The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Companion

Welcome, dear readers, to yet another BBP Game Companion. With this one, I've completed the Gabriel Knight series.
This companion comes in two-and-a-half parts. This is Part 1, with walkthrough, cast, fun, bloopers, review and links. There's part 2, which focuses on the opera. Part 2.5 deals with tarot, and the readings in GK2 and Phantasmagoria.
UPDATE: Corrected link to Kay Kuter's IMDB file.

Point List
German translation
Fun and Resource


In the introduction video, we see how a young Von Glower watches his father's death sentence. He and his mother are brought to a safe place.
In the Chapter 1 opening video, Gabriel is finally given a new case: a werewolf has killed a little girl near Munich. It's up to Gabe to hunt down and kill him.
-Explore every area you're in, THOROUGHLY.
-Click at least twice on every object you can. If the message changes, click again. Forgetting this might cause you to miss a trigger.
-Drain EVERY topic you can use to talk to people, preferably from top to bottom. There's one instance where it might give you minor issues, but you can always try again.
Check EVERY possible location and try to move in every direction.
-Remember you can NOT get stuck until the basement scene.
-Read the lycanthropy book carefully.
-If you read a letter or a sign, you'll have to click on it in order to unlock a video/discovery.
-And, for crying out loud, READ THE MANUAL.

Chapter 1

Good morning! At Huber's house, open your bag and take what's in it. Read the letters in your inventory. Move to the front of the room. Click the newspaper on the right of the table and click on the close-up to enable a new location. Take the car keys from under the mirror. Read the note from Frau Huber on the fridge.
Go outside. Walk to the left. Walk on. You're at the drinking trough. Click on the floor below it. Click on the pawprint closeup. Get out of close-up and move forward from the trough, towards the woods. Click on the grass close to where Gabe is standing. Click on the hairs to pick them up. Now, go back to the car view, and move left. Walk into the shed. Click on the cement. You'll mix it. Walk back to the trough and make a cast from the print. Then walk there again to pick it up. Use the car keys on the car.
On the map, you may go to Prinzregentenplatz for a fun scene. Not useful though, so head to Marienplatz.
Take your time to look around. Note the bookstore, the post office, the street behind the post office, the watch store, the Glockenspiel, the Mary statue, the Rathaus, the cuckoo clock store, the dragon, the Weisswurst store... Enter the building on the far left and meet Harald Übergrau. Talk to him and drain all topics.
Go to the zoo in Thalkirchen. Look at the wolves. Talk to them to persuade them to come over. When you move away from the wolf close-up, a young fellow should show up. He is Tomas. Talk to him. Note that he has a walkie-talkie. And note that the missing wolves are called Percival and Hilde.
Move left to the Zooverwaltung. Meet and talk to Herr Doktor Klingmann. Note that Gabe stresses the tape recording.
Yes, if you've read the manual closely, you'll know it's time to Splice Tape! Move to the Huber farm in order to do this.
Put the Klingmann tape in A, a fresh tape in B, and click Splice Tape. Scroll around the text until you find the word sections "Tomas?" "Herr Doktor Klingman here." "Show our wolves to" "Mr. Knight." (Unfortunately with FMV this is the only option. "Show Mr Knight our wolves" is not going to work.)
Move back to the Zooverwaltung. Klingmann is out. Click his coat to find a piece of paper. Click his tape on the walkie-talkie. Then leave, and go with Tomas to see the wolves.
In close-up with Margarite, click her tags. Then click the wolf to take some hair. Run!
Look in your inventory. Look at the piece of paper you took from Klingmann's coat. Look at the back of it.
Go to the farm. Click the paper on the mirror to read what's on the back. Also click on the paper to write to Gracie.
Now go back to Marienplatz. Ask Übergrau about a biologist, and he'll hook you up with someone. Also talk to him about the loge and about Jagdschein. Take the tube and go to the university. Give the print and the hair samples to Michael.
Visit Marienplarz again. Post Grace's letter at the post office. Move ahead to the back alley and enter the loge. Talk to Xaver. He wants some evidence that you're from a top family.
Head back to Übergrau and ask for your family papers. Take these to the loge and show them to Xaver to finish the chapter. Note Von Glower gives you his card.

