Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking For Love in Several Wrong Places

This companion will help you through the original typed version of LSL2! The point-'n-click freeware will give you very little problems compared to the typing (it'll solve the bag bug at the end), but at certain points in the walkthrough I'll give hints towards the use of the cursor.

1 Copyright Protection & THE BUG
2 Walkthrough
3 Point List
4 Easter Eggs and other fun!

Copyright protection

The copyright protection works through a number of pictures of babes. The vexing part is that the original manual ws in black and white, and so is the manual on the recent Leisure Suit Larry Collection. Fortunately there is a colour version available on the website of the designer of Larry, Al Lowe. As I don't have a colour printer, I made an easy table, so looking up the girls is easy. If you have version 1.2 of the game, you can always type 555-0724. Note some have the same phone number. Good luck!
Hair colour & LengthDress colourNecklaceNumber
Blonde shoulderwhiteNone555-2737
Blonde shouldergreybig blue triangle555-5968
Blonde shouldergreyblue rectangle with blue dot555-8487
Blonde shouldergreyyellow cup555-3425
Blonde shoulderblackblue rectangle555-5464
Brown shoulderwhiteyellow cup555-2867
Brown shouldergreyno earrings!555-5834
Brown shouldergreybig earrings!555-6262
Brown shoulderblackNone555-3425
Black shoulderwhitesimple gold555-8627
Black shoulderwhitegold triangle555-7448
Black shouldergreyyellow + blue dot555-3825
Black shoulderblacksiple yellow555-3787
Black longwhiteyellow triangle555-3642
Black longblacknone555-5633
Black longblackcrucifix555-2868

There's a nasty programming bug towards the end. You'll need to put a bag in a bottle. Type "Put the bag in the bottle", otherwise the game won't understand your command. For more details, visit Al Lowe's site.


There are 2 main puzzles in this game. One is doing a large amount of things in a set time. The other is bringing items from place A to B.

Getting started: After the intro, enter Eve's garage, Type "LOOK", then "GET DOLLAR". Take the dollar to the Quickie-mart, give it to the lady at the counter, and she'll get you a ticket (or: click dollar on machine). Pick any number, and get yourself a soda while waiting. Take your lottery ticket to the TV studio.
Get a piece of paper and a pen. SHOW TICKET to the lady at the desk, write down the numbers she says, then type them again. OPEN DOOR of the greenroom, and SIT on the bench. When a guy comes to collect you, STAND and follow him.
Type anything you like in this Blind Date show, she'll hate anything. But, you'll be picked. Back in the greenroom, SIT again, wait for a girl to collect you, then STAND and follow her.

After winning the million dollar cheque and the cruise, you'll need to get packing! First, go to the Italian Clothes Shop, walk to the back, GET SWIMSUIT, go to the lady at the counter, PAY SWIMSUIT. Then: go to the hairdressers and SIT in the chair, go to the grocers, walk to the left side of the screen, GET SUNSCREEN, PAY SUNSCREEN, go to the Quick-E Mart and GET DRINK, PAY DRINK, go to Eve's house and SEARCH TRASH twice, then GET PASSPORT. Then enter the music store and talk to the lady.

Heree, a time-pace game starts. Don't wait too long with boarding the ship. Walk as far to south-east as you can, SHOW TICKET and PASSPORT to the captain, then board the ship.
MUSTHAVE: Sunscreen, Wad o dough, swimsuit, grotesque gulp, onklunk, passport, ticket.

You have to leave the ship before nightfall, or else you get killed. First enter your room, TAKE FRUIT, open the door to your east side and talk to the woman. EEOW! Exit again (save game) and go back into her room. Walk to her nightstand in the middle (watch out, she has a habit of coming back), open it, GET SEWING KIT, walk back to your room. Duck behind the closet, WEAR SWIMSUIT, USE SUNSCREEN. Walk to the swimming pool, LIE DOWN on the vacant chaise longue, DON'T come along with the lady, STAND, head into the pool and SWIM, (save game) DIVE, move to the bikini top, GET TOP, swim back, CLIMB OUT, WEAR SUNSCREEN.
Go back to your cabin, duck behind the closet and WEAR SUIT. Leave, head for the revolving restaurant, GET SPINACH DIP, go to the hairdressers and SIT, go to the captain's hut, USE SWITCH, hurry to the lifeboats, JUMP IN BOAT, and, as you're drifting off, type USE WIG and TOSS DIP.

