New: Dir en grey's concert review!! The text section has mainly gotten devoted to gaming walkthroughs. My musicology writings will be up here in due time, and I have the intention of doing something about the incomplete Leisure Suit Larry companions, but that will all come later. Also: the game scripts of the Gabriel Knight and Laura Bow games that I put together, will eventually become available digitally on my site: they're all very large so I'm still looking for a way to host them. In the overhaul my GameSwag page has bought it.
On this page, you can find my Miscellaneous writings of all sorts, then my Gaming Central, then my Gabriel Knight Companion Circuit, and then the Cluedo Ring. In this order.

-Eindhoven Tour Guide
-Dir en grey's Lotus art
-Lecture by Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and George Duke on 23 April 1975 Transcript. The audio file can be downloaded from HERE. Transcribed by yours truly. I had a lot of fun doing this, but I am likely to have made a lot of mistakes. Several are corrected, but if you find any others, don't hesitate to contact me.
Click here for the lecture transcript!

-Zappa Plays Zappa 2006 review
-Pros and cons of tobacco use, a chapter from a book on tobacco and its history by Hermann Pilz. I translated this chapter to English, from Dutch. My origin was a translation in itself from German.An interesting ca 1900 view on tobacco: apparently the dangers of nicotine were well-known in this time; but nobody wanted to believe it.
Pros and Cons of Tobacco Use

   The text section of this page is not only very large, but also requires some explanation. When I started publishing my ramblings, back in 1997, now ten years ago, my homepage was nothing but a picture of me, followed by a huge amount of stories, links, ramblings and nonsense. Later I got another page. It showed my comic The Middle-Aged Twos (TM2). When I got tired of its low quality drawings, I turned it into a snippet page, filled with flimsy fragments of works.
   While my website is now a little more orderly, the original pages are still there, in the form they held then: simply looooooooooooooooong slabs of words.
Link to tm2.htm: college texts, fairy-tales, comics, plays, and a game walkthrough.
Link to THE INCREDIBLE: How to play Clue, The Magic Violin, and more.

Big Clause and Little Clause Fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, and my personal favourite of all fairy-tales. It appeared on TM2 in 1997, disappeared after a year, and was brought back to life in 2003.
COOKBOOK OF LONELY HEARTS never got any further than 2 recipes: BOBOTI for 1 and fried Spaghetti

An Etiological Tale, something I just had to make.

Aside from the music and the comics, I'm a keen gamer. I'm especially fond of the older adventure games, like the Leisure Suit Larry series. And puzzle games, pinball and cards, but that's all outside the scope of my game section. This section comprises of several "game companions": a readable walkthrough, accompanied by point list, cheats, easter eggs, and various other trivia. In some cases I split these companions over 3 or 4 pages; sometimes in just one. There's also a list of games I have on sale, or up for trade. Unfortunately, a lack of time makes progress on this site very slow, so some works may take a while.
LAD (Local Area Dungeon) Companion in 4 phases: Index, Levels, Monsters, Magic.
Leisure Suit Larry 1 (not yet there)
Leisure Suit Larry 2
Leisure Suit Larry 3 (not yet there)
Leisure Suit Larry 5
Leisure Suit Larry 6
Leisure Suit Larry 7
Torin's Passage in 3 phases: Intro, Walkthrough, Puzzles & Fun
Phantasmagoria 1
The Island of Dr Brain
Legend of Kyrandia
Voyeur Companion

Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers companion
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Dedicated to the second installment!
Tarot in Gabriel Knight 2 and Phantasmagoria All you never wanted to know about tarot!
Der Fluch Des Engelhart vs Wagner On the GK2 opera!
GABRIEL KNIGHT 3 companion dedicated to GK3: Blood Of The Sacred, Blood Of The Damned
Gabriel Knight 3 Art Gallery Page 1
Gabriel Knight 3 Art Gallery Page 2
Gabriel Knight 3 Wayback Treasures
Gabriel Knight Secret Documents

Cluedo is my favourite board game. I like to study it and collect different copies. This is the result: The Cluedo-Ring.
Cluedo for DVD review as new addition to my Cluedo web
Cluedo about the board game
Cluedo? on the CD-I game
FoulPlay on a Cluedo-ish PC game.

Clue: Fatal Illusion: located at the bottom of TM2