end 638 points
2 Read manuscript
2 Take Harley keys
2 Unlock Mosely's room
4 Take locator
3 Take 3 postcards
3 Scan 3 postcards
2 Analyze Teniers St Anthony and St Paul
4 Analyze Poussin postcard
1 Look up "Solomon"
1 Look up "Temple of Solomon"
1 Look up "Temple of Solomon Floorplan"
1 Look up "St Vincent"
2 Take note at L'Ermitage
2 Use locator at L'Ermitage
2 Dig at Centre of Circle
5 Use painting on L'Ermitage
2 Point on L'Ermitage
5 Solve Leo
2 Talk to Madeline at L'Homme Mort
2 Talk to Buchelli in dining room
5 Solve Virgo
1 Look up "Soul"
1 Look up "Hexagram"
1 Look up "Seal Of Solomon"
1 Look up "Duality"
5 Solve Libra

Day 3, 10-12 AM Begin 638 points, end 679 points
2 Overhear Jean and Roxanne
2 Enter Wilkes's room
2 Talk to Roxanne about Wilkes
2 Scan and link Larry's prints
2 Talk to Mosely about Grace
2 Talk to Emilio at Poussin's tomb
6 Talk to Larry on Montreaux, Rennes, throne
2 Enter Room 25 to see Mosely
7 Look at footprints at L'Homme Mort
2 Search Wilkes
1 Look at Wilkes's blood
1 Look at Wilkes's knee prints
2 Enter Room 25 to watch Madeline
8 Talk to Grace about bloodline, grail, James's men, throne

Day 3, 12-3 PM Begin 679 points, end 771 points
2 Read mail on floorplan
10 Solve Scorpio
2 Enter hotel hall, watch Buchelli enter his room
2 Overhear Howard and Stiles in the dining room 25 Solve Ophiuchus
5 Solve Sagittarius
2 Get red hanky at SW arm
2 Use locator at SW arm
5 Dig to find cave entrance
2 Get SW note
2 Get NE note
2 Get Site note
2 Use locator at Site
2 dig at Site
2 Steal Howard's binoculars
2 Talk to Howard/Stiles on treasure
5 Spot Buchelli 4 Get manuscript
6 Get prints off manuscript
2 Talk to Prince James
3 Scan manuscript prints
3 Match prints to suspects

Day 3, 3-6 PM Begin 771 points, end 828 points
8 Hold meeting, answer correctly (2 per correct answer)
20 Show evidence
8 Talk to Prince James about bloodline, negotiations, viticulture
8 Talk to Arnaud at Magdala on excavation, Montreaux, throne, treasure
2 Get Stiles's print
2 Scan & link Stiles's print
5 Climb the Serres gate
2 Enter the garage
2 Look at the bats

Day 3, 6-9 PM Begin 828 points, end 861 points
5 Read Serres mail
3 Match Serpent Rouge print
10 Eavesdrop on Emilio and Mesmi
9 Talk to Estelle on Le Serpent Rouge, THEN Egyptian artefacts
5 Knock on Emilio's door

Day 3, 9PM - Midnight Begin 861 points, end 965 points
10 Cross chessboard
10 Get on and off the pendulum
10 Choose correct symbols
2 Radio Grace at Solomon statue
7 Use glove to get stone
5 Give stone
15 Open automatic door
10 Cross bridge
5 Climb altar
5 Radio Grace
25 Kill demon