MUSTHAVE: Wig (in use), Sunscreen (wearing it), Sewing Kit, Fruit, Grotesque Gulp, Bikini Top, Cash, Onklunk

At the beach: move to the left, to the nude beach. Look around, don't come with the girl. Go back to the beach and enter the jungle. When you walk on the middle path, past the flowers, type TAKE FLOWER. When you arrive at the restaurant TALK TO MAN, SIT and when you are finally allowed in, move to the buffet and TAKE KNIFE. Move out of the restaurant, in the jungle you may type EXIT when you have the flower. In the hotel, don't sleep with the maid, GET MATCHES from your nightstand, USE TOILET and TAKE SOAP in the bathroom section. Walk out, EXIT, and sit in the barber's chair. Walk out. At the beach, move to the nude beach, GET BIKINI BOTTOM, move to the restaurant, then to the hotel again. In the hotel, stand in the corner behind the rest room, WEAR BIKINI, PUT SOAP IN BIKINI. Move to the barbers, SIT in the chair, move back to the beach. Now you're ready to head east and pass the KGB agents. Cross the cliff (Save game, you may jam here), and when you've turned the last corner, WEAR SUIT.

MUST HAVE: Knife, Flower, matches, Onklunk, Dough.

In front of the airport, stand before the Krishna KGB agents and GIVE FLOWER. Inside, go to the barber's shop, SIT. Exit the barber. Don't go with the girl. Walk to the east,through the airport gates and show your passport to the luggage attendant.
The following section is something you are supposed to do after you bought your ticket. By doing it before, you can escape the time-based game. At the section east of the conveyor belt, buy a parachute from the automat. Buy a menu from the lady at the counter. Type GET PIN (In the point 'n click, look at it first before you use the hand). Go to the right conveyor belt, walk on it. Wait a while. At the waiting room, GET PAMPHLET. Now walk all the way back to the luggage conveyors. Watch the suitcases pass through the X-ray. When you see a green camouflage suitcase, GET SUITCASE to clear the crowd at the counter. Now BUY TICKET, hurry back to the waiting room, and SHOW TICKET to flight attendant.

MUSTHAVE: Knife, parachute, bobby pin, pamphlet, hair tonic, matches.

At the plane, GET BAG, and GIVE PAMPHLET TO KEN. Stand up, move to the east. WEAR PARACHUTE. Use pin on door, open door. While falling, USE PARACHUTE.

MUSTHAVE: Air sickness bag, hair tonic, knife, matches

In the jungle, USE KNIFE to get down. GET STICK. Move to the branch with killer bees and CRAWL (in Point & Click, first look at the branch, then walk past it). Walk south. Walk on, when the snake attacks, type USE STICK. Walk east to the swamp. Save often as you cross the light path. When you've past it, in the next screen, walk to the vines hanging over the river. SWING VINE, SWING VINE, SWING VINE and you're there. Type GET VINE and walk to the beach. Lay back.
After Ken has done talking, walk back to the village, to the fire. TAKE ASH. Go to the beach and TAKE SAND. Go back to the chasm, walk to the rim and USE VINE ON BRANCH. Swing to the other side. Walk on to the glacier. USE ASH. WAlk northwest at the chasm. When you arrive at the top of the volcano, walk to the crack. PUT THE BAG IN THE BOTTLE, LIGHT BAG, DROP BOTTLE IN CRACK and use the elevator.


3 Get dollar bill
1 Look at jogger
1 Look through hole in fence next to QuickieMart
3 Buy lottery ticket
10 "Win" lottery
1 Sit in green room
20 Win cruise
6 Get cruise ticket
12 Win the Lottery
7 Get million dollar cheque
5 Get swimsuit
3 Buy swimsuit
5 Get passport
3 Sit at barber
9 Buy sunscreen
5 Get grotesque gulp
3 Pay drink
7 Get onklunk
9 show ticket to captain
3 Get fruit
6 Get sewing kit
3 Use sunscreen before swimming
3 use chaise longue
7 Get bikini top
3 Use sunscreen again
2 Get spinach
3 Get wig
8 Activate life boats
2 Jump in lifeboat
5 Ride away
5 Wear wig
2 Throw spinach dip
25 Ride lifeboat
3 Get flower
1 Wait in chair at restaurant
1 Enter restaurant
3 Get knife
2 Get matches
2 Get soap
3 have haircut
4 Get bikini bottom
5 Wear bikini
12 Use soap in bikini
3 have hair removed
12 Pass KGB agents at beach
6 Wear suit
7 Give flower
3 Look Rosella
3 Have haircut
5 Show passport
7 Get pin
3 Buy parachute
11 Get pamphlet
5 Get bomb
15 Clear crowd
5 Buy ticket
3 Show ticket
5 Get bag
8 Give pamphlet to Ken
5 Use pin
4 Wear parachute
6 Open plane door
8 Use knife
4 Get stick
6 Crawl
10 Use stick
5 Cross swamp
6 Swing vines
4 Get vine
10 meet kalalau
25 talk to Ken
3 Get sand
6 Get ashes
11 Use vine
10 Use ashes
5 Put the bag in the bottle
5 Use matches
10 Drop bottle in crack.
30 use lift


-Walk behind the trash container nest to the Quickymart.
-Type "CHEAT"
-Open Momma's closet door to see what she packed
-Look at the cloud when walking to the volcano