Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover Work! Companion

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1 Walkthrough
2 Point List
3 Telephone Numbers, Characters, Airplane Codes
You are Leisure Suit Larry, world's best loved loser. You have gotten a job at a television company, looking at video tapes. Your boss has chosen you to search for America's sexiest woman, to host "America's Sexiest Home Videos!".
You aim to visit the three remaining candidates, get them to act sexy, and film them sneakily.
This game has full mouse-control. Click with the Walk-icon to walk anywhere, click with the hand to operate something, take something, investigate something, click with the eye to get a description of something, Click with the unzip-item to perform bodily functions or to have sex with someone.
In your inventory, click on the arrow to select an item. Click the fast-forward button to skip a sequence. Beware! It may cost you points!
First, take the coffee pot to your boss. You're given this fantastic job, and a camera disguised as a condom. When you walk out, drink some of the water in the dispenser, look at the Titty-award, then move to the room at the top left. Use the desinfector on your hands, take the blank tapes from the shelf at the bottom right, degauss these on your degausser. It's on the right side of your work bench Open the left drawer. You've found your battery recharger! Leave this room, go to the door at the back, open it. Tahe the credit card from the table. Open the top drawer of the right cabinet, take out the 3 resumes of the women you're looking for. Read them all, look at the card from Dr Pulliam's office. Leave this room, go to the right. You're outside the office. Look at the fountain's statue. Get in the limo.
At the airport, operate the ATM. Insert your AeroDork card in the slot, choose your favourite destination, type the code that belongs to the flight you chose, take your boarding pass and GoldCard. Move into the airport. Walk left. Attach your battery recharger to the outlet. Use your camera on your recharger. The battery on your camera is now fully loaded. Take your camera and recharger. Insert a blank video tape. Now walk right, to the VIP waiting room. Show your GoldCard to the camera. In the waiting room, insert your boarding pass into the slot.
Aboard the plane, take the magazine you find lying by your chair. Read it. Lay back...

You're now Passionate Patti. You're being resigned from the Piano Pit, where you were the piano player. On walking out the building, you're stopped by an FBI-agent who asks you to infiltrate into some malchievous businesses, involving music.
On walking out, look at the vibrator-experiment and at the bra-cannon experiment. Then go right, copy the phone number you're given, look at the Flatulence Powder Experiment, then enter the door on the right. You're being equipped with a field locator device, so the FBI can see what you're doing all the time.
After this sequence, take the yellow thing (DataMan), blue thing (DataPack) and pink thing (another Datapack) off the desk. Move left, take the brassiere cannon, look at it and wear it. Then leave the building, enter the limo, take the champagne bottle, use the phone to dial your boss. In your inventory, put any DataPack in your DataMan, look at the Dataman, then use it on your chauffeur. Lay back...

Larry in Miami
You're in Miami. Walk out the waiting room, move left, take some quarters out of the machine. Look at the advertisement signs. Write down the GreenCard and Limo numbers. Also write down the number of Dr Pulliam. Go right, right, use the 3rd phone. Dial the GreenCard number and the Limo number. Leave the airport, take the greencard from the trash can, enter the limo and show the driver the card of Doc. Pulliam. She'll take you there.
Enter the waiting room at the dentist. Knock on the window. Alberta won't let you make an appointment. Knock again. She asks you to fill in a questionnaire:
1 Do you have dental insurance? (Yes)
2 Do you have LOTS of dental insurance? (Yes)
3 Are you allergic to pain? (No)
4 Do you ENJOY pain? (Yes)
5 Do you enjoy sharing your pain with others? (Yes)
6 Do you enjoy metal objects in your mouth? (Yes)
7 Do you enjoy other people's hands in your mouth? (Yes)
8 Do you enjoy rubber in your mouth? (Yes)
9 Do you know anyone who's ever hired a lawyer? (No)
10 Do you know the definition of the word 'malpractice'? (No)
11 Have you ever even heard of AIDS? (No)
You're not an emergency, so no appointment for you. Take the doily from the table, use the phone, call the doctor's office, wrap the doily around your head, knock on the window, and you can go in! Look at Chi Chi Lambada. Use the Hand-cursor 6 times on her blouse, it will become undone. Talk to her. When she asks you if you can help her becoming a citizen, go quickly to your inventory. Switch on your camera, then give Chi Chi the green card. Enjoy the sequence.
After that, switch off the camera, enter the office, use the phone, call the limo company. Go outside, get in the limo and you're off to the airport.
At the airport, buy a boarding ticket at the ATM, recharge your batteries, replace the video tape, enter the VIP-lounge, board the plane.

