Shivers Companion

On this page you can find a companion to Shivers, the 1995 Sierra game! It contains a walkthrough (as far as possible), screenshots, easter eggs, puzzle solutions and a tiny review. Beware! It contains spoilers!


The game Shivers can be roughly divided into 3 phases. The first is getting into the museum. The second is exploring the museum and the Ixupi hunt. The third is the endgame. Of these, the first and third phases are lineary. The hunt, however, is not. It will take up the most time and will let you walk around a LOT.

First, let's explain the game and the goal. You have to spend a night at a haunted museum. First you have to break into the building, then find and defeat all 10 spirits (Ixupi) that are there. The Ixupi can be incapacitated by returning them to their respective pots. Each Ixupi has its own pot, which has its own talisman (lid). You need to combine the right pots with the right lids on the right Ixupi.
Dying is possible, but so is saving your game at every point. Though it is easy enough to dodge the Ixupi, it may be best to save in every new room when you're new to the game.
Ixupi hunting tips:

Entering the museum

After you're locked in, click on the dragonhead mailbox at the left of the gates. Read the letter. As it falls out the box, note the number 29 that's written inside the dragon's mouth.
Explore the scenery. Move up the stairs, look behind the vase, check out the symbols above the entrance, look behind the strange statue on the ground, check out the bench... You can find 5 of these little symbols. Note the shape and the colour combination.
Enter the gazebo. Enter 029 and open the box. There are 6 cogwheels. The black ones need to move to the spots of the white ones, and vice versa, in 7 turns. It looks like this:

Each number designates a possible space on the grid. Move 3 to 8, 6 to 3, 1 to 6, 5 to 1, 2 to 5, 7 to 2, 8 to 7.

Cross the stepstones in the river. Enter the Stonehenge setting. Peep through one of the gaps and find the 6th symbol.
Then click the puzzle. Spin every coloured slate until it has the right symbol:
Green (statue) parted wheel
Red (bench) circle with dot
White (near statue when facing the gate) S
Orange (behind vase on steps) V
Grey (above entry door) arches
Brown (Stonehenge) circle with +
Walk down the stairs. Open the door. Enter. Turn left. Open the box. Flip the switch. Turn right and walk on.
The tunnel system has many paths that will lead you to the museum. Pick any you like. Open the door.
You're at the Underground Lake. Approach the boat and turn left. You'll see a corpse. Get closer and read the book he was holding. Note the compass direction symbols, the words on the last page, and the hieroglyphs of Aakhunaten and Nefertiti.
Enter the boat. Turn left, look at the wheel. Look down. Use the pedal once. Move up, turn 180 degrees, look at the other wheel. Look down. Use the pedal once. Move back up and spin the wheel. Now you're sailing!

At the third click of the wheel, the cursor turns into wait mode, Note the music. The first IXUPI of the game will jump up. There's no way to escape him, just try to get not too much of a fright.
Click the wheel once more. You're at the other shore. Get out the boat and walk towards the door. Open the jar you find there and talk to Windlenot's ghost.
(That's why you're attacked. It wouldn't make sense if he said "You've already lost some of your life essence" if you hadn't lost any.)
Now walk on through the tunnel. You'll end up at an elevator.

Ixupi Hunt

Begin the IXUPI hunt with the Ash ixupi. His lit and pot are not placed at random, but are at designated areas.

Elevators These puzzles must be completed every time you use the elevator. Using an elevator is necessary at only 3 points in the game, but you can increase your score by using it more often. The puzzles get harder as the game progresses: the first two are 4*4, the next three are 5*5, and the rest 6 by 6. The last ones can get very tough. If you don't like a puzzle, look away and look again for a new one.
Goal is to get the 4 symbols in a diagonal from bottom left to top right. Move them by clicking an arrow by the side of the diagram. Arrows make all symbols in that row or column move 1, 2 or 3 steps right or down. A symbol can't land on a place that has an obstacle.
There are three elevators: one from the office to the lake, one from the office to the bedroom, and the main elevator that runs between the secret passages on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. This main elevator holds one clue: GEOFFREY is written in a circle at the 3 o'clock position.

