Leisure Suit Larry 7 Companion! This page contains a Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail! companion. On this page, you can find a walkthrough, a point list, a list of easter eggs, all Dildo locations, tips on playing Liar's Dice, and fun discoveries in this game!

1 Walkthrough
2 Point List
3 There's Dildo!
4 Easter Eggs
5 Tips including Strip Liar's Dice!
6 Fun, fun, fun...

1 Walkthrough

This walkthrough is a guideline on how to finish this game. It is written for full points (1000). Not everything has to be done in the order in which I list them here.
Controls: When your cursor is a wrapped condom, it means "wait". When it's a tiny unwrapped rubber, click and you'll move as close as possible to where you clicked. A large rubber means there's something there. Click, and you'll see a menu. It has the words Look (gives description), Use (combine it with something from your inventory) and Other... (type a verb yourself). Some puzzles can only be solved by typing.
If your cursor is a straight arrow, click and you will walk to another screen in that direction.
A bent arrow will take you to your previous screen.
A ship-shaped cursor (Quickly! Repeat after me: Ship shape ship shape ship shape!) will take you to the Map.
A right-click will produce a different menu: it has the functions Map (to the Map), Inventory (opens your inventory), Score (gives your score and amount of found Dildos), Save (to Save Game menu) and The Boss! (minimizes the game screen). Move your cursor to the top left corner of the game window, and you'll get a menu, with game functions, options and Help.

You are Leisure Suit Larry, world's best loved loser. At the start of the game, You find yourself in an amorous scene with Shamara, the girl you got after smothering her in gifts in LSL 6. Shamara becomes very hostile towards you. She ties you to the bed with handcuffs, then puts a lit cigarette in your mouth, takes your money and runs off! You don't smoke, the cigarette falls on the bed, setting it on fire! This is a fine mess you got yourself into!
Grab the ViceGrips from the table on the left. Take the Li'l Hair Weave Kit from the right table. Open your inventory. Open the kit, and find a needle. Use the ViceGrips on the needle, so it bends. Use the bent needle on the handcuffs and you're free!
Now to leave the health spa. Click the glass door, and under Other, type Break. You're free!

You're taking a cruise to rest from your adventures at La Costa Lotta. The purser, Peter, tells you he assigned you Room 0. Then you hear an announcement: if you want to spend a week humping the Captain, go to the lounge! Of course this is right up your alley, so: click on the Map and go the the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge.
You enter the Thygh's Man Trophy Contest! You're assigned to 6 games, which you have to complete as good as possible in order to win this contest.
But first, to your room. When you're there, pick up the toilet paper, look at it, pick up the spray can blocking the exit of your toilet. Note your toilet is not in working order. You'll need to fix it yourself: go to the Promenade Deck. There, look at the Fire Hose Cabinet. Open it, then take the hose. Take the hose to your room, click on the red pipe-end on the left side of the screen, and Larry will put the other end in your toilet! Now use it: pee, poop, wipe and flush. It works!
Now try all the contests the computer assigned you. You can't cook anything yet, but:
-At the Sexual Prowess hall, first push the Important Button, then put your TMT scorecard in the slot. Your score: 2. Not too good, you'll need help there.
-At the best dressed man competition, unzip the mannequin's fly. Your score: 2.
-Try the Horse Shoe Area. Put your card in the behind of the centaur, then play. This is not going too well, either.
-Try the Bowling Area. Put the card in the walrus's mouth, take the ball and play. This won't lead to much, either.
-You can't even try your hand at the Craps Table. It's crowded with Dapper Men. Someone asks for some Bean Dip to the waitress, causing some distress.