Larry in New York
Take a coin from the charity box by the entrance. Look at the advertisement signs, note the number from the limo company. Call it on the phones on the right, leave the airport, get in the limo. Show the driver your napkin. You're taken to the computer cafe. In the limo, look on your left. Take the blue book you find there. Look at it, find Swiss bank accounts, credit cards and money.
At the cafe, walk behind the plant on the right. Walk into the cafe. Talk to the Maitre d' repeatedly until he gives you a membership tape. Enter the hall, sit on the seat assigned to you. Watch Michelle Milken go by. You can't follow her into the Herman Hollerith room, though. you're not a qualified member. Then leave the hall, put the tape into the music machine at the bottom left, then use the tape on the machine by the door. Enter the hall, go to the machine by the door there, put your tape in, enter the hall. Look at Michelle Milken. Talk to her. You'll join her! Talk to her until she asks you for funding. Then go to your inventory, switch on your camera, give Michelle the money, credit cards and the book. Enjoy the sequence.
After that, enter the hall with the Maitre d', use the phone, dial the limo, go to the airport. There, buy a ticket, reload your camera, replace the video tape, enter the VIP-lounge, board the plane.

Larry in Atlantic City
At the airport, leave the VIP-room, go left. Click on the slots; one of them has a quarter! Look at the airport signs, find the limo ad and remember the number. Use the phones on the right to call for a limo. Leave the airport, get in the limo, show the driver the matches. At the casino, talk to the lady outside. She'll play a game with you. Play it; you'll win 10 fake dollars! Enter the casino, play a poker machine. Use the old save 'n restore method to win $525 dollars. Enter the hall at the back, pay 25 bucks to the bouncer, look at the parading girl. After the show, leave the casino. Walk to the right. On the 4th screen of the board walk, there's a store called Ivana Skates. Go there, rent some skates. Give Ivana your camera. Go on the boardwalk, put on your skates and skate until you see Lana Luscious. Talk to her, she'll invite you to the mud wrestling. Return the skates to Ivana. Go to the casino, check if you have 500 dollars left. Enter the hall, switch on your camera, pay the bouncer 500 dollars, sit at front and wait for the game. Enjoy!
After the sequence, switch off your camera, go to the guy by the entrance, let him summon a limo for you, go to the airport, buy a pass, recharge your camera, replace the video, enter the VIPlounge, board the plane.

Passionate Patti at Reverse Biaz!
Enter the building. Look at the sign left of the elevator, look at Reverse Biaz in the listing. Talk to the guard, show him your DataPak with Biaz info.
At room 900,take the gold record off the frame. Play it on the player, at both speeds in both directions. Take the record, enter the studio. Play some keyboard, then listen to the PC session. While listening to the playback, give Biaz your champagne.
Back in the limo, put the PC Hammer datapak in your datawrap and show to Bobby.

Passionate Patti at PC Hammer
Enter the building. In the lobby, type your code in the lock next to the door. Enter.
In the office, take the letter opener off the desk. Click twice with your hand on the plant pot on the right. You'll take a key. Open the desk with this key. Rummage through it, note the number. Rummage more through it, take the file. Read it, then use it on the copier. When it explodes, move left, take a shower. Down the showervator, take the clothes from the rack, walk right, open the door to Control Booth 2 with the code from the desk. Open the door, take a reel from the shelfs ahead of you. Click on the mixer, just left to the middle. Click it 6 times, then you'll hear 2 live 2 screw. Use the reel on the mixer, click with the hand on it. Then stop the reel, rewind it, take it. Click with the hand on the mixer, then with the hand on the microphone, then sing into the microphone.

The Grand Finale
When going down, you'll end in the cockpit. Click anywhere with your hand, eventually you hit the right button.
At the white house, when Julius points a gun at you, click with the brassierre onto Patti.
Congratulations! You've completed Leisure Suit Larry 5!