Museum Office

The first room you enter is the museum office. The ASH talisman can be found in the bottom right drawer of the desk. The ASH IXUPI may be in the fireplace.
Stuff to do/note:

The secret passage leads to the elevator to the Professor's bedroom. The door to the left of the fireplace leads to the main hall. The door to the right of the fireplace leads to the workplace.


The workplace holds one IXUPI, WOOD, in the wooden crate next to the door. One item can be found in the drawer puzzle.
Note the paper on the bench: read it. Note the numbers.
To get to the item, look at the cabinet and open all the drawers that are NOT listed on the paper. The ones you open are: 417c, 249c, 458, 299, 189a, 513g.


The METAL IXUPI may be in the armor. No items to be found here.
Read the diary on the table, note the time 5:30 is when the prof set his alarm. Also note the picture of Geoffrey.

Main Hallway

The WATER IXUPI may appear in the fountain when you turn it on. The CHRYSTAL IXUPI may be in the chandelier over the stairs. The middle mask of the 5 bird masks at the library end holds one item.
Note: There are 6 doors: on top of the staircase a door leads to the Tombs & Curses room. Near the stairs, behind the desk, is the door do the outside, which is locked. The open door with 2 pillars by the side leads to the Strange Beasts room. The small door near the masks leads to the office. The large door near the masks, up the steps, leads to the library. The remaining door is locked and leads to the theatre.


There's the WAX IXUPI in the candelabra. An item is hidden behind a statue on top of a bookshelf. To reach it, click the ladder, so it moves to the right. Climb it, then take out the large book. Turn right to see the item.
Stuff to note:


There is a TAR IXUPI in the tar pit in one of the corners. There's also a METAL IXUPI in the metal unicorn statue. You can hide an item in the Eagle's Nest if you climb the ladder first.
  • Several signs on starfish, spiders, unicorn, eagle's nest and griffin.
  • The breathalizer near the spider.
  • Beside the eagle nest there's a skeleton dial. Turn it to blue.
  • Click the button next to the main hall door for additional information.
  • There are three doors. To the left of the Eagle's Nest, a door leads to Strange Plants. To the right of this nest, a door leads to Mysteries of the Deep.


    The SAND IXUPI may hide in the sand pile. On the cup stand beside this pile, there is the ASH POT.
    Note the button by the entrance, play it for some audio.


    To enter the theatre you must first copy the wind direction hieroglyphs from the Egypt book you found on the professor.
    There are no Ixupi here. An item can be found after you played the film, behind the curtain.
    Note the paper on the chair onstage.
    From the left side of the theatre (for the viewers) you can access the hall to the tower room, a secret passage, and the projection room.

    Projection Room

    The METAL IXUPI may be hiding in the green pile of canisters to the left of the entrance.
    Move to the projector. Click the top reel 5 times. A light turns green. Then press the Play button.
    Note how Windlenot opens the door, and write it down! Square on right middle, left of the top three circles, square bottom right, right of the top three circles, circle on the left, then the right middle square again, then the circle on the left again.

    Tower room There are no Ixupi and there's one item in the clock. Enter the tower room by spelling GEOFFREY at the 3 o'clock position. Walk up the stairs. Note the second box of chains on the way.
    Note the clock mechanism, the jukebox, the pot and the security cameras. Play the Anansi song (B2) on the jukebox and leave it on. Open the pot and talk to Beth's ghost. Now, play with the security cameras.
    Left:      Right:
    1 2      1 2
    3 4      3 4
    5 6      5 6
    On Right 2 and 5, you can see Beth and Merrick running around, dropping items. On Left 3, you can see the Shaman room. Use the joystick to move the camera and find the hint to the Shaman puzzle: Ramta Boba Taramba.
    On Left 5, you can see the clock tower, now set to 12. You must set it to 5:30 (diary) using the chains you noted earlier.
    Switch text on. Click the 3rd chain until the clock chimes once. Then click the 1st chain until the alarm sounds.
    When the alarm sounds, go back up. In the clock mechanism, you can now find the item.