Craps Tournament: Go to the Heaving Ho', eat the bean dip, and click on yourself. Click on Fart. It works! Eat more bean dip, go to the craps table, move behind the Dapper Men, fart, and the table is cleared! Now play. Naturally, you'll lose. Now what? Leave Jacques, an at the casino, move down the escalator. You're at the heavily-guarded entrance to the staff breakroom. The door doesn't latch, luckily. Click, and under Other, type Push. In the break room, take the jumper wire off the notice board, take the Lubricant, and read the bulettin board 6 times: you'll learn about Shaved Dice! Note to self: get some dice and shave them with the ultra-tough toilet paper! Read once more: something about Peggy and prints.
Go to El Replicant Sculpture Garden, and look at the foot of the Venus O'Dice. The foot hasn't been glued entirely, so take some dice from them. Shave these by using the toilet paper on them, and go to the Craps table. Give Jacques your scorecard, he hands you the dice. Now click the table, and use the shaved dice on them. You'll win! A lady named Dewmi Moore comes to you. She'll invite you to room 510, for a game of Strip Liar's Dice. Win this, lay back and enjoy the sequence. Afterwards, go back to her room, look for a tray, and take the bottle of powder off it.

Horse Shoes: Go to the Poop Deck, and talk to the bathing women, the Juggs! They'll tell you about an incident they had at a benefit concert, involving sillicone lubricant, and heat. Go to the Heaving Ho', talk to the Meat Carver twice. He'll leave. Then steal his knife and the heat lamp bulb. Go to the library, look at the beaver, take the books on Electromagnetism and Anton Fokker. Move further into the library, and find Victorian Principles. Talk a little to her.
Now go to the Clothing Optional pool. There's Drew Baringmore, the author of the Fokker-biography you just read. Talk to her, and learn of a cocktail named Gigantic Erection. Leave her, look on the nearby table and read the magazine, with a cover story on The Juggs and their little incident.
Now go to the Lounge. Move to the other screen, talk to Johnson, the bartender. Ask him about the gigantic Erection. While he's fixing you one, sneak away and move into the dressing room, just to the left of the bar. Switch the deodorant can with your Sillicone Lubricant. Push the button you find there. Move out, drink your cocktail, then go up the back stage. A lamp has come down. Take this spotlight, replace it with your heat lamp bulb. Now ask Johnson for another Erection, enter the dressing room, and push the button again.
Leave for now. When you come back in the lounge, the Juggs are performing. Enjoy the show.
After the show, go back to the lounge, climb onstage, take the stage lights, move left, take the remote control, open your inventory and try your remote. It controls the chase lights! Whee!
Now move to the Sculpture Garden. Bob the Sculptor has left in misery. Move up the Scaffold, take the screwdriver, wrap the chase lights onto the spike, use the remote, and Whee! You're having fun with Electro- Magnetism. Now go to the Horseshoe competition, stick your card in the slot, use the remote, play: You've won!

Best Dressed: Go to Captain Queeg's Ballroom. There's a beautiful lady there, Jamie Lee Coitus. Talk to her. She needs an idea for her fashion show. Suggest leisure suits. She thinks it might work, but unfortunately she has no fabric. Now: go to the bridge. Use the screwdriver on the box outside. Use the jumper wire on the fuses. Now climb the ladder: you're on the mast, watching the sails go up at every announcement. Look at the sail, and when it's up, use the carving knife you stole from Wang on the sail. Take this to Jamie. After the sequence, go back to the ballroom. It's now locked, but there's a note on the wall. Read it: Jamie asks you to meet her backstage. Open the backstage door, enjoy the sequence. Then go back to the ballroom, read the note on the door, join the best-dressed competition and win.

Sexual Prowess: Talk to Drew about her book, the Erotic Adventures of Hercules. She'll give it to you. Then go to Victorian Principles, the librarian. Talk to her, click "other". Enter anything except Captain or any of the topics in the screen, she'll look it up for you. She'll turn her back. Steal her mucilage. Then take the book she was reading. Remove its jacket in your inventory, then use the jacket on the Erotic book. Now put the Erotic book back on the stack. Say goodbye, leave the library, enter again. You'll notice quite a change. Look at Vicky's PC! Talk to her about the weather (or type "sex" under "other"), enjoy. You'll go back to your room. Go to Vicky again, talk to her about sex, her theory, "prove it", and Lovemaster 2000. Lay back. You've now won the Sexual Prowess competition!

