Walkthrough for Torin's Passage. Links in this text will take you to the Puzzle Solution on page 3.

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Chapter 1: The Lands Below

Click on the berries. You'll take 'em. Then walk to the back, you'll get to your house. Outside, take the rope hanging on the shed, and the axe in the woodblock. Walk inside. Click on the knitting basket. There's a worm in it; click it 4 times to take it. Back in normal view, click on the table next to the farthest chair. In close-up, click on the tobacco pouch to take it. Now, leave the house and walk into the woods again. Right to the left of the tree with slugs, there's a gap in the red shardy bushes. Go in there, take the worm from your inventory, click it onto the leaf on the right with the strange edge to take it. Walk on further to the right, right past the big tree in the centre. There's a path to the rear right on the right side of the stream: go in. You'll see a patch of peat moss. Click on the highest branch of the tree to walk on it. Take the rope from your inventory, click it onto yourself, and on the branch, grab some peat moss. Then swing to the branch on the right of the screen. Then walk back to the woods, further to the right. The arty tree with the square branches has a root that looks like a square. Click on it with your axe, then take it from the ground. Walk further to the right, towards the house of the guard. Stand in front of the door, read the sign next to it. Use the axe on the blue chrystal in the middle left, and talk to the guard. Knock the door again, you'll get in. Talk to the guard until he tells you to cook for him and give him berry juice. Click the berries on him. Talk to him some more, then go out to get the slugs. Walk onto the big tree in the stream; near your head, there's a branch with some slugs. Talk to them until they ask for a leaf; then give them the leaf in your inventory. Then take the slugs toward Chrystal City: left down the tree, then towards you, then walk to the rear of the next screen. You're outside Chrystal City. Click the snails on the moat. Then walk to the tree with slugs. Put the pond scum below the tree. Then go to your Boogle-inventory, click on the box, click the box onto the scum on screen. Walk away. Then get the slugs from Boogla. Walk back to the guard, give him either slugs or peat moss, then talk to him again. Give him the square root. Then pick a shard. When you're alone in the Phenochryst room, click on the console at the back of the screen. Operate it to lower the blocks in front of the chrystal. Use the pouch on the sand that's in the bowl that just came up. Then use the puch on you.

Chapter 2: Escarpa

After you crash, walk up the stairs and take the other green tile hanging there. Then walk to the little door. You enter the house of the Bitternuts. Talk to Mrs. Bitternut until she repeats herself. Boogle must now be able to change himself into a yo-yo and a shovel. Walk out, then walk down to the scene with the washing woman. Take the unused clothes peg from the clothes line. Walk through the black porch, over the bridge, and enter the palace of the King and Queen. Talk to them until they start repeating themselves. You now have a locket: open it in your inventory. Click the blue shard onto the set of shards hanging from the ceiling. Take the meat you find lying on the buffet at the rear of the palace. Back to the washing woman, further down. Enter the cave on the right, take the green tile. Then click the Boogle-Worm onto the little hole. When Boogle is inside, change him into a lantern, a shovel, and a worm in this order. Then go further down, talk to the vultures until they start repeating. Walk back to the platform just above, and click the meat on the "ramp" over the vulture nest. Walk to the vulture's nest, scroll down and click the dragon poo onto the tree. Now climb down the tree, walk left into the building, and place at least one of the tiles in the place there. Walk back to the vulture's nest, walk above to the right so you stand on the ledge. Jump, then go down. In the seraglio, take the green tile, the cushion, the fan, the red carpet, and the sign near the hole. Climb back, then go up. Talk to the skunks in the cave, then use your clothes peg onto your nose. Then click the red carpet onto the skunks. Walk on through the cave. Talk to Veder on the ledge until he starts repeating himself. Give him the cushion. Go back to the seraglio. Scroll down. Drop the cloth onto the balcony beside the bathing women, then use the fan on it. Then walk to the hole in the seraglio, click the Boogle-Yo-Yo on it. Click the green tile, then let Boogle exit through the passage the girls took. Walk back all the way to the washing woman. Place the sign in front of her. She'll wash it off: it's another tile! Walk back to the Bitternuts: give your invitation to Mrs. Bitternut, then take the green tile from the table. Walk to King Rupert, click on the green tile on his tile floor. You now have all tiles. Go to the chamber beside the tree, arrange all the tiles so you get a face. Enter, then use the pouch onto yourself.