All links will lead to the respective Wikipedia article.
GABRIEL KNIGHT (Tim Curry) Main protagonist. Novelist, Shadowhunter and bookstore owner. Gorgeous and seducing, funny, and very attractive. Manages to use his pheromones in his job with much success. Rather unsensitve though.
GRACE NAKIMURA (Charity James) Gabriel's assistant and protagonist. Smart, cynical and charming. Of Asian descent, she lived in New York before she became Gabriel's shop assistant in New Orleans. Aside from her computer skills, she also paints, dances and is familiar with martial arts.
FRANKLIN MOSELY (David A. Thomas Jr)Long-time friend of Gabriel and Grace. Cop, has interest in finding treasure. Has little sex-appeal and is very untidy.
TRAIN CONDUCTOR (Joe Lala) Train conductor who helps Gabriel get off the train and to a taxi driver.
JEAN (Philippe Bergeron) Overly humble hotel receptionist.
MADELINE BUTHANE (Jennifer Hale) Redhead hotblood secret agent for the French. Tries to seduce Mosely, Gabriel and Arnaud in the course of the game. Is very nasty towards Grace.
LADY HOWARD (Samantha Eggar) Actress, bossy bitch.
ESTELLE STILES (Carolyn Seymour) Lady Howard's lapdog.
EMILIO BAZA (Billy West) Man of many secrets. Has smooth hands, so he doesn't leave any fingerprints. This is caused because he drank the blood of Christ.
Madame GIRARD (Susan Silo) Old, Catholic, France-hating museum-director.
MESMI (Corey Burton) Vague character who is primarily helpful at the Temple vampires. Member of the Brotherhood.
Prince JAMES (Simon Templeman) Freemason, descendant of the Bloodline and its current heir. Father of the kidnapped baby Charlie.
JOHN WILKES (Richard Doyle) Australian, strong, scientist. Is not very successful at flirting, and is pretty disgusting with it.
VITTORIO BUCHELLI (Joe Lala) Priest from the Vatican. A bad liar.
Abbé ARNAUD (Gregg Berger) Priest, member of the Priory of Sion. Plays a lot with his binoculars.
BIGOUT (René Auberjonois) Moped rental guy. Is easily fooled with a very badly drawn moustache. Well, those glasses are thick...
LARRY CHESTER (Corey Burton) Dry Freemason scholar who gives us background and many nasty looks.
MARCIE (Susan Silo) Ticket seller at the train station. Likes to file nails.
TAXI DRIVER (René Auberjonois) Has a taxi that smells like garlic. Has a dog and bad eyes. And a memory that needs special stimulants.
BARTENDER (Joe Lala) Doesn't speak English.
SIMONE (Russi Taylor) Squeaky brunette night-receptionist.
MacDOUGALL (Simon Templeman) A Scottish Freemason, the one with red hair. He and Mallory are sent by Prince James to investigate the kidnapping, but are found dead within 24 hours of getting started.
MALLORY (Tom Kane) Thanks to the Fonts.txt file I extracted with the Barn Browser, I am now sure it's the one with the dark hair. See MacDOUGALL.
MONTREAUX (John de Lancie) Owns the Serres castle and its vineyard. He is the main Night Visitor, although a charming man.
MARCEAU AKA Vampire_1 (Billy West) Blonde Night Visitor, serves wine at the vineyard. Described by Grace as "Cute. Pale, but cute."
ROXANNE (Karen Ross) Blonde, voluptuous cleaner of the hotel. Thanks to her oblivionness Gabe can sneak into the rooms. She is attracted to Gabe, and will make him a sandwich. She also lets him into Wilkes's room.
Old Lady (Karen Ross) Makes a brief appearance in the wine cellar at Château de Serres. Repeatedly talks about pommes bleu, freaking Grace out.
JESUS (Tom Kane) Appears only in Emilio's tales and ending sequence. See the entry on him in SIDNEY.
Roman Soldier (Gregg Berger) Only seen in ending sequence. Forefather of Gabriel, he nailed Jesus onto the cross and became a Servant of the Light out of remorse.
Siren 1 (Karen Ross) Live... Forever...
Siren 2 (Charity James) Be a God...
Vampire 2 (Corey Burton) Has two lines: "Attention, c'est sang réal..." and "Look! It's the man from the train!" The two other vampires can be seen at the introduction, Gabe's Day 3 nightmare, at Serres at 3:3-6PM and at the veil outside the Holy of Holies.


Most of the French and Latin text in the game is translated, either by Grace or Gabriel, or by the game itself. There are still some interjections and sections left untranslated. I'll try to note these. If you find another, let me know! And if you find I use a question mark instead of an exclamation mark, it's because it's so dang hard to tell the difference from the subtitles. And if your French/Latin is better than mine and you find I make a mistake, please tell me!
I'm translating all of this through Dutch, so it's not be the smoothest translation.

Let's start with the most famous one: the Old Woman of Serres (2:12-2PM):
Ah, mademoiselle, douce mademoiselle, si jeune, si jolie, si appétisante! Pommes bleu Mademoiselle! Pommes bleu! Aimeriez vous des pommes bleues? Ou préfériez-vous uniquement du jus? Un jus tout bleu, un jus sucré, un jus de raisins pressés à coups de poing... Ha ha ha!
Ah, miss, sweet miss, so young, so pretty, so attractive*! Blue apples Miss! Blue apples! Would you like blue apples? Or would you prefer only the juice? A juice all blue, a sweetened juice, a juice from grapes pressed with fistbeats... Ha ha ha!
*Appétisante can be translated to attractive, but it indeed also means appetising.