Chapter 2

In the bedroom, talk to the workman. Move to the back of the room. Try to open the door. Move out the room. Talk to Gerde on all topics. Move out the apartment. Walk to Rittersberg. Take a look around: there's a church with a crypt and 2 statues. Talk to the priest. Outside the church there is a garden. Look at the flowers. Knock on the Rathaus door and talk to the mayor. Note the post office. Enter the guesthouse and talk to the owner, Werner Huber. Look at the pictures on the wall.
Go back to your bedroom. The fireplace should be abandoned by now. Look at the toolchest. Take the screwdriver. Examine the loose stone in the fireplace. Use the screwdriver on the hole. (Hey! Snake rod!) You'll hear a clunk. Now open the wardrobe. It's a secret passage! Enter and move right. In Gerde's room you can only look at the picture on the desk. Open her wardrobe. Take the keys and walk back into the passage. Go north to find the garden. Note the roses.
Back in your room, open the door. Grab a book from the middle section. After the cheesy scene, read the lycanthropy book. Read the letter that falls out. Take out the Christian Ritter journal in the right section. Read it. Then, sit at the desk and use the Barcley card on the phone.
Go to the town hall and ask the mayor for trial papers. They go way back! But he'll need a more specific date.
Back to the library. Take out another journal. Read it. You now have a date! Tell the man at the Rathaus. Talk to him. In the dungeon, look out the window and look at the church. Then talk to Father Getz for any files from 1750. He won't understand you. Ask the mayor for help. He'll give you a note. Give the note to the father, then take the church papers to the mayor. When you're done, go to Mr Huber again to talk about Ludwig II.
Go back to Schloss Ritter. Write a letter to Gabriel by clicking the library typewriter. Click the package on Gerde to get the address. Take the package to the post office. Use package then wallet on the lady.

Chapter 3

At the farm, read the newspaper. Visit Marienplatz. Go to Übergrau to pick up your mail. Read the letter from Gracie, and talk to Übergrau about Ludwig II and The Black Wolf. Then visit the cuckoo store. I know the clocks are maddening, but don't turn the sound off or you'll miss a clue: the clock can also function as alarm clock!
Go to the street with the hunting club. Look at the crime scene. Try to talk to Kommissar Leber. Try to show him your lab research results. He won't listen. Now, show the results to the TV crew. Now you got his attention! Go to the hunting club. Talk to Xaver. Explore the club. Note the magazines on the table. Walk through the door on the right. There are two doors there: one leads outside and the other one is locked. Hmmm... Xaver has the keys to the other door, but you'd have to lure him away first...
Put the cuckoo clock in the plant. Then walk to Xaver. Wait until the clock goes off. When Xaver leaves, look at his stand, open the drawer and take his keys. Xaver returns.
Open the locked door. Then set the clock again to return the keys. (After that, you may pick up the clock again, but you don't have to and it will only honk up place in your inventory) Then enter the now unlocked room.
Look around. Note the table on the far wall, there's a book on it. Read it. Look at the right wall. There are photos there. Then you will be caught by Von Zell.
At the loge room, sit with Von Zell and talk to him. When he leaves, read the card Von Glower gave you.
Visit the police station again. Drain all topics with Leber. When you're done, look at the map. Click it. Then click on the note on the top right. Use your notebook to jot down the phone number. Leave.
Now, visit Von Glower. Drain all topics with him. Look at the mask on the book case.
Go back to the farm and write Gracie a letter. Phone the number of Grossberg. Talk to übergrau about Missing Persons. Drop the letter off at the post office and visit the hunt club.
Preiss should be at the bar. Drain all topics with him. Then, the others will join in. Talk to Henneman and Von Aigner at the bar, drain all topics. You will be invited for a hunt the next day.
Von Zell and Klingmann are in a private conversation auf Deutsch. You'd sure want to know what they're talking about! Move to them and take a magazine. Shove your taperecorder in it and put it back (sloppy disguise, so it seems to me, but oh well...) Then Glower will turn his attention to you. And you'll go home.