Bowling: Talk to Peggy about her peg leg, cabin boy, locker, and combination. Go to the employees breakroom, open 2nd locker, bottom row, 38-24-36 is the combination. Meet Xqwzts, buy pictures off him. Then go to Peggy, talk about Xqwzts. Ask her about his needs, and his wants. X-ie wants a passport. Ask the purser about your passport: he won't give one to you. Go to your inventory, use mucilage on the picture, use the picture on your keycard. You are now the proud possessor of the world's first pornographic ID. Now show your photo ID to the purser. Give your passport to Xqwzts. He'll disappear. Take the key he left behind, use the screwdriver on the vent, in the dark room click anywhere with the small cursor, leave it in the same position. It wil highlight, click again and you'll be there. Now use the command "undress". Lay back, after you talked to the woman in black in your cabin, pick up her hanky and smell it. Now go to the aft hold, open the door with the custodial key, open the hopper door, use the deodorant on the pins. In your inventory, use the KZ jelly with the hanky, then go to the bowling alley. Take a ball, wipe it with the treated hanky, play and win!

Cook-off: In the kitchen, look at Fifi, the fishheads, the fish in the net at the ceiling, and operate the caviar machine. Take the pot and the salt. Take the fish by the cheese-master. Read the magazine page. It's 2 recipes, one for Venezuelan beaver cheese, one for kumquat quiche. Go to the fo'c'sle, take the kumquat from the sheep. Go to the Lower Aft Hold. Open the door, milk the beavers. Go to the lounge, to Johnson, Talk to him about Lime Juice. You'll get some. Now go to the forward hold, open the door, take the suitcase that fell on your head. Take the suitcase to Drew. Talk to Drew about the suitcase. She'll come with you, hop in your shower, and keep on showering. You can get her out by flushing the toilet. If there's no mold on the shower floor when Drew has left, leave Room 0 and go back in. Take the mold. Now go back to the kitchen, use the milk on the CheeseMaster. Now use the kumquat on the cheese. When you're done cooking, look at the snake. Go to the CookOff, present your concoction and place it on the belt. You get a low score. Leave this place. Now put the orgasmic powder onto your quiche, enter the competition again, and win! Move to the lounge, listen to ALL of Robo Billy's jokes (there's 75, listening to them takes half an hour). Then you're named the Overall Winner of the TMT competition! So go up to the Captain's Quarters, and knock on the door. Lay back: the captain won't sleep with you. She wants something...

Final Stage: Go to the Heaving Ho'. Enter the formally closed room at the back. Look at the seat just left from the middle. Take the folded paper, look at it. Now go to the purser, ask him about Boning. He won't give you information. Go to the phone, make 6 prank calls, phone about Boning. You'll get Aristotle on the line. After he's hung up, talk to the purser. Ask him about your account. While he's away, take a closer look at his phone and push the red button. Now you know the Boning room number! Go to their room, open the door, when you get in the room, smell the bed and climb in. Lay back! After the sequence, visit Annette, ring her doorbell, talk to her, show her your knife. Leave the room, go back again, this time give her the insurance. She'll give you loads of stock in return. Now go to the About-screen. Take the stock to the Captain, give it to her, and Celebrate!