Montreaux: "Préparez Enoch pour sa leçon!" Prepare Enoch for his lesson!
Marceau (at Gabe, 2:2-5PM): "Je regrette, mais nous sommes fermés!" I'm sorry, but we're closed!
Bartender (at Gabe): "Désolé, je ne parle pas anglais." I'm sorry, I don't speak English.
Abbé (at Gabe, 3:3-6PM):"Ce n'est pas d'importance." It's not important.
Abbé (at Gabe, 3:3-6PM): "Quel toupet!" What nerve!
Madeline (at Grace, 3:7-10AM): "Putain de merde!" Shitwhore!
Madeline (on phone, 2:2-5PM): "Ils avaient des gorges tranchées... Non, je n'ai vu aucune trace du sang. J'en ai aucune idée, vraiment aucune idée. D'accord, c'est bon, au revoir" They had their throats cut... No, I couldn't see any sign of blood. I have no idea, really no idea. All-right, good bye.
Museum plaque: "Gravure tirée d'un livre de l'abbé Saunière": Engraving taken from a book owned by the abbé Saunière.
List on fridge at hotel kitchen:
Baza: vapeur riz, verte salade; Howard: champage, caviar; Buchelli: rouge vin
This French appears crooked to me, as it continuously puts the adjective before the noun; in French that only happens with a few adjectives, and rouge and verte aren't on the exception list. Nevertheless, Baza always orders steamed rice and green salad, Howard orders champagne (misspelled) and caviar, and Buchelli orders red wine.
Sign over the station door to the trains: Accés aux quais: Access to platforms
Church door: "Terribilis est locus iste" This place is in awe*
Church door: "Hic domus dei est et porta coeli" This is the house of God and the gates of heaven
Church door: "Domus mea domus orationis vocabitur" My house shall be called a house of prayer
*Note: That's the ecclesiastical translation. My dictionaries all translate terribilis to "terrible".
Montreaux at the ending: Domini Inferi, Exaudite Precationem Infernal Lord, hear my prayers


Gabriel Knight 3 has a lot of interesting easter eggs. I'll list both the elaborate and complicated egg console system, and the simple references.
Easter Egg Mode
To start the Easter Egg mode, press Ctrl + Shift + `. A purple pop-up shows in the top left of the screen. Type SetFlag and press space. Between the "", type EGG. Press Enter. Press Ctrl + Shift + ` again to get rid of the pop-up menu. This activates the Easter Egg Icon. A list of some of them:

There is another programmed Easter Egg: press Ctrl + Shift + ` , but this time, type ClownShoes (space), and between the "", type the name of any character in the room/scene. You may have to try various names a couple of times: Baza will only work when you type Emilio for instance. Be sure to try chicken and cat as well!

Of the same category: type Ctrl Shift ` and type SetMood, space, and between the first set of "", type a character name who's on the screen. Between the second set of "", type a mood. Words that work are: happy, angry, confused, pissed and sleep.

There are several hidden files that you can extract while playing GK3. Type Ctrl + Shift + ` , type Extract and press space. Then press enter. There'll be a file called !!!README!!!.txt in your Gabriel Knight directory. Open it and find more files you can extract. Remember to type the exact name between the "", with correct capitals, spaces and extension. This will enable you to read the Secret Correspondance of GK3, plus some highly useful documentation on time blocks and eggs. Mind you, the Official Eggs aren't all implemented. Just clicking Gabriel won't do anything, nor the cat in 1:6-10PM. Nor will the eggs activate when you look at the plant 10 times. Just telling you to save you some work.
If you try to extract multiple files using the same console, you have to type Extract (space) every time before you enter the file document name. Seriously.