Chapter 4

Go into the library. Click on the left section. Read the Ludwig biography. Then go to the ground floor. Gerde's out!
Hit the town. Go to the post office and read Gabriel's letter. Go to the guesthouse and talk to Herr Huber and the Smiths to read your tarot.
Visit the church crypt. Look at Gerde a few times. Better make up to her! Head into the Schloss's secret passages and pick a few roses. Give them to Gerde and you'll get the car keys! Freedom!
Visit Neuschwanstein. Although interesting, you'll have to examine everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) if you want to proceed in this chapter. So:
-Entry Hall: play tape. Look 2 paintings, play tape and click them. Look and click door and play door tape.
-Bedroom: play tape. Look bed + sink and play 2 tapes there. Look 2 pics and play tape. In the rear section, look stove and play tape.
-Chapel: play tape. Close-up of glass-in-lead and painting: play tape. Close-up of crucifix and Madonna: click.
-Living room: play tape. Click linen. Close-up and click chair. Look painting and play tape. Look swan in back of room. Play tape.
-Grotto: play tape and look table
-Study: play tape, look desk, closet, look paintings and play tape.
-Singer's Hall: play tape. Look window, play tape. Look big wolf painting. Look at 6 Engelhart paintings and play tape at all.
Whew! Click on the Hint button. If Neuschwanstein is still blinking, you'll have to go back. Don't throw the game out yet!
And unfortunately there are 2 more of these settings. There is Herrenchiemsee. First, talk to the lady to buy a ticket. Then:
-Read the 4 signs near the entrance (Elizabeth letters) and the photos. Look Elizabeth painting & sign. Look big Ludwig painting.
-Move forward, then to the left section. You'll see a large red cape. Read 4 diary signs, the Wagner sign. Look Wagner painting. Look diary box (left wall), read sign. Look box on right wall, look sign and medals. Look cloak and read sign. Look at big painting and read sign.
-Then move to the right section. Look at the sleigh painting. Read the sign. Look at the box under the painting, with the Ludwig notes. Look at the death mask. Read the 4 Final Day signs. NOTE THE URN IMAGE.
Then, talk to the German lady. You'll get the address for the Wagner museum. Go there, and:
-Look in the first room at the 2 statues, at the piano and at the sign. Then take the left door.
-Look at the sofa and read the sign. Look at the desk on the right, read the sign, look at the drawing and the letter. Look at Wagner's death mask.
-Move on to the next room. Look at the Ludwig portrait, the statue, and read the 4 signs in the box.
-In the next room, look costumes, maquette and the 2 sets of production designs.
-At Georg, look in the box on the counter and look at the souvenirs.
Then, talk to the lovely Georg.
Go to Schloss Ritter. Mr Barkley will have called, so call him back. Call the number of the new guy, Joseph Dahlmeier. Hit the town, talk to Huber to get the Smiths down, get them to interpret your dream. Then go to Seeshaupt.
Nothing special about the church, but move on to the lakeside. Boo!
Drain all topics with Dahlmeier. Then look at the cross and at the waterside.
Move to the castle. Talk to Gerde about a special research permit. Click the Ludwig biography on the phone, then click the new number on the phone. Rats. Write a letter to Gabriel and post it. Then move to the flowers at the church. Look closer. Father Getz will give you a lily!
Take the lily to Seeshaupt. Put it in the water... spooky.
Move to Rittersberg, to the post office. Read the fax! Now who would be interested in that?
Take the fax to Georg. Whew! On to chapter 5! ACTION!!

