I dreamt of blood that washed ashore, of eyes that spoke of sin
The lake was smooth and deep and black, as was her scented skin.
A mask I wore as I approached, I was what I am not
And though the pattern was unclear, its meaning could be bought.
Drawn to Bacchus's abode, I sought there to conspire.
But it was in the city of the dead that I found my heart's desire....
I spoke to one who smelled of death, he gave to me his ears.
And crosses that were marked were made into a veil of tears...
The road was blocked, the truth was shunned, the white flag had been waved.
Reversal cost me all I had, and everything I'd braved...
And then the night became as day, I glimpsed nature's reddest claw!
The face of fear looked back at me as I gazed into the maw...
My last ally laid to waste, I ran towards the light
I prayed for one to change my path, to give me strength to fight...
Inside a hidden chamber where I had no right to be,
I found the wheel at last, or, could it be, the wheel found me
And then the wheel went round and round, I could not find my way
Twelve and three and turn the key, I heard the madman say
Deep in the earth I faced a fight that I could never win
The blameless and the base destroyed, and all that might have been.

-Gabriel Knight

Welcome, dear reader, to the Gabriel Knight 1 Companion!
In this page, I aim to give you as much information on this game as I can, using a walkthrough, a point list, character/cast list, a small terminology glossary, a fun list, blooper list, and a short review. I will also post some relevant links.
LAST UPDATE March 31 2010: Added link to the GK Sins novel. Added the walking route Dr John uses, and some of the Fun zone, using the GK Hint Book.


Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers is an adventure game designed by Jane Jensen. It was released by Sierra in 1993. There are several versions of the game: it was released on 12 floppys, and on CD. The floppy version has poorer graphics and no voices, while the CD version has a Hollywood cast and enhanced graphics. The DOS CD-rom version has still poorer graphic and sound quality over the Windows version.
The game is now over 15 years old, but it is still playable on modern computers thanks to the efforts of game fans: thanks to DOSBox and an on-line patch, you can get the DOS version and the Floppy version to run on your Vista. Check my links for more information.
Fortunately there's even more goodies for Sierra fans: there is the SCI Resource Viewer that allows us to browse through all the game files of all games that Sierra produced using the Sierra Creative Interpretor. GK1 is one of them! There isn't much mystery about the game files: there are few things that don't belong on the disc and even fewer items that were never used. But being able to read the entire script is fantastically entertaining! It does show all things that can be discovered in the game!


Gabriel Knight 1 uses an all-cursor interface. There are 8 different icons: Walk, Look, Take, Open, Operate, Move, Chat, Interrogate. You have to be precise when using them. Or else the game will taunt you.
The menu allows you to look at the credits, get help, restore, save, restart and quit. It also allows you to set speed, music and sound volume. You can also choose to get subtitles, turn off the narrator and turn off the voices.
In the inventory, you can look, open and read objects. You can also use objects on each other or select an active object so you can use it in the playfield. This is done with the arrow icon.
It's important to note two things:
-The game is paused when you have your mouse cursor over the bar at the top of the screen. Use it to take a breath when you need it. The game is also paused while you're browsing the inventory.
-The Speed slider only affects Gabriel's walking speed. In certain time-based puzzles it's very convenient to set it very high.
Some useful gaming tips:
Explore every new area. Make note of what is happening at every place. Ask everybody everything. Save often. Type a clear description of where you are and what you're doing every time you save.
The in-game hints are very subtle, and you may not notice them until you've actually solved the puzzle (or resorted to a walkthrough). They can be located everywhere.
The verses you read on top of this page are the ones you read at the start of every day. Per day, they poetically (vaguely) describe what happens on that day. They'll even give you a hint occasionally!
And, lastly, read the newspaper every day.

Image of the crime scene at Lake Pontchartrain. An orange circle marks the spot where you need to put the magnifying glass. It's to the left of the other orange circle, which is the cursor.


You crawl into the skin of the "very very cool, impossibly handsome" Gabriel Knight, writer and bookstore owner. You are researching a book on the Voodoo Murders that have been in your home town, New Orleans. As the day begins, you enter the store and chat with Grace. Interrogate her. Ask her whatever she knows, particularly about the messages she has for you.
Get the tweezers and magnifier from the table with the coffee. Read the newspaper. Open the cash register and take out the gift certificate.
There are three books in the store you can read. They're in the big shelf on the top left, in the same shelf on the top right, and in the smaller shelf right in front of the window. Read the one with the German verse (top left) by Heinz Ritter. Note the title Drei Drachen. Look up these words in the dictionary (below the window). Also read the book on snakes (top right).Alternatively, wait with reading it until you have talked to Gran about Heinz Ritter for different dialog. Don't forget to get all the messages from Gracie.
Leave St George's, and go visit Grandma. Interrogate her, make sure you get all the information on all your family members. Then go up to the attic. Take the sketchbook on the chair and read it in your inventory. Look at the clock. Use the Move icon to set the edge with pictures so the dragon is at 12 o'clock position. Then, move the hands to 3 o'clock. Then turn the key to open the clock. Take out the photo and letter. Read the letter in your inventory. Ask Gran about Heinz Ritter. Say goodbye to her.
Go to the police station.
Interrogate the police officer. Ask about Mosely and photographs. Look at the photos in your inventory. Go to Jackson Square.
At the park, note the cop and his radio. Walk to the top left section of the park. Note the mime. Get him to follow you by walking near him. Now, walk to the cop so the mime will imitate him instead. When the cop chases him, operate the motorbike to find out where the crime scene is: at Lake Pontchartrain. Go there.
Watch vid. Use the sketchbook on the pattern in the sand. Take clay from the shore. Look at the mesh pattern in the grass on the right (see image): use the magnifying glass on them. Then use the tweezers in the close-up to get the scale. In your inventory, look at the scale with the magnifying glass. Now, go to the police station.
Talk to the cop about Mosely. Now walk into his office. Interrogate him. Note the remark he makes when you ask him to tell anything at all about himself: about monkey-in-the-middle. Ask about the patterns. Leave the office to get the files from Franks. Enter again and talk to Mosely about photographs: suggest a cop/author photo. When the pics are taken, go "check your hair". With Franks out of the way, take the file again, copy it, and put it back. Then return to get your pic taken. Afterwards, go to Dixieland Drug Store.
At the store, look at the sign on the counter. Interrogate Willy about the Voodoo murders to learn of Cabrit Sans Cor. Show him the photo of the Voodoo murder.
You can also learn of Cabrit sans Cor by showing Willy the murder photo before you ask him, for different dialog.
Head back to St George's. By now, Bruno may walk in to buy your father's painting. Don't sell it yet, so take the opportunity to be rude! Then ask Grace to do some research on Malia Gedde. Exit the interrogation screen to end the day.

