Gabriel Knight 3 Wayback Finds!

While scrounging the Internet Archive, also known as the Wayback Machine, for CD-I pages and walkthroughs, I decided to look up on the old Sierra pages. I found some great treasures!


I salvaged these GK3 development sketches off Wayback. There were 9 posted on the Sierra website, but one of them only had the thumbnail image left. You can still see that by clicking on the link below.
You can see larger versions of the image by clicking on them!


Gabriel Knight 3 Teaser
Right-click this link and select Save Target As to save this MP3 to your hard-disk! Tim Curry as Gabriel Knight advertises the game for two minutes. I snatched this audio off Wayback - SierraStudios too, but it can be found elsewhere on the Net.
Side Note: I believe that some, maybe all, of GK3's voices have been slowed down slightly. Especially now that I spend much time listening to Curry, the game audio suddenly seems to be slow. It could be why his timing is often a tad off, too.


I dug up this interview off a defunct Tim Curry fan site. It was originally published in Incite Magazine.

Ye olde GK3 website Dating to 2002, as they appear on the Wayback Machine.
Tim Curry interview Source of the Incite Magazine review on Wayback.

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