Welcome to this companion, dedicated to the wonderful 1995 Sierra game Torin's Passage! Torin's Passage is a great game for all ages, containing many jokes, sight gags, fantastic characters and a fantasy story-line. This page contains no spoilers. The other pages do, so watch out!

Unfortunately these pages aren't entirely finished yet, due to business. They'll be finished soon though!

Contents of the pages:
Page 1: this page: introduction, contents, story outline, how to play, hints, dramatis personae, cast & credits.
Page 2: walkthrough, point list, item list, easter eggs, cheats and patches.
Page 3: Puzzle Solving, Death Awaits You: how to get more fun by dying.
Story: You are Torin, a young man from the Lands Above. Your parents have been kidnapped by an evil sorceress named Lycentia, and you set out to save them! You're accompanied by your adorable pet Boogle, who can change into many different objects. Together you'll enter lands unseen by you or any of your part of the world!

The game-play is pretty straight-forward: just point and click. When your cursor is a grey arrow and you click, you will walk as close as you can to where you just clicked. Click with the right mouse button to shorten your walk. When the cursor is highlighted, it becomes white. Click, and you may do everything: look, take, operate or use. If your cursor is an arrow, you will walk to another section in the direction of the arrow. If it's a bent arrow, you're in a close up view: click with the bent arrow to leave this view.
By the side of the game field, you see scroll bars, on the right and on the bottom. Use these to see different parts of the game screen.
At the left, you see a book. Click this, and you will see some of the most recent dialogue. Click on the speaker symbol to its left to hear what's been said.
On the right, you will see a button with a question mark on it. Sometimes an hourglass appears below it. If the hourglass is not present, you can click on the question mark button to get a hint. Getting a hint will cost you points: beware!
You possess two inventories in this game: one shows you which objects you carry, the other shows which shapes Boogle can take. You can alternate between the two by clicking on the buttons with either Torin's or Boogle's face.
You can take a closer look at the items in your inventory by putting them on the platform in the middle of the Inventory Well. Sometimes you can manipulate an object by putting it on the platform, then clicking it. You can combine objects in your inventory by clicking on one, causing the cursor to take the specific shape. Then click the other item. Using objects on items in gameplay works in similar matter.
Below the gameplay, there are various buttons. The one labeled < will start a sequence again, the one labeled > will end a sequence, the pause button will pause the game.
There is also a menu bar. Move your cursor to the top left corner of the screen, and the menu will drop down. Use this system to save games, start a new game, open an old game, quit, change walking pace, use closed captioning, or otherwise.

There are two different ways of saving your game. You may use the in-game option, accessable by pressing ctrl-s, but when you quit the game through the menu, you will find a "resume game" bottom to pick up where you left. This does not work when you exit the game by clicking on the x-button in the top right hand screen, or when you encounter an error and are forced to quit.

-Save early, save often! It's bugging if you get stuck, or are thrown out, or are just playing a lengthy puzzle and need to look away!
-You can not really get stuck in this game, so there is no need to start gameplay all over again if you think you've missed something.
-There are a lot of ways to die in this game, but don't worry! When you're dead, you'll get a short message from the game, and are given the choice to restart or try again. Click "Oops", and nothing's lost! -Playing with Closed Captioning is very helpful! Especially if your English is not so good, or are scared to miss any jokes!
-It's easy to set your walking speed to "high". If you're patient, it's good, but there are several scenes where you need to wait a lot for Torin to get someplace. You can sometimes click the right mouse button to get to the arrival position quickly.
-Don't use hints unless you're desperate! Using hints will cost you points. Nothing of interest happens if you complete with full points, but you will ruin the game if you use that button too much. -This game is divided into five chapters. If you want to play a specific chapter, you can click on any of the chapter buttons at the start of the game. You will start with 0 points, but with all items needed.