Read the newspaper at the bookstore. Then head to the police office.
Note the mechanic at work. When he walks away, change the temperature to 90 degrees. Enter Mosely's office. When he takes off his coat, ask him for some coffee. When he's out, steal his badge from his gold blazer. Head for the Jackson Square.
Go to the top right section. Chat with the artist. Leave the screen and come back to watch the wind take the drawing. Follow the artist. After he's walked away, go back to his easel and chat with him again. Poor guy! Go to top left and try to grab the drawing. To bottom left. Chat with the tapdancing boy. Give the Lucky Dog vendor your gift certificate to obtain a dog. Give this to the boy. Now ask him to squeeze through the bars. Take the drawing to the artist. Give him your sketch of the murder pattern, and the police file copy. Now head to the Voodoo museum.
At the museum, look around. Note the fan at the top of the window. Turn it on with the electrical switch left from the door to make the snake go angry. Interrogate Dr John. Talk to him about historical voodoo, current voodoo and Marie Laveau until he gives you the address of a Voodooienne.
Head to St Louis Cemetary. Interrogate the watchman. Talk to him about Laveau and other marked tombs. Sketch the marks on Laveau's tomb. Take the nearby brick. Then visit Magentia Moonbeam.
Interrogate Magentia about St John's Eve. Ask her to show how to handle Grimwald, so she'll do a dance. While she's turned away, take the snake skin from the cage. Look at it in your inventory with the magnifying glass. Give Magentia the scribbles from the Laveau tomb. She'll translate them. Then go to the store.
Ask Willy about Animal Masks. Talk to him on Willy Jr. Hmmm... a hundred dollars... Then head to the Gedde residence.
Knock on the door. Hmmm... that butler sounds familiar... Say you DO have official business. Then show the butler the badge you stole from Mosely. Interrogate Malia. Flirt with her. Then you're kicked out.
Back to the bookstore! Get Grace to research Cazaunoux. Then end the day.
You may go to the police station now to bring back the badge. Or you can do that on Day 3 for different dialog.

Ask Grace for the Ritter phone number. Read the newspaper! Sell the painting to Bruno. Sniff. Now head into your studio. Take the hair gel from the medicin cabinet. Take the torch from your closet. Look at the phone number of Wolfgang and the phonebook page. Dial 4909-324-3333 to talk to Wolfgang. Dial 555-1280 to talk to Madame Cazaunoux. Note her dog is called Castro. Then call the vet clinic at 555-6170. Say you're worried about Castro (he's missed 3 dance lessons). You'll get the Cazaunoux address. Go to the police station.
Watch the interrogation. Now go to Jackson Square.
At the park, go to the top left. Wait a few seconds and the palmist get off her seat and shows what she's made of! When the fortune teller dances, click the Take icon on her for some fine Curry voice acting. Take the veil she drops. Inspect it with the magnifying glass, and use tweezers on it to take the scale. Look at the scale with the magnifying glass. No match! Return the veil. Now move to the top right to talk to the artist. He'll give you the pattern reconstruction: the vévé. Head to the store.
At the Dixieland Drug Store, give the money to the seller to buy the mask and get some lagniappe. Go to Tulane University.
Sit through the lecture. Then go to the professor's office. Interrogate him. Ask about Cabrit Sans Cor and Human Sacrifice. Show him the vévé and the murder photo. Head to the St Louis Cathedral.
Enter the little room on the right. Nick a priest shirt and collar. Go to the Cazaunoux estate.
At the porch, wear the shirt & collar and use the hair gel. Knock the door and say you're Father MacLaughlin. Interrogate Madame Cazaunoux. Talk to her about Cabrit Sans Cor, say what it means. Drain all topics until she gives you her bracelet. While you're busy blessing it, use the clay on it to make an impression. Leave her and head to Napoleon's bar.
Visit Granny. Ask her about Wolfgang Ritter.
Talk to the bartender. Drain the topics. Ask about the regulars, especially about Sam and Voodoo. Then give the gambling oil you got from the store, to Sam. Say it's a powerful Voodoo oil, it'll make a nun get lucky and ask him why Marcus wins all the time. When he's checkmated Marcus, give him the clay mold. Go home. Ask Grace to research the vévé.

After the opening, read the paper. Go to the bar to get the bracelet. Then go to Jackson Square Overview.
Use the left binoculars to watch Crash talk to the drummer.
Go to the church. Talk to Crash. Show him the bracelet. Ask him about the drummer, then about the secret hounfour. After he dies, open his shirt and use your sketchbook on his tattoo. Go home again.
Day 4 ends very suddenly. Alternatively you can wait a while with copying the tattoo, so you can ask Hartridge about Rada drums. More interesting still is the alternate Mosely/Crash Death interrogation.

Get the package. Read the newspaper. Read the letter and journal from Wolfgang. Go to the university.
Enter Professor Hartridge's office to find him... dead. Take the notes from his desk. Save your game. Go to the Voodoo Museum.
When you regain control, you can save your skin by turning on the fan: operate the electrical switch just left of the door. Then go to St George's.
When Grace is done with you, use your tweezers on the ashtray. Look at the snake scale with your magnifyer. It's the one from the lake! Now go to the park.
At the park, to to the top left and talk to the fortune teller. Then go to the police station.
Show Mosely the newspaper clipping, the scales and Hartridge's notes to get him to re-open the case. Then go home. Ask Grace to research Rada drums.