Chapter 5

First things first: Gabe won't talk to anyone without his taperecorder. Go to the loge to pick it up. Chat with Xaver for a cheap laugh. Then talk to Harald. Read Grace's letter. Talk to Harald about the missing persons. Play him the tape you just made.
Hmmm... interesting! Take it to Kommissar Leber. First, drain all topics with him. Then play him the tape. When he leaves you with the books, check them out and click them to tear out a page. Nyah nyah. Go to the new address and talk to the guy. Not the most pleasant person, is he? We'll have to pay him, so go back to Harald and ask for cash. And, while you're there, now would be a great time to buy a weisswurst. Go to Dorn. Give him the cash. Talk to him. Then move to the back of the room and look at the far right cage. Take the thing what's in it. Uh oh... Feed the wurst to the tiger and take the things. They're Parcival's and Hilde's name tags!
Now you're ready to say goodbye to Munich and go to the hunting club. After the vid, you're at the lodge.
There's not much to do in your room, so walk out. You'll see Von Zell leaving his room and locking the door. Walk into the far right room. This is Preiss's room. He's locked himself in the bathroom, and don't worry, he won't come out. Open his wardrobe and take the rope. Move to the back and open the window. Look down. Use the rope on the ledge.
Move one window to the left and open it. Hah! To think Von Zell can keep people out with a simple lock! Look at his rug in the bathroom. Click the footprint.
In the room, turn right. Pick up the black book from the nightstand. You've seen it before... but take out the letter and look at it. Hmmm... looks like Grossberg did something stupid...
Leave and go to the middle left room for another cheap laugh. Go to the lower left room and talk to Von Aigner.
When you're done, you may say hi to Von Glower at the lower right.
Go down the stairs and talk to Henneman. Open the wardrobe and take the oil lamp.
Go outside. Enter the stable and take the shears. Now walk into the forest.
Take your time to map the forest. Or use the one below:
1 2 3 4
5 6|7 8
To go back to the cabin, move left at 1 or right at 4.
Look at the footprints at 1. Go to 9. Look at the footprints. Use the shears on the hedge.
Proceed in the cave, and click the floor. Whaa!
Move back to the lodge. Go to Klingmann. Show him the wolf tags.
By now, the fire will be lit. Take the matches from the fireplace. Move out to the cave, and at the dark section, light the lamp...
You're OK. Re-find your composition and go talk to Von Glower. At the end of the lengthy vid, SAVE YOUR GAME.
You're at 5 now. Activate your talisman. Then walk to 7 (you'll have to go through 2 and 3, as you can't travel between 6 and 7), wait for the wolf to come, show him the talisman and walk south.
When Von Glower throws the gun, shoot!

Chapter 6

Take a VERY good look at the vid. There are many hints concealed!
Note that Von Glower whispers "The alpha cannot harm the beta of his own blood" over the vid of him throwing you the gun. See where Ludwig hides the scrolls and hear where the note is.
Talk to Gabe twice at the dungeon. Note the pigeon. Go to the post office to pick up the letter from Von Glower, and the Talisman. Read the letter. Talk to Mrs Smith to learn of the letter. Take a roll from the basket on the table. Go to Schloss Ritter. Take the pillowcase on your bed. Go back to the dungeon. Feed the bird the bread, then use the pillowcase on it. (Don't feel too bad, it's a pigeon.)
Head to the new location, Altötting. Turn the sound down before the service makes you nuts, but note that there's a fierce wind blowing outside.
Look at the crosses in the first screen. Look at the box with the penitent offerings. Read the card. Walk forward.
Enter through the little door in the middle of the screen to arrive in the priest's office. Talk to him. He must've given a vow of silence or something, but he'll give you a card. You can try give that to him now, but he won't take you in yet, the service isn't over yet. Note the box on the table behind the priest. Look at it in close-up and use your wallet it to buy some water.
Visit Neuschwanstein. Now is the time to find the three Wagner opera parts! The first one you'll pass, is in the bedroom. However, once one guard leaves, the other one will come! You'll have to get rid of one of them somehow... Proceed to the living room. Walk to the back (with the swans) and watch the vid of the child climbing onto the chair. Walk back in screen. Look at the chair. Use the water on it, the guard will take care of it. Now walk to the bedroom and search the panel with the hidden latch to take the First Act!
The second act is in the Grotto. Find the panel and click it when the guard is out of the way.
The third act is in the Singer's Hall. The guard here will always be on his post. Note the large hallway. Click the pigeon on it. The guard will start catching the bird, so find the panel and click it.
Now you have all acts, go to Rittersberg. You'll need all the support you can get if you want to violate the Black Madonna's shrine and open Ludwig's heart urn: in other words a penitent gift. Go to the Schattenjäger crypt. Look at the heart. Now go to Schloss Ritter to talk to Gerde. She'll surrender the heart. Go to the crypt to pick it up.
Now you have everything to visit Altötting. Go there and give either the heart or the card at the priest. He'll take you in. Look at the urns, and the chair, and the door outside. Hmmm... Put the heart in the basket on the right of the Madonna. Grace will say her prayer. Note the candle blowing out and the fierce wind...
Open the door outside. Quickly move the chair, look at the urns and take the LOWER LEFT one. Grace will automatically take her findings to Georg!

Two Months Later...