Out-Of-Game References:
-During his conversation with Mosely, Gabe will refer to The Beast Within. Gabe will also refer to this game when he tries to enter the cave at L'Ermitage, and possibly when you try to get him to open the oven in the hotel kitchen. At Rennes-le-Bain Gabe will refer to the Goldener Löwe when looking at the tavern from the outside, and to the GK2 Hunt Club when he looks at the weapons there. He will refer to the first GK game when he thinks at the chicken, and when you try to make him wear Buchelli's priest costume. Plus Mosely refers to Sins of the Fathers at the Devil's Armchair. And you can see Gabe's book The Voodoo Murders in the window of the bookstore. Grace will mention Mayor Habermass, who we meet in GK2, when she looks at the junk in the moped rental.
-Also, Gabe has a Sierra Online card in his wallet.
-There are 4 books on Wilkes's desk with decipherable titles: Survey of the Languedoc by Javier Broquette, Earth Making Techniques, Complete Book Of The Earth's Strata, Surveying For Dummies and Treasure Of The Sierra Madre. Latter nods to the game producing company.
-Visit the Church Yard and look at the stone in the corner without active spot. Rightclick, go to the Options menu, click on Advanced Options, Graphic Options and Advanced Graphic Options. Set the Texture Quality to HIGH. Now you can read the tombstone: it's Kurt Cobain... with an erroneous death date...
-At the book store, look a little closer to the photo of the woman. It's GK game designer Jane Jensen!
-After the police arrives at the Devil's Armchair on Day 2, go back there. Look at a police car 10 times (yes, listen to that line that many times) and Gabriel will finally tell you the joke the car reminds him of, and offending Brits, French and Germans with it. The actor playing Gabe is a Brit and he'll refer to him "just reading this stuff".
-Just before knocking Montreaux's door on Day 2, you can go round the back and try to open the cellar for a Wizard of Oz reference.
-At Montreaux, playing Gabe, think at the tower for a Princess Cassima (King's Quest) reference.
-At Montreaux, 3:3-6PM, look at the fountain for an Omega Man reference.
-In SIDNEY, search for TYCHO.
-Or search for GK4. Sigh... will it happen?
-When putting the costume together, Gabe will refer to Coldwell Bankers (jacket) and Cheech Marin (moustache).
-Overhearing Madeline when she's awake in her room might just get you to hear her hum the "Orpheus in the Underworld" theme by Offenbach.
-You may just hear Gabe sing Oklahoma! from the musical by the same name.
-Gabe refers to the Hitchcock classic North by Northwest when he looks at the Cézanne in Wilkes's room.
-Grace will also refer to Hitchcock when you let her look at the winding staircase in the library after you've opened the floor.
-When Grace looks at the dancer painting in the dining room, she'll mention La Cage Aux Folles, a classic French/Italian comedy.
-In the Janitor Closet with Roxanne, use the mangling machine or the broom for a Roger Wilco (from another Sierra game series, Space Quest) reference.
-In the same closet, look at Roxanne for a reference to Clue, a black comedy starring Tim Curry.
-The author of Gods Among Us, is called Hans Tofte: a WWII spy for the CIA.
-When playing as Gabe on day 3, go and look at the Armchair for a Madonna reference.
-At 3:6-9PM, look at the spy meeting in the dining room for a Three Stooges reference.
-At the Scale in the temple, look up at the pendulum for a Poe reference.
-Grace will also refer to Poe: think at the wine casks in the Serres basement.
-Look at the Egile Magistrum sign after Grace translated it for an Elvis reference.
-Look at the Identify the Nature of Your Body sign after Grace translated it for a Michelangelo's David reference.
-Many of the pictures are actual impressionist paintings. I have screencapped them all and compiled them in the GABRIEL KNIGHT 3 GALLERY! Take a look, and help at recognizing some of the remaining paintings!


(This section is always under construction.)