Get the Rada Drum Code Book. Read the newspaper. Get the envelope, open it. Read the letter. Show Grace the tattoo to get it painted on your chess. Say you're going to the party, and continue "Well, if you're jealous about my feelings for her..." to get her to do it.
Go to Jackson Square, the bottom left. Talk to the vendor until you tell him he should return to his previous spot. Go to the top right. Use the Rada book on the drummer and decode the message: "Call Conclave" "Tonight" "Swamp".
Go to the police station. While Frick is out to buy beignets, quickly go through the flap door and use the key on Mosely's office. If you're caught, wait and watch Frick. He will be falling asleep. As soon as you see him nodding, hit the porch and quickly unlock the office. Use max speed. Faster computers may give you problems here. If you didn't make it and notice the cop stops dozing, leave and come back. In the office, open Mosely's desk drawer and take the tracker. Then go to the cemetary.
Use your sketchbook on the Laveau tomb to write down the second code. In your inventory, use the old code on the new code to translate it. Read the new message: it says "DJ KEEP EYES ON GK BUT DO NOT HARM". Note which symbols are y, u and m. When the watchman is off screen, use the brick on the tomb wall. Use the messages to write DJ BRING SEKEY MADOULE. Don't worry about the accent aigu. Head to the Voodoo Museum.
You might as well talk to "DJ" again. Look at the small ritual coffin: that's the Sekey Madoulé. Use a tracking device on the sekey, then leave. Now, go to the Bayou.
When you're there, use the tracker on yourself. Look carefully at where the dot lights up, walk towards the dot. After five screens or so, you should make it to the conclave. Before you enter, wear the crocodile mask. Note Dr John is Brother Eagle. Answer Damballah (serpent) and Ogoun Badagris (destroyer).

Do what Grace says and call Uncle Wolfgang again. Drain all topics. Ask him about Africa Homeland to tell him about Hartridge's findings. Read the newspaper in the shop. Time to get the hell out of Dodge!
But first, take up on Uncle Wolfgang and go to the cemetary. The Gedde tomb is now open! Press the button to go in. Use the torch. Open the middle drawer... Mosely! Oh no!. When you wake up again, look in the middle drawer. Take the wallet. Exit the tomb. In your inventory, open the wallet to find a credit card.
Go to your studio and call the travel agency at 585-1130. Ask for a trip to Rittersberg, charge it to Mosely's credit card. Say goodbye to Gracie and go to the airport.
In Schloss Ritter, look around. Walk right from the main hall, look at the wall panels in the chapel. Leave the chapel and go up the stairs to Wolfgang's bedroom. Look at the portal poem. In the main hall, interrogate Gerde. Drain all topics for info on Wolfgang, but especially ask about the portal poem and about the panels. Go to the chapel and look at the panels again. Now go to Wolfgang's bedroom. Take the chamber pot, the scissors and the scroll. Open the window and operate the snow to wash your hands. Use the scissors on yourself to cut your hair. Go to the hall, take the dagger on the left wall and take the salt next to Gerde. Enter the chapel. Put the pot on the altar, put salt in the pot, use the dagger on yourself, kneel (operate on altar) and use the scroll on yourself to carry out the ritual.

Take the key on the table in the bedroom. Use it to unlock the library entry.
Solve the library puzzle by:
Look at Geography (lower mid) section, take book
Look at Sociology (top right) section, take book
Look at History (top far left) section, take book
Look at Religion (top left) section, take book
Look at Archaeology (bottom right) section, take book
Show it to Gerde. She'll book you a flight to Africa, which you also need to charge to Mosely's credit card.

Note the verse: Twelve and three and turn the key.
Enter the mound. You are now in a circle of 12 connected rooms. They are all numbered from 1 to 12. You start in room 6. Note all the mummies. Take the tile from the wall and walk north. In room 7, the tile is stuck. This, along with 12 which also has a stuck tile, is your orientation point. From here, walk north and pick up the loose tiles in every room. Also pick up the rod you find in one of the rooms. After this, find room 7 again.
It is called Room 7 because the snake tile in the door has 7 snakes on it. Go north, to room 8. Look for a tile in your inventory with 8 snakes on it. They're in a spiral shape. Place it in the wall slot. Now walk north again, and in every room except for 12, put the tile with the right amount of snakes in the designated niche. When you're done, you'll hear score music. Then, go to room 3. SAVE YOUR GAME.
Use the Snake Rod on the tile in the wall there. It's Resident Evil! The mummies come to life!
If you have a fast computer, this section may give you problems. Just DON'T GO NEAR any mummy, they'll rip you open, which is gross.
Walk north past the mummy. Walk north again. In room 5, a mummy blocks your way. Walk to the top right corner of the room, when the mummy is away from the line, walk back down and around the mummy so you can go north to room 6.
Three mummies there! Oh dear! Use the Operate icon on the vines. In Room 7 you can find Wolfgang being a hero. As soon as you have control, use the rod on the little hatch in the porch. Whew! Save your game and take a deep breath.
Now will be your last chance to talk to Wolfgang. Interrogate him to see if you can get more info from him. Show him some of your inventory. Then walk east to the sacrificial table. Look at it for some important info. Then operate the iron bars on the wall. Try to lift the table top with Wolfgang. It won't work. Your uncle will tell you to take the mummy heart. Go west and use the dagger on the mummy for one of the most impressive sequences of the game.