Dramatis Personae:in order of appearance:
-The King and Queen of the Lands Above (prologue): Torin's real parents. We don't see them doing much: the Queen will move her head in the prologue. They die in this sequence.
-Torin: The hero of the game. We see how Lycentia takes care of him when he's crying, thus saving his life. Torin grows up at the Fahrman family, where he helps out by running errands. At the beginning of the game, Torin is very playful, doing somersaults and handstands on various occasions. Towards the end of the game, Torin is more mature. He can't be separated from his little buddy, Boogle.
-Pecand: Torin's uncle, who will get the rights to the throne if Torin dies. He lures Torin to Lycentia, and later attempts to murder him. His appearances are primarily in prologues to chapters, but in chapter 5 he must be defeated.
-Lycentia: Red-headed nanny of Torin. After she runs away with Torin to rescue him, she is caught, and for kidnapping him, she is sent to the "Lands Below". In order to ensure her banishment, she ets a collar around her neck which will choke her if she tries to return. In her years of banishment, she becomes a powerful sorceress. She kidnaps Torin's caretakers, the Fahrman couple, so Pecand can murder Torin. In return Pecand will free her of the collar.
-Boogle: a cute, friendly pink-green creature that walks on all-fours and can change himself into various shapes. Boogle can only speak gibberish.
-Mr Fahrman: caretaker of Torin. His prime task is asking if Torin has brought him tools yet. He smokes pipe.
-Mrs Fahrman: caretaker of Torin. She likes to cook and knit.
-Inch Worm (ch 1): is used as inventory item. Has appetite for good leaves, and appears as haughty.
-Slim & Slime (ch 1): Two snails, sitting on a branch beside a tree. Slim sits on the left: he's the fat one. The pair will compete in the Figure Sliming Contest at the Moat-o-Lympics. The two make jokes among each other, and end every sequence with a cheerful eye five.
-Croctopus (ch 1): can only be seen twice. A cross between a crocodile and an octopus, he's a dangerous enemy that will kill Torin if he falls in the moat of Chrystal City.
-Guard of Chrystal City (ch 1): this guard will not lower the bridge for Torin. Quite a grumpy character.
-Guard of the Gate to the Lands Below: an old guard who is having trouble remembering things. He asks Torin to prepare him various meals, before he lets Torin take his place.
-Harvey Bitternut (played by Jack Kluckman, ch 2): husband who is primarily cooking.
-Mrs. Bitternut (played by Sandra Bullhockey, ch 2): wife to Harvey, makes a lot of nasty jokes at the cost of everyone. Hates to leave her chair.
-Bobby Bitternut (played by Vinyl McCulkin, ch 2): child of the Bitternuts, annoying knowitall who likes to yo-yo.
-Washing Woman (ch 2): silent lady who won't talk at all to Torin, or even react to Boogle.
-King Rupert (ch 2): king of Escarpa. A forgetful but benevolent king, who appears to be hard of hearing.
-Queen Di (ch 2): Wife to King Rupert, makes tons of cynical jokes.
-2 Fan ladies (ch 2): wave cool air to the King and Queen.
-Skunks Sam & Max (ch 2): aggravating skunks who will bother anyone who tries to get through their cave, and won't let Torin pass for anything. Sam is the top one.
-Vulture Tripe and Viscera (ch 2): Siamese twins. Tripe is aggressive and hostile, while Viscera is more willing to help Torin. Tripe doesn't let him. Tripe is the left head.
-Seraglio Dames (ch 2): 4 ladies who splatter, gossip and talk about perfume. They don't appreciate Boogle.
-Veder (ch 2): Thinking creature who sits on a rock meditating all day, and has a painful behind as a result.
-Pergolians (ch 3) Funny little fellows, yet hostile toward the "giants" that fall out the air.
-Fairmont (ch 3) Yet another Pergolian, but makes a difference when he is hanging from Torin's scarf, shouting for help.
-Smetana (ch 3) Lead Pergolian, the only purple one, has blonde hair and does all the talking, apparently named after the Czech composer.
-Leenah (ch 3) Daughter of King Rupert, beautiful red-head. Torin has to tell her to go home to her parents. She is not willing to cooperate with the Pergolians when they have caught her.
-Indiana Jones (ch 4) The only living creature in ch 4, he appears at random in the maze to make a fool out of himself.
-Mrs Plant (ch 5) Talking flower that Torin nearly falls on.
-Sappy Tree (ch 5) A tree that is very depressed and crying all the time.
-Police Officer (ch 5) Stern and strict constable with a funny accent and clownesque looks who is violent towards his arrestants. Apparently a musician.
-Grass (ch 5) Will help Torin if he does something for them. Has annoying high voice.
-Judge (ch 5) A strict, but justiful judge. He offers Torin a second chance.
-Centipede (ch 5) Cross entertainer who quits just as Torin walks into the theatre.
-Bags Bunny (ch 5) Pink rabbit, a professional entertainer, very proud animal that will only work with classy people. Has 15 sisters.
-Archer (ch 5) Drunk archer who has an act shooting apples of Bags's head. Bags refuses to continue working with him any longer. after which he walks away.
-Acrobats (ch 5) A big man and a little lady with a foot-juggling act.They speak in an odd language.
-Zippy the Magician (ch 5) Blind magician whose tricks fail all the time, as the result of his handicap.
-R. Kyvest (ch 5) Man with pointy chin who is continuously recording people. He has recorded Lycentia.
-Stage Announcer (ch 5) Dame with glasses and screaming voice who is apparently very busy strolling around. She announces the candidates to come up.
-Dreep (ch 5) Scary blue creature with big red nose that has been set out to capture Boogle and will eat Torin when he gets the chance.