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2 Point List

1 Take Vice Grips
1 Take Lil' Hair Weave Kit
1 Open Lil' Hair Weave Kit
1 Bend needle with Vice Grips
2 Open hand-cuffs
2 Break glass door
3 Get TMT scorecard
2 Visit Room 0
3 Take spray can
1 Look toilet paper
2 Take toilet paper
5 Open fire hose cabinet
3 Take fire hose
9 Use fire hose on pipe
1 poop
1 whiz
2 Flush
4 Push button at LoveMaster 2000
2 Try Lovemaster 2000
2 Unzip mannequin's bulge at Best Dressed
2 Take horse-shoes
2 Take bowling ball
4 Eat bean dip
1 fart anywhere but the casino
11 Clear craps table
9 Push well-protected door to employees breakroom
4 Take KZ Lubricant
4 Take jumper wire
2 read 6th note
1 Read 7th note
8 Take dice
11 Shave dice
6 Play craps with shaved dice
27 Win Craps/Enter Dewmi's room
23 Win Strip Liar's Dice
4 Take orgasmic powder
3 Meet the Juggs
9 Get Wang to leave
3 Take Wang's knife
3 Take Wang's heat lamp
1 Look beaver in library
2 Take Electromagnetism book
2 Take Fokker book
3 Meet Victorian Principles
2 Get swimsuit
3 Meet Drew Baringmore
11 Get Drew's book
13 Ask Drew about Fokker
3 Read People's magazine
2 Talk to Johnson
11 Ask Johnson about Gigantic Erection
13 Enter Jugg's Dressing Room
12 Swap deodorant and sillicone lubricant
4 Push unmarked button
5 Take spot light
5 Use heat lamp bulb
4 Push button again
20 Watch Jugg's show
5 Take chase lights
5 Take remote
1 Try remote in inventory
1 Climb scaffold
4 Take screwdriver
14 Wrap chase lights around spike
1 Use remote on scaffold
5 Switch on remote at horse shoe competition
25 Win horse shoe competition
2 Meet Jamie Lee
17 Talk to Jamie Lee about leisure suits
6 Open electrical junction box
10 Use jumper wire on junction box
1 Climb in mast
1 Look sail
8 Use knife on sail
7 Give polyester to Jamie Lee
1 Read Jamie's first note
1 Go backstage
8 Model
1 Read Jamie's second note
25 Win Best Dressed competition
5 Take Victorian's mucilage
6 Take Prudish book
4 Remove jacket from Prudish book
14 Put Prudish jacket on Erotic book
2 Put erotic book on stack
1 Look at Vicky's PC
20 Have sex with Vicky
6 Talk to Vicky about LoveMaster 2000
25 Win Sexual Prowess competition
11 Talk to Peggy about cabin boy
11 Talk to Peggy about locker
11 Talk to Peggy about combination
11 Talk to Peggy about peg leg
12 Open locker
3 Meet Xqwzts
4 Buy pictures
11 Talk to Peggy about Xqwzts
11 Talk to purser about passport
9 Use mucilage on your picture
8 Use sticky photo on key card
6 Show photo ID to purser
7 Give passport to Xqwzts
6 Take the key
6 Use screwdriver on vent
10 Undress
15 Talk to mysterious woman in black
2 take hanky
1 Smell hanky
2 Open aft hold
11 Spray deodorant over bowling pins
7 Use KZ Lubricant on hanky
6 Use hanky on bowling ball
1 Play with treated ball
25 Win bowling competition
1 Look at Fifi
1 Look at fish heads
1 Look at fish net
1 Operate CaviarMaster 2000
2 Take pot
2 Take salt
2 Take fist magazine
5 Read fish magazine page
2 Take kumquat
2 Open lower afthold
13 Milk beavers
2 Enter forward hold
6 Take suitcase
15 Talk to Drew about suitcase
10 Get Drew out the shower
7 Take mold
9 Make cheese
7 Make quiche
1 Look at python
1 Present Kumquat quiche to judges
14 Use orgasmic powder on quiche
25 Enter Quiche de Larry and win cook-off
5 Listen to Willy's joke about Gore and the Secret Service Agents for the 2nd time
10 Knock on Captain's door
15 Take life insurance
5 Look life insurance
1 Make first prank call
1 Make second prank call
1 Make third prank call
1 Make fourth prank call
1 Make fifth prank call
1 Make sixth prank call
13 Call Annette Boning
11 Learn Boning room number
2 Go to room 1009
2 Open glass door
1 Smell bed
10 Climb in bed
1 Show knife to Annette
15 Use life insurance on Annette
1 Go to About screen
25 Give stock to Captain Thygh