    1st floor secret passage

    There are no Ixupi or items here. Note:

    In the address book, there's a picture of the Red Door Puzzle. Make a note of it.
    There are 3 exits: to the library, down the stairs to the generator room, and to the elevator.

    Mysteries of the Deep

    There are the CHRYSTAL IXUPI in the yellow chrystals in the side passage, and a SAND IXUPI in Poseidon's temple. There's an item in Bimini. Raise it by clicking on Poseidon's globe and entering 75W 20N.
    Open the door to the Subterranean World by playing the Siren Song on the organ (numbers from left to right): 1 6 5 1 6 5 7 4 2 1

    Subterranian World

    There's a TAR IXUPI in the tar pit at the end of the maze. You can't cross the tar pit (and get to the item) if you haven't caught Tar. There's an item on the ledge over the tar pit.

    First, enter the code from the film in the door. Then you're in the maze. Take the door to the right and TURN RIGHT AT EVERY CROSSING. You will bump in a dead end, but just turn around and then head right.
    If you haven't got Tar, go back and get the jar + lid to catch him now. Then cross the tar pit, take the item, and walk up the stairs. You'll end up in the Main Hall.

    Tombs and Curses There's the CLOTH IXUPI in the mummy in the Anubis tomb. There's an item in the tomb across the Sfinx.

    To get the Sfinx to talk, poke between his legs so a step appears. climb up to his mouth and click it. Then turn around to the pillars. Enter the hieroglyphs of Aakhunaten and Nefertiti onto them. The crypt opens and the item appears.
    Move up the steps near the chair-like tombs. Rotate the tiles to make a path down. This puzzle is fairly easy.
    Doors lead to the main hall and the Funeral Rites room.

    Funeral Rites The CLOTH IXUPI is in the small chamber between the rags. The ASH IXUPI may appear in the ceremonial ashes. There's an item in the Chinese Checker puzzle.

    The Chinese Checker puzzle is the ancient Solitaire puzzle (yawn) and there are solutions galore, like over here.
    Doors lead to Tombs & Curses, and Shaman


    The WAX IXUPI may hide in the tiny statue in the little corner. Items may be placed in the frames in the cabin.

    A passage leads back to Funeral Rites. To open the door to the Gods room, take the mallet from the hands of the shaman, play RAMTA BOBA TARAMBA and place back the mallet.


    This room has a WOOD IXUPI in the wooden Ti'i the Canoe God statue, in the first section you walk in. There's an item in the bull.

    To get the item, play the Sumerian Lyre puzzle. Click the large blue button, then play follow the leader.
    To get to the next room, you must open the Red Door pentomino puzzle. Use the hint from Beth's address book.

    Myths & Legends

    This section has the WAX IXUPI in the wax cobra, and the WOOD IXUPI in the slates next to the horse crate. This Ixupi is hard to dodge.There are two items: one in the music box, and one in the standing coffin.

    Janitor Closet

    There's the CLOTH IXUPI guarding an item between the red rags, and there's the WATER IXUPI in the toilet.

    Second Floor Secret Passage The WOOD IXUPI may hide in the scrap wood outside the Fortune Teller Room. The secret pasage runs from the Tombs & Curses room to the 3rd floor. There is also an elevator and a small room, the Fortune Teller Room.
    To enter this room you must solve a picture puzzle. A picture can be found here.
    In the room you can find the pot with Merrick's ghost, and the fortune machine.
    The fortune teller will give you a riddle:
    Earth must be aligned
    with Love and War
    Then from below
    You'll discover more


    The planetarium hosts the ELECTRICITY IXUPI in the lamp over the Stonehenge structure. There's an item in the UFO.