Chapter 3: Pergola

Walk anywhere. After the controls come back, click on Torin very quickly, or else you're dead. Walk to the right. Talk to the girl tied down, show her the opened locket. Click her shoe to get the knife, use the knife on her. Wait until you arrive at the puzzle scene. At the pentagram place the Pergoleans on the crossing lines of the pentagram so the green capped are in one line, just like the yellow scarfed, blue sleeved, purple robed and red belted. At the align puzzle, place the females on the left and the males on the right. Then place the women in the correct order, musically ascending, and let them all sing. Do the same with the males, but in descending order.

Chapter 4: Asthenia

Open the door to the small closet, take out the box. Open the box in your inventory, use it to clean the top of the closet. On the left of this top, there's a blue button. Hit it to open the door at the back. Enter it to step outside. To the left of the island, there's a comical cannon-ball dispenser. Take a ball by clicking on the closet, then move a little. Get 4 balls. On the right of the isle, there's a see-saw installation. Put the balls in the left end, and sit in the right end. The catapult will rise. Take 1 ball from the see-saw (or get a new one from the dispenser), in the overview, click on the catapult in the middle. At the catapult, click on the yellow lever to the left of it. Get in the launcher, then cut the rope with your knife. At the maze, scroll to the left. Notice there's something blinking. Get there and take it. Then notice there's a building-like structure. Walk there. Click on the water-cannon. In close-up, click with the wrench onto the valve. You then enter another maze. Scroll left entirely: the exit is at the far low left. Walk there: it may take time. The longer you take, the bigger the odds that you run into Indiana Jones. Whan you exit, you're in another place. Click the lever to the left. Then cross the hopping puzzle by landing on every step-stone before landing on the other side. Walk to the right and enter the phenochryst chamber. Click on the chrystal to the right, solve this puzzle, then use the pouch on you.

Chapter 5: Tenebrous

Talk to the flower, until she's repeating herself. Click on the grass below her. Leave this close-up. Click on the red plant on the left of this screen. Then walk down left. Click on the tree until it's repeating himself, then click with the dead flower on the tree. Walk back to the silk-worms, click the sap on every leaf and take all 4 worms. Leave close-up, talk to flower. Then go back to the scene with the tree, talk to the grass on the slope. Then pass the slope, but only click on places where it's safe. The grass will tell you if it's a safe place as you move your cursor around. After you pass the slope, enter the theatre. Take the top hat and cane from the centipede, talk to the rabbit until it's repeating itself, take the bow you find lying around there, walk right, talk to the magician there, take the poster behind him and the bagpipes on the shelves in the same area, then talk to the organ player until he gives you an audchryst and player. Put the audchryst into the player, take a look at the player and use it. Walk right to the stage manager until she gives you performing time as saw player. Walk right to the carpenter, talk to him. Walk to the bunny, give him the silk hat, take the hat and bunny to the magician, then go to the carpenter, take his saw. click the saw onto your cane, give the cane to the magician, click the worms in your inventory onto the poster in your inventory, give the silk to the bunny. Then walk to the acrobats, if they're gone, take the bag near their seat. Use this bag on your bow, then use the bow on your saw. When the manager calls you, go to the stage and walk on. Click the saw onto yourself. You're thrown into the Null Void.

In the Null Void, click the bagpipes onto yourself. Scroll to the lower right, locate the door there. Move towards the door using your bagpipes: using the arrows in the top left of the screen, you can control yourself. You can travel farther in a direction if you hold the button down longer. Just before you reach the door, open the audchryst player. Arrange the shards to it plays "Dreep! Come here!" Play it so it sounds over and over again, then toss it into the void. You should still be hearing this phrase. Move to the door, when you land, ring the bell. Before the door opens, click below (or above, it's upside-down) the stone you're standing on. Torin will hide below the stone, and Dreep will walk into the Null Void. Walk in. Use the magic book on Lycentia. After the scene with Pecand, click on the lava. When you're about to fall in, click the magic book onto Pecand.