Boboti For One

Boboti is a sunny dish, originating from South Africa. It has a surprising,sweet flavour. Boboti works well with potatoes, white bread and broccoli
Originally, Boboti has to be baked in an oven for 45 minutes, whichis very long if you're eating on your own and don't like to spend muchtime. This recipe cures that: your Boboti should take about ten minutes.

For Boboti, you need:
-approx. 80 grams of mince meat (or as much as you can eat)
-an apple
-lemon juice

Also needed: a small bowl, cutting board, knife, frying pan, woodenspoon, cooker.

 Take the apple, wash it, and cut everything but the core in smallbits, they should be no bigger than the nail of your pink. Put them ina bowl and drench them in lemon juice. You may need up to two table spoonsof lemon juice, to prevent your apple from turning brown. Spice the applebits with plenty of curry, about one table spoon.

 Put your favorite frying pan on the cooker, turn the heat on belowit and melt some butter in it. Bake your mince meat in small pieces. Herbthem with lots of curry, some two teaspoons of cinnamon, and a hint ofpepper. Add the apple bits. Stir for two minutes, the apple should be nicelybrown.

Serve with white bread, potatoes, and your favorite vegetable. Enjoy! 

Madeby Bonny Ploeg