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3 There's Dildo!
Most Dildo's can be found at the final stage of the game. Only the ones in Captain Queeg's Ballroom prove impossible to get to once you give the polyester to Jamie.
-Atrimuo: behind right column
-Atrimuo: to the right of the library
-Atrimuo: peeping over the top left balcony
-Room 0: behind bed by bucket
-Room 0: behind toilet
-Room 0: behind pipe in low left corner
-Captain Queeg's Ballroom: on catwalk
-Captain Queeg's Ballroom: behind pedestal of right statue
-Captain Queeg's Ballroom: behind a seat on the right
-Pool changing cabana: behind left bush
-Pool changing cabana: behind right bush
-Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge: behind 2nd chest left of the aisle
-At Johnson: to the left, behind the hole in the wood
-Juggs' dressing room: left, behind the hay
-Aft deck in Dildo topiary pot
-Promenade deck behind beaver pot
-Fo'c'sle: by sheep
-Kitchen: below the sausages
-Heaving Ho': on dish with Greek Salad
-Meat Carver Desk: Striped sausage
-Library: by the clock
-At Vicky's: behind the pineapple
-El Replicant Sculpture Garden: by David's foot
-Casino: on chair by black jack table
-Breakroom: behind chair
-Bowling Competition: behind panther
-Horse Shoe Competition: leaning to the spike on the faraway lane
-Sexual Prowess Competition: in booth 4
-Best Dressed Competition: by the computer
-Forward Hold: behind black suitcase
-Steering hut: just next to the door opening
-About screen: on Bill O'Brien's hand

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4: Easter Eggs

Finding an egg means you get to see a naked lady.
-In the library, click the beaver. Under Other, type Milk. Then enter the Juggs dressing room.
-At Vicky's, ctrl-click on the left man on the Amiga. Then have it off with Vicky.
-Right after the Juggs show, go to the place where you find the remote. Click the mixer, under Other, type Feel. Then talk to Drew about Fokker and My Place?
-At Drew's, push the branch that's blocking your view.
-At Drew's, put Orgasmic powder on Drews drink, then drink it. Then tell her about her suitcase.
-At Captain Queeg's ballroom, click yourself, under Other, type Dream.
-Before you ring the bell at Annette's, click on the bulge of the 3rd male statue on the left, and under Other, type Unzip. Then ring Annette's doorbell.
-If you have all 1000 points, all 32 dildos, and all 7 easter eggs, you'll see an 8th egg just prior to your abduction.

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5: Tips

If you don't feel like listening to all of Robo Bill's jokes and still want full points, move your mouse cursor to the bottom left part of the screen, walk to the rear part of the lounge, then walk back. Bill will have started the next joke in the sequence. If you do it quickly enough, you can catch about three syllables Willy says.

Strip Liar's Dice is a very cool game, and Dewmi will prove to be a tough computer to beat. Which is why I present you with playing tips, and an instructive guide since the one inside the game is not the easiest thing to understand.
-Both you and Dewmi roll a set of dice.Dewmi doesn't get to see what you roll, and vice versa. After you roll, you begin by bidding against each other how many dice of a certain number have been rolled in total. If you think Dewmi is bidding too high, you can challenge it. That means you'll show each other what dice you rolled. If she's right, you'll lose a die. If you're right, she'll lose a die. Dewmi can also challenge you if she thinks you're betting too high.
-You must bid higher than the opponent. You can do that by either increasing the number of the die, or by betting on more dice.
-Bulls-eyes have replaced the ones on the die, and count as any number. If you have 3 sixes and 1 bulls-eye, that means you have 4 dice with the value of 6.
-You may also bid on the number of bulls-eyes. If you change onto regular numbers after someone betted on bulls-eyes, you have to at least bet on double the number of bulls-eyes previously betted on.
-If you lose a die, you can buy it back at 100 dollars. If you're out of money, you can sell an item of clothing. The first item will make $100, any subsequent ones make $150.
-To beat Dewmi, you need to win 18 times. You are allowed to lose 16 times.