    To get to the item, solve the puzzle in the dial. Use the pictograms from the Windlenot memoirs.

    Strange Inventions

    no Ixupi, and one item in the Alchemy puzzle. Note the audio button!
    Solution to the Alchemy puzzle:

    Man's Inhumanity To Man

    There's one ELECTRICITY IXUPI in the electric chair, it won't appear until you switch it on. There's one item: inside the scaffold. Hang the dummy first! Enter 120 on the machine, then pull the lever, climb down past the condemned to find it.
    Note the signs at the guillotine and at the gallows, and the audio button at the start.

    Puzzle room

    Note the sign and audio button. Play MasterMind. 10 points counts for a symbol in the right place, and 1 for a right symbol in a wrong place. On your first guess, try 5 from the first symbol, then try 5 from the second, etc.
    Walk past the next door. Click on the skull painting to approach the next puzzle.
    It's the Infamous Pinball Puzzle! If you want to solve it yourself and have problems: number all slots from left to right, then write down all the moves and where which ball is at starting point, then write it down as:
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    It's a slider puzzle!
    But, if you're lazy: here's my solution. But there are shorter ones around.
    Moves: 4-5, 7-4, 8-7, 5-8, 6-5, 9-6, 8-9, 5-8, 4-5, 7-4, 8-7, 5-8, 2-5, 3-2, 6-3, 9-6, 8-9 (Now 3, 6 and 9 are there.) 7-8, 4-7, 1-4, 2-1, 5-2, 4-5, 7-4, 8-7, 5-8, 4-5, 7-4, 8-7, 5-8, 4-5, 1-4, 2-1, 5-2 (Now 1 and 2 are there too), 4-5, 7-4, 8-7, 5-8.

    The next room holds an item. Now, go back and catch 9 Ixupi except for Electricity, and solve the first 2 Fortune Teller riddles.


    After you've caught 9 Ixupi and found the first 3 riddles, you must find Page 17. Beth has it. Go to the Generator Room (through 1st floor secret passage). Walk to the spot with a blown fuse box on the wall. Flip the middle switch to open the panel below it. There's Beth's body. Take a closer look at it and read the page 17 in her hand:
    A noble punishment, it still causes dread
    If this be your choice, relinquish your head
    Go to the Man's Inhumanity to Man room, to the guillotine, and operate it. Look at the symbol on the blade. Now head back to the Puzzle room, move past all doors (The last one you pass is one with a 6-headed skeleton dial. You must have turned all 6 skeleton dials (Viking Ship, Eagle Nest, Deros, Werewolf, Janus, Ixupi) to the correct colour in order to open this door. Enter the room and click on the eye symbol. Enjoy the ride!
    Now, after you've arrived in the main hall, you'll turn around and find the last talisman. Combine it with the Electricity jar to make the last pot. Now, move to the Generator Room, to the door of the generator. Then click the pot on the generator to catch the Ixupi.


    Matching Ixupi

    Here's an attempt of describing the icons you can find on the jars, to match the Ixupi. Check out the book in the library for more assistance. The links lead to pictures of the corresponding IXUPI being caught. You can see the jar, lid and Ixupi. Check em out!
    I know I do not own the right to these pictures: Sierra does. I snagged them by hand though and if you intend to use hem, please ask me first.

    Fun, fun, fun...

    Easter eggs: Click on:

    You can also:



    Technical issues:

    Game issues:

    Game pros:

    In short, Shivers shows what can be done with one CD of space and a limited budget. It's worth playing more than once!

    First Play Statistics:

    -Ixupi attacks by Water at UL and fountain, Ash during failed catch, Wood in Myths, Electricity in generator and Metal in projection.
    -Biggest problem at catching Sand while being unable to find him. The key was approaching the temple.
    -Biggest frights at Water UL and Ash in library.
    -Time spent solving pinball: at least 2 hours.
    -End score: 544775.