-Originally the Schattenjäger dagger had no writing on it, in GK2 & 3 it says Ritter Por Patria.
-Check out the wallet! Besides the Sierra Online card, there's something that says "Hot Ti..."... and there's a condom in it... that doesn't disappear on day 3. Hint to things to come? Day 1:
10AM-12PM: Not much is open now, but Gabe can already look around in the moped shop, the church and the tower. Of course if you played the game "proper", you'd probably know that.
-At the tower, find the rocks and look at them.
-In the moped shop, let Gabe knock on the door with the stairs in front of it, for some fine voice-acting.
-Now at the church is the only possible time to let Gabe read the words "Par ce signe tu le vaincras" aloud. Interesting how much Gabe's French slipped since GK1.
-In front of the church, over the porch, is a sign that says "Terribilis est locus iste". If you read the top half, you can hear Gabe's poor attempt at Latin. Read the bottom half for a remark on New Orleans schooling.
-You can already let Gabe score points for finding the tilted square on the angels. You can also let him mess up, for fun!
-At the church, use your wallet on the collection plate.
-Try to let Gabe talk to Madeline without having talked to Mosely, for some flirting. You can also try to take Madeline now.
-After talking to Madeline, look at her van for a sexy growl!
-Use your wallet on Madeline BEFORE talking to Mosely, AFTER Mosely but before talking to her, and AFTER talking to her.
-After talking to Wilkes, look at him for a fun sneer.
-You can still look around in the moped shop for the door-with-stairs, after this time-block it will not be available anymore. And don't forget to look at the wooden beams on the ground in front of the big wooden doors on the left wall.
-There's a slight difference in the vids of the room swap depending on what stairs you used to get up there.
-At the church, look at Buchelli and Arnaud before you talk to them.
-Also, consider talking only about introducing and the last topic to Buchelli. This will give you a more interesting conversation later on.
-When in Mosely's room, look at the desk and at the lightbulb for some additional Mosely vs Gabe poking.
-After talking to Bigout, try to "shoot" him. Then use your dagger on him. Tee hee! -Give Mosely some candy when you're talking to him!
-For the fun of it, look at and talk to Mose when you're in the lobby after you buzzed him.
-After stealing jacket and passport, try to buzz Mose.
-After stealing the jacket, try to re-enter Mose's room.
-Try to spritz the cat when he's on the ground.
-There are various different costume-combination lines. For instance, looking and thinking at the hat+moustache procures different lines from looking and thinking at the hat+blazer combo. Try them! They're fun! Plus the puzzle might make a lot more sense now.
-After talking to Bigout for the first time, look at the purple moped and the other mopeds. And look at the rental shop.
-Try to rent a moped if you don't have a passport, but have the costume. Or with passport but without Mosely outfit. Or before you enhanced Mose's passport photo.
-Use the magic marker on the reservation list.
-Try to move the camera into Bigout's little hide-out, and check out the pics he has hanging on his wall!
-You can talk to Buchelli at Tour Magdala. If you left out some topics at the church, you can now have a nice conversation here.
-You can stand on Blanchfort and use the binocs on Magdala to see Buchelli looking back.
-Inspect Madeline's van at Coume Sourde, and try to write down her licence plate number.
-Note: you can walk from Coume Sourde to L'Homme Mort. And back!
-Before using the binocs on L'Homme Mort, visit Coume Sourde to find Madeline is still there! If you talked to her in the previous timeblock, Gabriel makes a nice little sneer at her!
-You can go visit Mosely before using the binocs on L'Homme Mort, for an additional Gabe "think" comment.
-Talk to Wilkes at Roque Negre.
-Use the binocs on Tour Magdala. You can spy on Emilio!
-At the Couiza train station, take a closer look at the platform, rail and watch tower.
-If you talked to the driver but haven't used your wallet yet, use the dagger on him.
-Look for the knocked over trash can at the station. Pick up the piece of paper.
-At Larry Chester's, try to hide behind a tree.
-Try to write down Larry's license plate number
-You can chat with Wilkes and Buchelli at Rennes-les-Bains.
-Try to knock on Larry's door after watching the handshake.
-Enter the dining room for a conversation between the British ladies and Madeline. Hmmm... are they?
-Try to use SIDNEY.
-"Take" the suitcases.
-Consider missing the handshake for alternate conversation.