DAY 10 Note the view out the airplane window. The pattern of the park paths looks familiar...
Back at St George's! Read the newspaper. Read the note on the table. Interrogate Mosely, drain all topics. Go to St Louis Cathedral.
Enter the farthest confessional booth, the one with the bench on the left side. Use the rod on the knothole in the wall.
Leave the tracking device under the bench. Leave the rod under the bench. Then exit the booth. Save your game.
Like the Snake Mound, the Hounfour is a wheel-within-a-wheel. There are 12 rooms in the circle. On the screen above the doors you can see which room it is. You just walked out of room 6, the elevator. Check out the other rooms as well. Go North and enter Room 7. Take the 2 masks and 2 robes. Room 8 is locked. Room 9 is a guest room, nothing of interest here. Room 10 is the Animal Room. Don't worry about the snake. Poor little animals! Room 11 is locked. Room 12 is another spare room. Room 1 is locked. Room 2... watch out! Don't spend too much time in here, OR walk around, Dr John will notice you. Note the card at the end of the room and leave. Enter Room 3. Watch Malia. Then leave. Enter Room 4. Take the black book on the desk. Enter Room 5. It's another office.
Now, what to do? Trying to sneak past Dr John while he's in his room is a bad idea, so we'll need to get him out!
Outside Room 7, you can find a passage on the right side of the hallway. Enter it and walk through to get to the Ceremonial Room.
Look at the table here. Looks familiar doesn't it? Now play the drums! Use the first book to spell "Summon" and the second book to spell "brother Eagle".
Dr John will now walk from Room 2 to Room 2 Hallway, Room 3 hallway, Hallway Outside 3 To Centre, Ceremonial Room, and the same way back. To dodge him, DO NOT leave the Inner Wheel via hallway 3 (to the right), dodge the hallway outside Room 3, and spend as little time as you can outside and in room 2. Sneak into Dr John's altar room and steal his keycard! Exit quickly and enter room 1. Take some money!
Leave the room. If the chase music is still playing, quickly duck into Room 11. It's a freezer... with body storage. Eww. There's nothing you can do here except looking around and being grossed out. Leave. Hopefully Dr John will have returned to his room. If he hasn't, enter another chamber and leave again. He must be back by then.
Enter Room 8. It's Grace! Mosely should drop in now. When you get the controls, use the talisman on Grace. Then give Mosely his costume, then wear your own. Dr John will collect you for the ceremony.
When Tetelo is about to kill Grace, show her the talisman.
When she asks you to give her the talisman, remember the Monkey In The Middle (Mosely interrogation) and toss it to Mose. He and Grace will be safe now.
When Tetelo is busy strangling you, take the idol (remember the table in Africa) and smash it.
Now, it's up to you whether or not you want to help Malia.
Enjoy the credits!

Point List

On the whole, scores are as follows:
5 points for completing a puzzle
1 point for taking an item
1 point for reading an important item
2 points for asking about an important item
2 points for learning a new location
2 points for requesting a research

Day 1:
4 Get messages
1 Take tweezers
1 Take magnifying glass
1 Read Ritter poem
1 Read snake book
1 Get gift certificate
1 Read newspaper
2 Ask Gran about Margaret Templeton
1 get sketchbook
1 read sketchbook
5 open clock
1 get Grampa photo
4 get Grampa letter
1 read Grampa letter
2 ask Gran: Heinz Ritter
2 ask Frick: Mosely
1 Get Mosely's photos
1 Open envelope
5 Get cop to chase mime
2 Listen to cop radio
2 sketch crime scene marks
1 find snake trail
2 get scale
1 get clay
1 ask Mosely about patterns
2 get pattern file
2 have photo taken
5 copy file
1 return file
1 look sign at store
2 have Willy say "Cabrit sans Cor"
2 request Malia research

Day 2
1 Get Malia address
1 Read newspaper
1 Change temperature
1 ask Mosely for coffee
3 Steal badge
1 Get hotdog
1 Give hotdog to boy
1 Give painting to artist
3 Give patterns to artist
3 Use badge on butler
2 Flirt with Maria
2 Ask Dr John about historical voodoo
2 Ask Dr John about current voodoo
2 Ask Dr John about Marie Laveau
1 Ask watchman about Laveau
1 ask watchman about marked tombs
2 sketch tomb symbols
1 get brick
2 ask Magentia about St John's Eve
1 Get Magentia to dance
2 Take shed skin
3 Translade tomb symbols
1 Magnify scale
2 Ask Willy about animal masks
2 Ask Grace for research on Cazaunoux

Day 3
1 Get Cazaunoux page
1 Get Ritter phone number
2 Read newspaper
2 Sell painting
1 Take hairgel
1 Take torch
2 Phone Wolfgang
2 Get Cazaunoux address
2 Attend interrogation
1 Flirt with the fortune teller
1 Get veil
2 Get scale
1 magnify scale
1 return veil
1 get vévé
2 buy mask
2 meet Malia
2 listen lecture
2 show Hartridge vévé
2 show Hartridge murder photo
1 ask Hartridge about Cabrit Sans Cor
1 get priest collar
1 get shirt
1 wear priest outfit
1 use gel
1 enter Cazaunoux residence
2 answer Goat Without Horns
2 copy bracelet
1 ask bartender about Sam
1 give oil to Sam
2 answer Powerful Oil + wonder why + nun get lucky
1 give Sam clay
1 ask Grandma about Wolfgang
2 Ask Grace for vévé research

Day 4
1 opening
1 read newspaper
1 get bracelet
3 use binocs to spy on Crash
1 use bracelet on Crash
2 ask Crash about drummer
1 ask Crash about Hounfour
2 sketch tattoo

Day 5
1 get package
1 read paper
1 read letter
1 read journal
2 ask Grace for research on Rada drums
2 take Hartridge's notes
5 escape from snake
1 get snake scale from ashtray
3 look snake scale
3 talk to fortune teller
2 show Mosely Hartridge's notes and vévé
2 show Mosely newspaper clippings
2 show Mosely scales

Day 6
1 Get book
1 read newspaper
1 take envelope
1 open envelope
1 read note
3 get Grace to paint tattoo
2 sketch 2nd tomb message
2 combine messages
5 write message
2 get beignet vendor to return to police station
2 use Mosely's key
1 get tracker
5 translate drum
3 put tracking device in sekey madoulé
3 find the ceremony
2 wear mask
1 answer Damballah
1 answer Ogoun Badagris