-When Dewmi starts bidding, she usually assumes you have at least one of the dice she asked for. If you don't have any of the number she bids on, or any bull's eye, challenge her.
-Vice versa: when you make a bid that's 3 or up, Dewmi assumes you have one less of the dice with the amount of eyes you're betting on. EG if you bet 4 sixes, she'll assume you have 3 sixes, and will challenge if she doesn't have any sixes. Ergo: don't bluff on your first round if you have a good roll.
-When you show and re-roll with one or two dice, Dewmi assumes you don't get any of the dice you need. Though, with one eye the odds are a third (or 6th in case of Bull's Eye) you get one you need, and with two dice the odds are 5/9 or 5/18. Unless you're playing a bull's eye game, it's worth the guess.
-Dodge bull's eye games. If you bid 2, Dewmi may bid 3. It's nasty to switch back to numbers.
-You may like to use a bull-eye bet when the bet is up to 7 or 8.

Roll probability table: Horizontally you'll find the amount of dice you want to, or need to, roll. Vertically is the amount of dice you have. EG if you have 1 die and need to roll a regular number (2 to 6), the odds are 1/3 you get one.

Dies needed: 1 regular 1 Bullseye 2 regular 2 Bullseye 3 regular 3 Bullseye 4 regular 4 Bullseye
with 1 die 1/3 1/6 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 dice 5/9 11/36 1/9 1/36 0 0 0 0
3 dice 19/27 29/54 7/27 13/108 1/27 1/216 0 0
4 dice 56/81 671/1296 19/81 91/1296 2/27 1/54 1/81 1/1296

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6: Fun, fun, fun...

Under Other, no matter what the object is, type "call".
When talking to the Juggs:
-ask them about the article in Person's Magazine
-ask them about sex and breasts
-ask about Spotlights
-Ask bout Hot Tub
-show them the Erotic book, your TMT scorecard, heat lamp bulb, toilet paper, carving knife, shaved dice, regular dice, sexual lubricant, sillicone lubricant, their deodorant, the fire hose, your key card... Anything in your inventory.

Songs in the recorder at the Juggs dressing room:
-He's got his Daddy's eyes, his other Daddy's smile (from the show)
-Big Hair and Tangled Limbs (Drew at the pool)
-Just A Cheap Pick-up In A Pick-Up (Annette)
-Thinking With My Panties Again (Atrimuo)
-You Got Into My Bra (But Not Into My Heart) (Captain Queeg's Ballroom)
-Get Along, Long John (Vicky)
-White Trash Or No Trash (Dewmi)
-It Takes More Than Cognitive Reasoning (LSL Theme)
-Felt Up And Feeling Blue (Casino)
-Hair Spray Can't Hold My Love For You (Poop Deck)

When talking to Xqwzts, ask him about Drew Baringmore, and his name. Also fun: show him your pot.
When talking to Jamie Lee, ask her about fashion and sweatshops. And sex.
Ask Peggy about Peter the Purser and Captain Thygh
You can ask Victorian about Drew Baringmore and Captain Thygh
Vicky can also be "approached" by using "sex" in Other...
Ask Peter about Kumquat, Old Man, Polyester and Lovemaster. You can show him your Kumquat for a good time.
Ask Annette about insurance
Talk to Dewmi about Pick Up Line
Talk about Suitcase to Drew before you get it. Also try Writing, Joystick, and Lonely.
Finally Captain Thygh has extra topics: Sex, Date, Ken Williams, Al Lowe.

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Special Thanks To AL LOWE