Day 2:
-Before talking to Madeline, look at her room door.
-Before talking to Madeline, look at the picture of The Loge by Renoir. Look at it again after talking to her.
-Before talking to Jean, look at Still Life With Skull And Candlestick by Cézanne. Look at it again after talking to him.
-Try to use the door buzzer of room 25.
-Look at the clothes you just unpacked in the dresser: notably the pile of white shirts and blue jeans.
-Also take a look at the bathroom now that the toiletries are there.
-Look at the hotel room numbers.
-Visit the church now you don't have the brochure or Le Serpent Rouge yet.
-At the church, use your wallet on the collection plate.
-Look at the rock at Poussin's Tomb that Baza sits on.
There is so much to see in this section!
-In the kitchen, try to climb up the airduct.
-Enter and inspect EVERYBODY's bathroom, not just in room 31. Especially Madeline's bathroom for some great womanizing!
-Madeline's cellphone is in her drawer. Try to find it!
Personal favourites are a real cruddy TC Aussie accent when he looks at Wilkes's toothbrush, looking at Buchelli's closet, and the comment on Buchelli's comb.
-Look at the coatrack in Buchelli's room to hear Gabe go philosophical. I love the way he pronounces Nietsche.
-Don't open Buchelli's drawer. You will get less points, but alternate discussions in the Day 3 meeting and subsequent dialogue with Grace.
-Look at the fingerprints before you scan them. Especially Madeline's!
-Look at the Howard/Stiles bed. Hmmm... are they?
-Look at the license plates before you scan them.
-Look at the fireplace in the tasting room.
-Look at, and try to open, the wine cellar before you climb up.
-For the fun of it, let Montreaux catch you, then try to climb the wall again and try to taste the wine the lady threw out.
-Look at the library painting after you've seen the eye.
-Inspect the floor that will disappear in the library. Stamp on it!
-Turn the heads in the right direction before pressing the button. Now you can walk through the floor!
-Inspect the cellar before you enter the winepress room.
-Press the grapes.
-During the timed Buchelli puzzle, go up to Room 25. You may get a vid of Grace at the computer, sneering. Then you can talk to her. You can leave the room and come back 2 more times for more funny banter between them!
-After the timing puzzle, Grace is reading the Grail book on the couch. Walk up to her and talk to her again and again! The conversation will get more and more absurd, and you might even hear Gabe sing!
-When you are outside the hotel to watch Estelle drive away, try to talk to her. Hmmm... are they?
-After leaving Le Fauteuil, go back there. Look at the police car 10 times for a joke!
-While you're back at Le Fauteuil, look at the van. Try to steal it!
-Look at Wilkes's fingerprint in your inventory.
-For alternate dialogue and less points, talk to Larry about the handshake first.
-After talking to Larry, go to Tour Magdala and look at Blanchfort with the binocs. You can now see Larry. Larry will now be active at Blanchfort so you can see him there.
-You can follow Larry from his house, so you can see he is in bad shape when you're on the cross section between Roque Blanq, Casa Larry and the parking lot.
-Print out every possible ID: these are the press ones, the Blood Collector, Car Polish Seller, and the Diaper Service. Try every possible icon on Marceau!
-Try to get into Serres without any ID!
-Try to open the cellar doors at Serres.
-Try to climb the Serres wall Grace conquered earlier.
-Go to L'Hermitage parking lot and look at, compare and think at the tire tracks.
-Walk near the boys in the dining room to get some extra conversation.
-In the church, mess up with the tilted square puzzle.
-After watching the Gabe/Mosely dining room scene, use the glass on Madeline's door to hear her problems with staying in tune.
-Talk to Lady Howard and Estelle when they're having dinner. Heh heh!
-Use the glass on the door to the Abbé's office.

Day 3:
-Use the glass on Room 33.
-Look at Larry through the window before you peek in.
-Look at Larry's fingerprint and at the manuscript in your inventory.
-Get a good look-around at Rennes-le-Château. It's beautiful!
-Try to use the bell at the receptionist's desk!
-Again you have the opportunity to use the Room 33 buzzer.
-Use your binocs on Tour Magdala. Spy on Larry!
-After this, Larry is "active" on Blanchfort. Grace won't talk to him, but you can make her stand right in front of him while he looks at you through his binocs.
-Visit the church again. There's no need to do so, but Grace will now read the corresponding segments of the brochure when you click on one of the objects in the pamphlet.
-Make her visit the crime scene. Look at the blood for some great voice acting!
-Drive to Coume Sourde in the second half of the time block. Look at Madeline's van in the parking lot!
-Check out the angel drawing at the museum!
-The highest fun rate of the game lies in the closet with Roxanne. Flirting with her is hilarious, just like looking at, smelling her, tying her up... Also try to eat the cleaning products. Look at them. Look an operate the broom and mangle. Look and think at Roxanne's spare dress!
-You can re-enter Wilkes's room if you jiggled the lock, although there's no new discovery to be found.
-Let Gabe re-visit the Armchair, both before and after finding Wilkes.
-At Larry's, try to trace the tires of his car.
-Knock on Mosely's door after Madeline walked in.
-At Poussin's Tomb, look at SUM. Try to write it down in your notebook!
-In the church, knock on the Abbé's door. Then, knock again.
-Look at the dirt at Howard/Stiles site.
-Try to take fingerprints of Estelle's bottle. It's near her dig.
-Look at the dirt Grace dug up at L'Hermitage.
-Grab your shovel and try to dig at Gracie's effort at L'Hermitage, and at Mose's L'Homme Mort dig.
-Try to climb over the Serres fence.
-For some dark humour, knock on, look at, Wilkes's door after you've found him and talked to Larry.
-Talk to Lady Howard and Estelle in the dining room. Then, talk to them again.
-Gabe and Mose are at the bar in Rennes-les-Bains. Look at the moped! Talk to them! Play darts!
-Talk to Lady Howard and Estelle at the H/S site.
-Try to get Estelle's fingerprint from her bottle.
-You can go up Tour Magdala in the second half of the time-block to find Madeline. CAT FIGHT!
-Now that you've located the symbols on the map, visit the museum.
-Save the game at the introductory scene, then mess up all the questions, for alternative dialogue during the meeting, and with Grace in Room 25.
-Chat with Estelle at the H/S site.
-After meeting Montreaux, Gabe is very nervous. Take the time to explore and look at the cellar door!
Enter the dining room for another opportunity to sneer at Madeline. Heh heh.
-Talk to Mesmi about the pillars.
-Look at Mosely at the chessboard.
-Look at the Pendulum while it's swinging.
-Look at Mosely and Mesmi at the bridges.