Day 7
3 Ask Wolfgang about Africa Homeland
1 Read newspaper
2 open tomb
1 use torch
2 open drawer
2 take wallet
1 open wallet
5 buy ticket
1 ask Gerde about portal poem
1 ask Gerde about initiation ceremony
1 wash hands
1 get scissors
1 get pot
1 get scroll
1 cut hair
1 get dagger
1 get salt
5 complete ceremony

Day 8
1 Get key
3 Unlock door
5 Read all 5 books and take the 5th
2 buy ticket to Benin

Day 9
1 Take rod
3 Replace tiles correctly
5 use rod
2 swing vine
2 lock gate
1 look ceremonial table
1 get first bar
1 get second bar
10 get talisman

Day 10
1 read newspaper
1 read note
2 make plan with Mosely
3 use rod on confessional
1 put rod under bench
1 put tracking signal under bench
2 get masks and robes
1 get notebook
5 Summon brother Eagle
2 get keycard
1 enter room 11
1 get money
2 use talisman on Grace to revive her
1 give Mosely bear mask
1 wear wolf outfit
3 use talisman on Tetelo
3 give talisman to Mosely
5 smash stone idol
10 give hand to Malia

Character/Cast List

GABRIEL KNIGHT (Tim Curry) Gorgeous, seducing bookstore owner and novelist. Cynical, cool, motorcycle driver, vain. In spite of his playful antagonism towards his friends, he seems to be very caring. Except for the women he sleeps with.
GRACE NAKIMURA (Leah Rimini) Intelligent young lady who sells books at Gabriel's bookstore. She helps him with research. She is of Japanese descent and practices oil painting and tai chi.
FRANKLIN MOSELY (Mark Hamill) Chubby and unattractive cop. Gabriel's friend since school. Friendly and surprisingly competent.
NARRATOR (Virginia Capers)
MALIA GEDDE (Leilani Jones) 28-year-old, beyond wealthy and incredibly gorgeous head of the Gedde family. A wealthy socialite by day, but by night she is ridden by her ancestor Tetelo. Falls desperately in love with Gabriel, and the feeling is mutual.
DR JOHN (Michael Dorn) By day a well-mannered, pleasant and well-informed museum owner, by night he becomes Tetelo's right hand.
WOLFGANG RITTER (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) Gabriel's grand uncle from Germany. Schattenjäger. He gives Schloss Ritter to Gabriel and sacrifices himself in order to retrieve the Talisman.
GERDE (Mary Kay Bergman) Young caretaker and companion of Wolfgang, later caretaker of Schloss Ritter.
REBECCA WRIGHT (Linda Gary) Incredibly sweet grandmother of Gabriel. She has had a harsh life, having lost her husband at a young age and losing her son. She raised Gabriel after his parents's death and is still mothering him. She likes to knit and make long walks.
Madame CAZAUNOUX (Susan Silo) Suspicious Catholic woman with belief in Hoodoo.
WILLY WALKER (Rocky Carroll) Owner of the Dixieland Drug Store. Appears to know much about what's going on and is not telling anything about it.
CRASH (Chris Lytton) Police informant, voodoo cartel minor member and apparent drug addict.
Professor HARTRIDGE (Monte Markham) Professor of African studies at Tulane university. Slightly vain and arrogant scholar, but very helpful after Gabriel shows him the vévé.
STONEWALL KING (Monte Markham) Bartender at Napoleon's.
TOUSSAINT GERVAIS (Dorian Harewood) Watchman at St Louis Cemetery #1. Has a delightfully black sense of humour.
Officer FRICK (Jim Cummings) Grumpy policeman at the desk. Loves his beignets.
MAGENTIA MOONBEAM (Nancy Lenehan) Voodooienne and best friend of Dr John. Appears do be of French descent. Very spiritual. Her snake is called Grimwald.
TETELO (Linda Gary) 300 years ago, Tetelo was a beautiful slave. She fell in love with Günter Ritter, Gabriel's ancestor. She was ridden by her father's Loa to commit horrible murders. After she was betrayed by Günter, her spirit became a more powerful Loa. She rids the spirits of her female descendants, who become independant butchers.
GÜNTER (Jim Cummings) Schattenjäger who was set out 300 years ago to seek the witches who were responsible for murders in Charleston. Unfortunately he fell in love with the woman who became the lead witch. I do not know where in the game his voice can be heard.
SAM SINGLETON (Jeff Bennett) Jeweller who spent every day for twenty years playing chess against Markus... and losing every game. He strongly believes in Hoodoo.
Artist (Jeff Bennett) Artist in the park who studies to be an architect.
BRUNO (Jeff Bennett) Stereotype homosexual. Owns a flower shop and tries to buy Gabriel's father's painting.
ROBERT (Tim Curry) Butler to the Gedde estate. Has overly posh British accent.
Beignet Vendor (Stuart M. Rosen)
Priest (Stuart M. Rosen)
Phone Guy #5 (Stuart M. Rosen)
Bike cop (Jeff Bennett)
Cop (Jeff Bennett) at crime scene
Jeep Driver (Mark Hamill)
MARKUS (Monte Markham)
Boy (Mary Kay Bergman) Kid in the park (not the tapdancer)
Old Lady (Mary Kay Bergman) Elderly lady in the park
Dragon (Jim Cummings)
Blues/Cajun/Jazz Band Leader (Jim Cummings)
Muscle Man (Jim Cummings) appears in the park
Uncredited: Fortune teller, vet lady, travel agent, officer Franks, the other regulars in the bar, tap dancing kid, museum girl...


Voudoun: African tribal grass-root religion.
Voodoo: Americanized version of Voudoun, resulted through the influence of christianity during slave trades
Loa: spirit that is worshipped in Voudoun/Voodoo. A spirit can be totally original, or a deceased person
Bokor: Voudoun priest
Houngan: Voudoun priest
Mamaloa: Voudoun priestess. She has the most power in the tribe.
Damballah: Serpent loa
Erzulie: Loa of love
Papa Nebo or Gede: Loa of death
Agwe: Loa of water
Legba: Loa of crossroads
Ogoun Badagris: Loa of destruction
Asson: ritual gourd
Khubasa: ritual knife
Fwet Kash: ritual whip
Sekey Madoulé: ritual mini coffin
Cabrit Sans Cor: literally Goat Without Horns, term stands for human sacrifice.
Poteau-mitan: pole in the ritual circle.


