Fried Spaghetti

This recipe has an interesting history. In his autobiography, Frank Zappa tells us he likes fried spaghetti. The best time to eat this, is breakfast. Whenever his children witnessed him eating this, they went "Yuck".
Being a Frank Zappa-fan who is very fond of cooking and experimenting, and who doesn't mind indigestion, I decided to find out what this meal might have been like. Zappa left us without recipe, but I managed to create something that tastes good enough to be enjoyed, but that looks like dog food.

This is by no means a reconstruction, but my way of making something edible for my own taste.

I do not hold myself responsible for any health complaints regarding this recipe.

Fried Spaghetti For One:
-Spaghetti for one: the diameter of your middle finger should be a good indicator.
-Flour, about 75 grams, but keep some more about in case you need it.
-Milk, about half a cup, but keep the package around you as you may mess up.
-Cayenne pepper
-Pepper, salt
-Butter, approximately a square centimetre. No oil.
-Frying pan
-Wooden spoon

Time: 5-10 minutes.

In case your pan is not large enough to bake your spaghetti in, break it in pieces.
Put some butter in the pan, let it melt. Then throw the spaghetti in.You have to work fast from here. Spaghetti burns easily, so you'll have to stir it all the time, whilst adding your favourite herbs. After you added all herbs, put the milk and the flour in. Your concoction should smell of pancakes. Keep on stirring until your spaghetti is pleasantly brown. You're done! Serve with milk, tomato and cucumber. And a Rennie.

Trust me, this recipe tastes really nice, like a pancake, only lighter and sharper. It does look terrible, but remember looks can be deceiving, and in this case, they are.

As concocted and tried out by Bonny Ploeg