-Getting killed is something I didn't enjoy much in this game, and if you're playing properly you should have no problem seeing most of these happen anyway. Some of them are rather gruesome, others are unconvincing. Still, if you're morbid, or don't sympathise with Gabe, try to:
-GK3 vs Phantasmagoria: the symbols of the hexagram-in-circle in the book, and the magic circle Adrienne is in, look suspiciously like the symbols Grace discovers on the map, and the hexagram symbol with latin text at the Museum.
-GK3 vs Phantasmagoria: In both games, the protagonist suffers a nightmare, which leads to a love scene.
-GK3 vs Phantasmagoria: In both games the pendulum play a major part, both protagonists are in danger of getting sliced by it.
-GK3 vs Phantasmagoria: Both games end with beating a demon.
-GK3 vs Phantasmagoria: Both games use wine as symbol for blood, and both games have a winepress.
-GK3 vs Phantasmagoria: Gabriel and Adrienne both see murder visions.

Also you can download the Barn Browser (see link section) and search all the BRN files. all the music can be played! There are at least 4 tunes I found that are not in the game: one is an alternate Temple Demon Battle tune. There are 2 files called Circus, and a file called Parade, three nice and cheerful ditties. The Official Easter Egg document lists a parade as an easter egg, but it doesn't show up (cat at 1:6-10PM), so perhaps they are from unused eggs. There are some alternate pictures for Madeline's room: one is a Tour De France-poster. And there is another famous corpse at the Rennes-le-Château cemetery: John Denver.
NEW: There is also a couple of new things in Howard's room. Aside from extra fruit-in-a-blender clothes, there's a letter from Dr Wen to Lily that's pretty interesting. On the GK3 Secrets page you can see all the things I found with this tool!


(This section is always under construction)
GK3 has some pretty thorough research, and is very well-built. There are little open ends and little things that don't make sense. However, I managed to find the following discrepancies, unanswered questions and errors:

GK3 Versus Reality: GK3 Typos, Spelling Errors Etc GK3 Unanswered Questions GK3 Bugs, Design Mistakes etc GK3 Discontinuity Discontinuity between GK3 and other GK games:


I first played a Gabriel Knight game about two years ago. It was the floppy disk version of GK1, without voices. I found it rather tedious, and put it away even before I left the bookstore for the first time.
Only recently, I became interested in GK. And for all the wrong reasons, although I love Sierra and collect their adventures: Tim Curry plays the lead in GK1 and 3. As with most Curry fans, I became particularly interested in this actor/singer when I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm busy collecting his work. When I discovered he voiced the Sierra protagonist, I had to track down the Knight series!
And after about three days of learning of GK's cast, I found this game completely by accident in a GoodWill store. I paid 2 euros, and started playing almost straight away.

Pros of the game:

Cons of GK3:
Voice acting is a difficult job in games, and unfortunately this game is absolutely no exception. This is partly in the medium. In an adventure game, many puzzles are solved by plain trying to combine items, or checking scenery thoroughly: this causes the unsuspecting player to have to listen to the same line over and over. This is always tedious. It bothered me in this game as I hadn't found out how to cut the scenes yet.
Another complicating factor is the body movements of the characters. These are very restricted, making the most heartbreaking acting performance seem awkward. I especially suffered this while talking to Prince James in Day 3: 3-6 PM: his lines are said perfectly enough to make me cry, but he sits in his chair as stiff as a board.
Thirdly, the timing is always off. In GK, lines may sometimes play at the same time, but on the whole, people never interrupt each other or respond to each other. Lines really appear to have been recorded separately. This also causes a disturbing change in ambiance, sometimes in the same line.
Which characters are the most annoying, may well differ with the gamer. Personally I don't know the New Orleans accent very well, and I'm a Curry nut, so I fortunately had little troubles with Gabriel or Mosely. But, although I adored Gregg Berger as Cornfed in Duckman, he was horrible as Abbé Arnaud. He barely pronounced any line in a convincing French accent, and his actual speaking French was atrocious.(Side note: when I had played GK1 many times and turned back to GK3 afterwards, I did have to swallow something. In comparison Curry does indeed do a worse job on GK3. When I listened to a lot of Curry because of my fanhood, I noticed that he sounds lower and slower than his usual. Perhaps the voices have been slowed down, causing the timing to be off and the accents to sound even more exaggerated.)
Every character in the game is over-acting, though some more than others. This may have been great fun while recording it, but when listening to it in the game, it's vexing.