Drei Drachen.
Drei Drachen kriechen in meinen Schlaf,
die Seele woll'n sie lebendig zum Frass,
Feurigen Atems, gespaltener Zunge
geniessen sie jedes mal

-Heinz Ritter
BB Translation (this went through Dutch. Dutch is similar to German)
Three dragons
Three dragons crawl in my sleep,
the soul they want to eat lively*
Firy breaths, forked tongue,
they enjoy every time
*Lively probably refers to "soul"
**Note on pronunciation: Curry does a decent job, considering he speaks only a little German. He pronounces Seele as Siele, though the ee should be pronounced as ä. He pronounces the o as ö, the A of Atems and gespaltener as ä, and the z of zum and Zunge more like a German S, the German Z is more of a tz.

Gabriel Blesses The Bracelet
Bless this bracelet of a snake
even though its vibes aren't great
Let it do nobody harm
when they wear it on their arm
Voodoo spirits go away,
Don't come back another day
And now, let us pray

(Gabriel makes a clay mold of the bracelet)
Bless oh bless this circlet of silver
Take the curse, oh take it, Wilbur!

Portal Poem
Nur der Reinste darf passieren
Dessen Herz ist rein wie Glass
Dessen Seele rein wie Feuer
Schreitet höher durchs Portal

Gerde's Translation:
Only the purest here may pass
He whose heart is pure as glass
He whose soul is pure as fire
Through this portal passes higher.

*Note on pronunciation: The narrator pronounces Dessen (he whose) as Diesen (this, masculine 4th case). Worse, she pronounces Feuer as Führer.
**Note: the "original" is the German version, and the English version was a translation by Gerde. Yet, the English version rhymes, but the German original doesn't.

St George, patron of the light
who hunts the shadows of the night
upon my blood I call thee now
pufiry me, for I avow
to set my feet upon thy road
thy sword I take up for mine own.


This section is always under construction, though not so strongly since we have this wonderful tool called SCI Resource Viewer. Check the links!
In the game it is not really possible to get stuck (unless you visit Grace without leaving some clues for Mosely in the Hounfour), so you might as well check out all the possible conversation paths. Except at the St John's Eve, where answering any question wrong will give you the same result. Wrong conversations are often hysterical, whether being rude to Bruno, chatting up the fortune teller, or taunting Grace at the tattoo sequence.
-At St George's: use TAKE on Grace's chair. Climb up the ladder. Talk to books and coffee. Try to open the doormat.
-Some items can be really entertaining to show to Grace. The murder pic of course, but also the hair gel, the torch, the money, and especially the priest outfit.
-When the snake is strangling you, look at the snake.
-At your studio, use the radio, try to write, open the refrigerator.
-At Gran, try to knit, take the hat in the attic, operate the mannequin.
-At the museum, open the coffin for some dialog with DJ, use the fan, chat to DJ several times, rub the wishing stump several times
-At the store, look at any possible item.
-At Jackson Square, get the mime to imitate the band members. And try to translate the drum codes on days 7 and 10.
-When the mime is following you, chat to him 10 times to watch Gabriel... ahem... lose his cool.
-Talk to the fortune teller about her snake. Hmmm... unusual name...
-At the church, take a few confessions, or do stuff with the angels begging for donations.
-Not fun per sé, but you can visit Gabe's family tomb and talk to the inhabitants. Sniff...
-At the cemetery you can also talk to statues or try to switch the name plates. Or talk to the doors of the Gedde tomb.
-Try to pick up Magentia Moonbeam or try to drink her bottles.
-At the police station, flirt with Officer Franks. Or chat with Mosely to hear some foul language.
-At the crime scene, try to move the lake or look at the blood. The "look blood" dialog seems to refer to Macbeth, act 5 scene 1, where Lady Macbeth sleepwalks and tries to wash Duncan's blood off her hands.
-Malia's library: get a good look-around, and show your voodoo-stuff to Malia!
-Initially I had additional flirting on my page, as I thought you couldn't get it to play in the game. But you can! Just flirt with Malia several times before you drained all the other topics, and then you can discuss "exercise"!
-At Tulane University, try to inspect or dig through Hartridge's trash while he's still alive.
-Schloss Ritter Hallway: talk to the lion's head.And show Gerde Gunter's journal.
-At the Schloss Ritter library you can read a book about werewolves AND a book about vampires; the subjects of GK 2 and 3.
-In the Hounfour, Room 10 with the animals, try to set them free. Talk to the python. Operate, move or take the python. Talk to the chickens and goats!
-Walk behind the Room 3 (Malia) screen. And try to open her door with the key card.
-You can try to use pretty much any item on yourself. Personal faves: the clay, the snake rod...
-When at the door of Madame Cazaunoux, and you knock without your priest shirt, you can try to sell her stuff. Eventually you can get Gabe to say "Landshark!", to which Cazaunoux replies: "You are no Bill Murray". This is a reference to the early episodes of Saturday Night Live, when this was a recurring sketch. It mocks the popularity of Jaws.
-Upon entering St George's, you may hear Gabe quirk: "Lucy, I'm home!" Which refers to a 1950s US comedy show called "I love Lucy".
-When reading the bullettin board at Tulane University, you may encounter a reference to another Sierra game series: Laura Bow.
-At the start of Day 3, Gabe will sing "Are the stars out tonight?" from Frank Sinatra.