2 Point List Larry LA: 1 Get coffee
1 Get camera
8 get resumes
3 look at each resume
1 look at Doc's business card
5 get credit card
6 get tapes
6 degauss each tape
8 get recharger
5 play 8-track
1 use disinfectant
4 put tape in camera
8 plug in recharger
3 put camera in recharger
1 get camera and charger
1 get water
1 look at award
1 look at statue
4 get boarding pass
9 enter VIP lounge
7 use boarding pass on slot
8 get magazine
5 read magazine
Patti FBI
9 look at 3 science projects
1 get numbers
5 get dataman 6 get bra
2 look at bra
5 wear bra
6 take champagne
7 put datapak in dataman
1 look at dataman
8 use dataman on driver
Larry in Miami
5 get quarters
1 get limo number
1 get green card number
7 call Green Card
3 Call limo
12 get green card
13 answer Alberta's questions
5 Get doily
8 Wear doily
17 Talk to Alberta
2 Unbutton ChiChi's blouse
15 Give green card to ChiChi 40 Work out!
20 Record escapade
4 Get boarding pass
Larry in NY
1 Get limo number
5 Get quarter
3 Call limo
12 get daytrotter
11 look at day trotter
1 walk behind right plant outside cafe
3 Talk to Maitre d'
5 Get ticket
12 Use ticket on 1st ticket machine
3 Sit on your seat
Try ticket on 2nd machine
12 Use ticket on music box
12 Get in Herman Hollerith room
4 Switch on your camera
5 Give DayTrotter to Michelle
5 Give credit cards to Michelle
5 Give money to Michelle
40 Have it off with Michelle
20 Tape escapade
2 Call limo
4 Get boarding pass
Larry in Atlantic City
5 Get quarter
1 Get limo number
3 Call limo
2 Get plastic dollars
4 Play poker
8 Look at Jennifer Jiggles
8 Give camera to Ivana
3 Wear skates
6 Talk to Lana Luscious
2 Get invitation from Lana
3 Return skates
12 Wrestle
40 Click 10 body parts
20 Tape escapade
2 Talk to doorman
4 Get boarding pass
Patti at Reverse Biaz
3 Look at the name of Des Rever Records on the directory
6 Use DataMan on guard
12 Get gold record
3 Play it at normal speed frontwards
3 Play it at normal speed backwards
3 Play it at high speed frontwards
3 Play it at high speed backwards
8 Play piano in session
40 Give bottle to Biaz
18 Get tape
Patti at K-Rap
1 look at DataMan
1 Sneak in office
10 Take key 4 Take letter opener
13 Open desk with key
1 Look in desk
5 Learn access code
5 Take folder
Look at folder in inventory
12 Copy folder
7 Take a shower
1 Take clothing
4 Take reel
12 Record 2 live 2 screw
7 Take tape
15 Shatter glass
Finale: 100 Save the plane
100 Shoot Julius

3 Codes, characters, phone numbers

A useless list of all the people you meet in this game.
Silas Scruemall, your boss
Scooter, the boardroom guy with the orange hair
Bobbi, your limousine driver, show her where you're going
Buffi, lady at the airport desk in LA
Muffi, lady at the airport desk in LA
Andy, the Piano Pit manager
Desmond, the FBI agent
Commander Twit, he'll explain the experiments and gives you a phone number
Phil Hopian, physician who provides you with your location device
Bobby, your deaf driver, show him where you're going
Dixie, lady at the airport desk in Miami
Trixie, lady at the airport desk in Miami
Alberta, the secretary at Doc. Pulliam
Chi Chi Lambada, your dentist, give her green card
Berri, lady at the airport desk in AC
Cherri, lady at the airport desk in AC
Cheri, door lady at casino in AC, gives you 10 dollars
Brewster, door man at casino
Bouncer, pay him to get to the ladies
Jennifer Jiggles, look at her for a point
Ivana, rent some skates at her place, give her your camera
Lana Luscious, mud-wrestle her
Tracie, lady at the airport desk in NY
Stacie, lady at the airport desk in NY
Berta, fat lady on the phone in HardDisk Cafe
Maitre d', talk to him until he goes nuts
Michelle Milken, give her the stuff you found in the limo
Sleepy Guard, show him your Datapak
Reverse Biaz, give him champagne
Agent Smith, guy looking at the radar
PC Hammer, guy who blocks the door to Control Booth 2
John Krapper, owner of the K-Rap studio's
Julius Bigg, shoot him with your Hooter Shooter
Also appearing: President, Vice President

Phone numbers:
Patti's base: 556-2779
Miami limo: 554-8544
Miami Green Card: 554-1272
Miami Dr Pulliam: 554-3627
NY Limo: 552-4668
AC Limo: 553-4468
Entrance code for K-Rap office: 45954
Entrance code for Control Booth B: random