One particular puzzle of this game became notorious: the Cat Hair Moustache. I'd like to extrapolate the problems I have with that section of the game. In order to solve this puzzle, Gabriel needs to:

And all that for getting a nice green Harley instead of a beaten purple moped. Why didn't he just ASK Mosely? He said he wasn't going away that day. Besides the two go way back. Why can't they just share? Fortunately the bike does come in handy toward the end, when it helps Gabe escape the Night Visitors.

A third major problem is being able to speak French. Grace and Gabe refuse to read French books or magazines, and won't pick up French pamphlets, and need SIDNEY for translating. I found this very frustrating at times. Particularly at the old lady going cuckoo at Grace in the wine cellar: her text is definitely not frightening.
There are several minor nuisiances. Having to wait for the map to load when there is a new item on it. Sometimes it gets stuck here and I have to listen to the same few bars of music over and over. (This was caused by a combination of overly dirty disks and a bad CDRom player) Outside the hotel, the interface works very slowly. The Bookstore viewing was particularly annoying and left me stranded at a very early position in the game. A map of The Netherlands and Belgium, a Leo Belgicus, with texts in French and Latin and the place names in Dutch, is being referred to by Grace as "a map of the region, and in French", a little painful for this here Dutchman.

The game also has minor design flaws. The menu is not very clear and left me searching for the right options. A player can not start a new game while he's playing: this can only be done from the startup screen. Furthermore, the start-up screens for 2: 7-10 AM and 3: 7-10 AM are only on the disk that does not hold the chapter. If you save here, you'll need disk 1 (or 2) to start up the restored game, and you'll have to swap as soon as you press Continue. You can only quit at the start of a chapter by pressing Ctrl-Q, not through the menu. Pressing I to get the inventory doesn't work with SIDNEY. The videos on SIDNEY cannot be skipped, and they're the most annoying ones to listen to. The video of Buchelli and Baza in the lobby at 2: 5-10 PM cannot be skipped either.

In short, this game is very, very captivating. It's very, very beautiful. It's very, very funny. I could identify well with Gabriel (impossible as he may be) and was sore every time I got him killed. Grace is also a great character.
There are still some changes I would love to see in case the game ever got re-built. The voice direction is poor, and I fear this could only be cured if all the voices were re-recorded. I would prefer a more challenging programming of standard lines, so you don't hear "Nope, those don't work together" over and over. I would appreciate it if the minor flaws could be cured. And an easier way to combine items. And a Turn Fountains Off feature would be nice.
Hopefully, Gabriel Knight 4 will be released someday soon. I'd love to hear what happens to Gabe and Gracie. But first, I have GK 1 (with voice) and 2 to track down and play!

RunThrough Data

The runthrough I did was for full points. Other than the necessary actions, I spent as little time as I could in every chapter by cutting walking with Esc and ignoring the funny cutscenes. I did watch every necessary vid in full. Unfortunately by the time I reached Chapter 3, Vista was protesting heavily with the game, so I couldn't use Esc much anymore. Still, my older PC takes considerably more time than Vista.
1: 10-12 AM: 20 mins
1: 12-2 PM: 20 mins
1: 2-4 PM: 25 mins
1: 4-6 PM: 15 mins
1: 6-10 PM: 25 mins
2: 7-10 AM: 25 mins
2: 10-12 AM: 35 mins
2: 12-2 PM: 15 mins
2: 2-5 PM: 60 mins. At a speedrun where I pressed Esc whenever I could, I took 25 minutes.
2: 5-10 PM: 20 mins
3: 2AM: 10 mins
3: 7-10 AM: 20 mins
3: 10-12 AM: 30 mins
3: 12-3 PM: 25 mins
3: 3-6 PM: 30 mins. This included an optional conversation with Grace.
3: 6-9 PM: 15 mins, and Emilio talks half that time
3: 9PM-midnight: 30 mins, I died once on the bridge
Total: 420 minutes, or 7 hours.


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The original, full and LONG Croix de Lorraine poem by Charles Péguy.
THE ORIGINAL Le Serpent Rouge
Les Bergères d'Arcadie" by Poussin.
Temptation of St Anthony by David Teniers
St Anthony and St Paul by Teniers. This painting was never in the Louvre.
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