-Not hitting the switch when the snake is strangling you
-Entering the conclave in your regular clothes
-Entering the conclave with your mask, but without the tattoo. (chuckle)
-Giving a wrong answer in the conclave
-Holding space bar when you are driving out Schloss Ritter on day 8. Fun!
-Getting torn up by a mummy
-Waiting too long with closing the gate. Kills Wolfgang too.
-Get caught by Dr John when moving in his room while he's in Room 2
-Get caught by Dr John when trying to steal his keycard while he's in Room 2. Epic!
-Play the drums badly 3 times for a nice fighting scene!
-Get caught by Dr John in a Hounfour hallway
-Get caught by Dr John in the sanctity
-Get caught by Dr John in Room 8 when you're not in wolf costume. Kills Mosely if he's there.
-Get caught by Dr John in Room 8 when Mosely is not in costume. Also kills Mosely.
-Get Grace killed by Tetelo, with or without Mosely
-Get killed by Dr John in the sanctity when Mosely did not make it to the hounfour, also kills Grace.
-Failing to give the talisman to Mosely/Attacking Tetelo
-Giving the talisman to Tetelo
-Not doing anything/wrong thing while Tetelo strangles you
-Not doing anything/wrong thing while Malia is busy dangling in the chasm. Doesn't lead to death screen, but to alternate ending.

Unanswered Questions Answered! (GK1 Hintbook)
The GK1 hintbook answers some questions the game leaves untied: -The Gedde family established and maintained the New Orleans voodoo culture to hide their own activities;
-Gerde left the key there for Gabriel;
-Wolfgang knew it would take a fresh heart to open the table: he sacrificed himself, like Malia towards the end;
-The novel states that Gabe scribbles a note for Mosely on how to operate the elevator to Hell.


-There's a message missing in the script: if you try to give the fortune teller the money while she's at the booth, you'll get an error message.
-The character of Magentia Moonbeam is odd. Where is her voodoo standpoint? She is a good friend of Dr John. She is also a French speaker (she says Monsieur a number of times) but won't (script says she's lying) translate Cabrit Sans Cor. She does, however, translate the voodoo code and appears to be unfamiliar with the meaning of fwet kash.
-Even so, she didn't translate the P, as the letter wasn't in the first message. However, Gabe manages to translate the missing symbol to P. Sure he could have figured it from the context, but couldn't he have translated the other symbols if he was doing that already?
-Gabe apparently has a German-English dictionary. However he just won't use it to translate Schattenjäger, or the letter he found in the clock.
-When Gabe buys the crocodile mask, he'll say "The sign said I could get Lady Luck oil instead." Actually the sign says you can get either gambling oil or "Lover Come Back To Me Oil". We'll forgive them as the impotence discussion is hilarious.
-The snake tattoo image appears in reverse in the inventory.
-With voice acting in games, timing is often a nasty issue. People may open the door before somebody knocks and people may answer the phone before it rings. However there is no reason for Grace to say "Get dressed" (the second time) to Gabe when he is dressed already.
-There are occasional misspells in the subtitles, eg in Badagris when Tetelo is about to butcher Grace.
-At some scenes, such as meeting Malia for the first time, Gabriel appears to be dark-haired and brown-eyed. In other vids at the end, he has dark hair and blue eyes. He is definitely blonde and GK3 shows him having green eyes.
-The story that the ground water level of New Orleans is too high to bury people, is a popular myth. In reality the tombs are heritage from the French and Spanish burial culture.
-On Day 5 Gabe talks to Mosely about Hartridge's death. He'll say he talked to him yesterday, when it was actually two days ago.
-Dr John's body disappears after the earthquake.

Resource View Fun:
Well... there's so much to see when you view the game's resources! These are the files called resource.***, and they can be opened using a special entertaining tool called SCI Resource Viewer. For a download, check my links.
2000.p56 (Picture folder) is a seascape from King's Quest 6. See above.
0.msg (Message folder) shows Gabriel would quirk whenever you restart or quit.
Several msg files show that we were initially supposed to dial 011 before dialing Wolfgang's number.
221.msg upon reading the Drei Drachen poem, Gabe was supposed to say: "I have the feeling Grandad didn't sleep too well at night either."
And an extra dictionary entry: 'Reise' means a journey. I wonder if I'll ever use this stuff."

220.msg show there was supposed to be an evangelist show on the radio in Gabe's studio.
"(EVANGELIST)I want you to take ahold of your prayer clothes. Better yet, take ahold of your radio, and let's do a miracle!" "But first, I want to talk about doing what's right. Those of you out there listening to these radio waves of comfort--you know what I'm talking about." "Everyday this program reaches out into the darkness and pulls lost souls from the grasp of the devil himself! Now I don't have to tell you that the Lord's work doesn't come cheap, my friends."
"So I want you to get up, right now, take out an envelope, fill it with whatever you can, and send it--today! We both know that's doing what's right."
"I ask you, my friends, have you done your share today? Or are you being carried by those dedicated souls who support this ministry with their generous gifts and offerings?" "Remember, my friends; Faith that costs nothing, does nothing!"
"Simply send your Gifts of Faith to Reverend Bob, and your name will be blessed!"
"I have a letter here from a Mr. Tecal. Now, Mr. Tecal claims that all of us on this broadcast are only in this for our own financial gain--that we prey on the weak and unfortunate."
"Mr. Tecal, I would just like to say to you that my mission, and that of our entire broadcast, is to reach a hand of comfort into the homes of those very weak and unfortunate that YOU claim we thieve!"
"When men like you, Mr. Tecal, become willing to spend even a moment of YOUR busy lives to go into these homes and LOVE someone other than YOURSELVES, then you can speak to me of harm!"
"It doesn't come cheap to run this broadcast, Friends. I know you know that!"
"Please, support this outreach ministry with Gifts of Faith."
"I speak to those of you who can afford to support the comforting of those Forgotten Ones who cannot find comfort anywhere else in this lonely world."
"Several of you called in asking how that dear soul we had on last week with the tragic case of glandular over activity is doing."
"What a miracle we witnessed as your Offerings of Strength poured into our station to renew and bless this unfortunate child of the Lord."
"But I believe you can do more, and I know you will. Let's overwhelm those glands with the sheer power of Christian Love and Giving!"
"Send your tools of healing today to our station. I don't care if it's a dollar, a hundred dollars, or one-hundred-thousand dollars (God bless ya). Send it today, and take part in a miracle!"
"(GETTING VERY SAPPY AT END)That's it for this week, Friends. Enjoy the wonderful, wonderful music, and may God watch over you."

340.msg when looking at dead Hartridge, Gabe was supposed to state: "He's looked better."
350.msg GK: "Oh. I see. Well, I represent Loommore armored cars and...."
Robert the butler: "Beat it. And comb your hair."
280.msg shows the dog at Madame Cazaunoux, Castro, was once an object. It has several lines for looking, taking and talking.

470.msg At Lake Pontchartrain, Gabe's bike was supposed to be visible. Some disturbing Gabe infos here:
(look bike) NARR: It's Gabriel's motorcycle. He calls it "Ed".
(use object on bike) NARR: Gabriel doesn't want to use that on his bike.
(operate bike) NARR: Ed doesn't work that way.
(ask bike) NARR: Interrogating Ed would be rather useless.
(move bike) NARR: The best way to move the cycle is to drive it.
(take bike) GK: Ed's kinda heavy.
(talk to bike) GK: I'm crazy about you, Ed.

At the museum, rubbing the stone:
GK:"I wish Malia Gedde were mine forever."
GK "Really, I mean it."
DJ "What was that?"
GK "Huh? Nothing."

Hartridge wouldn't be able to lecture us on Damballah or Ogoun Badagris: the subjects don't come available until Hartridge phones, and he dies after that. Still these topics were apparently recorded. The Apostrophe suggests that an accented letter was used there, but I don't know which one.
GK "Tell me about Damballah."
HA "(LECTURE MODE)Damballah is one of the major Rada Loa--also known as Damballah Wedo. He is an ancient Dahomean rain god, often represented as a large boa constrictor." "Damballah is the most powerful and most violent of the Rada Loa. The Rada Loa are typically benevolent--as opposed, say, to the P‚tro Loa." "He is still worshipped heavily in Haiti, and when Voodoo first started in New Orleans, the early conclaves were reportedly based on the worship of the Great Zombi--the great serpent--Damballah."
GK "Tell me about Ogoun Badagris."
HA "(LECTURE MODE)Ogoun Badagris is one of the P‚tro Loa. The P‚tro Loa are much more violent than the Rada Loa." "Some people believe the P‚tro Loa originated in Haiti, but I have found some evidence that the P‚tro Loa were African as well, though worshipped only by a small Voudoun tribe--and a very bloody one."
GK "Tell me more about Ogoun Badagris."
HA "He is a chief nasty, Mr. Knight. He is the spirit of war and destruction."

Chatting with Malia:
GK: "It's rather warm in here, isn't it?"
MG: "I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable. The fireplace doesn't really give off much heat without the stove insert, so I indulge myself even in the summer."
GK: "Yeah, well, I don't think it's the fireplace anyway."


I'm a big Sierra fan. I grew up playing Leisure Suit Larry, Gold Rush and Sid & Al's Incredible Toons, and later I discovered luminary series like Phantasmagoria, Shivers and King's Quest. In this view I decided to look into Gabriel Knight, a series which had a lot of fans. One day I got an illegal collection CD at a second-hand store featuring nearly all Sierra games up to 1994. The floppy version of GK1 was on there. I first played the floppy version of GK1, about two years ago now. I never made it out of the book store. The game just didn't get me. I didn't think back of it much...
Until I watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Anyway, long story short (cue: Too late!), I played Gabriel Knight 3 out of Curry fanhood. The game amazed me so much that I'm tracking down the rest! GK2 is hard to find. I found GK1 on a flea market for the astonishing price of 50 eurocents. And I installed it on my ol' Windows 98 dinosaur.
Gabriel Knight 1 comes with a beautiful graphic novel, that tells the story of Günter and Tetelo. The game has a great story, many powerful scenes, a great sense of humour, an excellent cast, beautiful graphics, astonishing music, enticing puzzles... Unfortunately the puzzles were often a bit too much for me, I had to look up a lot. But none of them reach the bizarre, such as the Cat Hair Moustache or the Haemorrhoid Cream in GK3.

Fave bits:
Wolfgang's death was extremely powerful. That shut me up.
The Voodoo rituals are enchanting. Unfortunately high speeds and low res images really kill the snake and chicken dance.
"Are the stars... out tonight..." I'll never tire of hearing Tim Curry sing.
"It's Father MacLaughlin to see ye..." the Irish accent totally cracked me up.
The oil painting tattoo section is hilarious!
Crash's death was very captivating.
So much to learn about voodoo!
Gabriel flirting is brilliant!
All the poetry...
No bugs!

Worst bits:
The narrator does a horrible job. The ability to switch her off and leave the rest of the voices on, says enough.
Mummy dodge. It's really bad for my nerves.
Well, I adore Tim, but I don't think it was a good idea to have him voice the butler as well, even though he did a great job on Robert. It kinda shows.

There is not much you could have against this game! Almost everything about it is absolutely perfect. I'd still say I prefer GK3, for the narrator and because I adore vampires, but with Sins Of The Fathers I found yet another game to completely devour.


Tech Help for installing GK1 on newer systems.
Sins Of The Fathers on Wikipedia
PDF File of the Gabriel Knight Hintbook!
NOVEL Jane Jensen's Sins Of The Fathers.
Louisiana Voodoo on Wikipedia
St. Louis Cemetery on Wikipedia
Marie Laveau on Wikipedia
St Louis Cathedral on Wikipedia
Jackson Square on Wikipedia
MAKING OF GK1, the Making Of as released on the CD version. Low-res, but with Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, Leah Rimini, Michael Dorn, Efrem Zimbalist Jr, and Jane Jensen!
I Love Lucy: Youtube video clip from "I love Lucy". "Lucy, I'm home!"
Malleus Maleficarum on-line The book one of Gabriel's ancestors used in his witch hunt. Like Gabriel, I don't want to know about that particular ancestor either.
SCI Resource Viewer!!

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