Look at the theatre poster. Take a booklet from the table. Read it. You may want to look around and explore before you start with preparing the show. Move towards the lower middle doors, then go to the right. In this hallway, enter the door at the back. Talk to Gabriel. Note your dress. Look at the notice board, take off the seating map. Look at the desk, take the To Do note and the binoculars.
Look at the Wagner theatre sketch in your inventory. Click the cross. Now look at the seating chart in your inventory. Click the Mittel Loge.
Enter the big middle doors of the theatre on the ground floor. Talk to the chandelier repair guys. Uh oh... Talk to Georg.
Enter the Mittel Loge. Click it. Go to the higher hallway right of the theatre. Walk through the back door for the spotlight room. Look through the small window. Turn the spotlight on, then click on the bar at the bottom and aim the spotlight on the Mittel Loge. Then go down and give the seating chart to the usher.
Go in the door with the steps down. You're in the basement. Map it while you're there.
Move to room 2 (see my map). There is a box there. Open it and take the keys.
Move to room 5. Enter the room on the right. It's a proproom. Move to the side of it and find the garbage pile with the PRIVAT sign. Take it.Now move out the room, and lock it with the keys you nicked from the box. Move to the room marked with F, the furnace room. Open the oven door. Take the coal and click it on the furnace. (DON'T DO IT THE OTHER WAY ROUND, YOU WILL JAM) Click on the oven. Turn the heat to high (that switch needs to be turned to the right).
The usher will warn you that it's time to open the doors. Now talk to Gabriel. After you've locked him in, it's time to get dressed. After Leber has left, go to the spotlight room. Look through the window with the binoculars. Von Glower and Leber have taken their seats.
Now it's time to lock them in! Tie the rope around the door handles of the Mittel Loge. Not exactly subtle, so hang the Privat sign over it.
Now it's Gabe's time again. Move Gabe to the back of the room. Push the box and discover there's a vent behind it. Use the dagger on it.
Use the Room 1 exit in the basement to arrive at the backstage setting. Look at the pulleys again, take the roll of tape. Move through the right door, to the backstage area. In Costello's dressing room, you'll have to be quick: take the minstrel costume of the rack. Click it on yourself. Click on the vanity, and take the make-up. When the rumble starts, click the make-up on the mirror. When Gabe is done with that, hide behind the screen.
Wait until Costello comes in. Take your tape and use it on him.
Enjoy the opera!
Afterwards, Von Glower has turned into his wolf form, and so has Gabriel. Von Glower is somewhere in the basement and Gabe is at room 1, facing room 2. The goal right now is to force Von Glower into the furnace room and then enter there. Grace and Leber will be there to help you then. Before that, you have to make sure that you don't end up in the same room as Von Glower (he'll kill you) or let him escape through the vent in room 9 (Leber will shoot you). To help you, you can close doors. To get more out of the game, try to figure out the smoothest way yourself, or if you're a nervous wreck like me, use this one.

Turn right, move forward, forward. Then turn around and close the 5/9 door. Turn right, forward, turn around and close the 9/10 door. The vent is now sealed.Turn around, move forward, forward, turn around to close the 11/12 door. Turn right, forward, left to close the 7/8 door. Turn right, forward, left, forward, left, forward, turn around to close the 3/7 door. Turn left and close the 6/7 door. Turn left, go forward, turn around to turn the 7/11 door and seal room 7. Turn left, forward, right, forward, close the 2/6 door. You now have one path to the furnace room. Von Glower is ahead of you, and he won't go up the steps.
Turn left, forward, right, forward, right, forward, forward, forward. Turn right, move forward, forward, SAVE YOUR GAME. Take a deep breath and move forward.
When the vid ends, click Grace. When she's done nodding, click the furnace door. Grace'll open it. Now click on Gabe-the-wolf.
You'll get the infamous shot. Von Glower is on your right, waiting to jump at the door and make his way to freedom. When he's jumped, you need to click on him to push him to a firy death!
The timing will give you issues here, although I was lucky enough to get it right first time. On my DOSBox version I had to click when the middle body of the wolf was moving past the side of the furnace. You can see this in Laffer35's version play: GK2 Finale Vid
When I played it in Windows version on my Vista 32 bit though, I had to click when the wolf was directly in front of the door.
Good luck, and enjoy the ending!


In italics you can find the easily missed points.
Chapter 1
1 open bag
1 take items from bag
3 read letters
1 get newspaper
2 read newspaper
1 read door note
1 take keys
1 look at paw print
1 look at forest grass
2 take hair tuff
1 take cement
5 use cement on paw print
1 take print cast
1 talk to Officer Fink
1 read Canis Lupus Lupus sign @ zoo
1 call wolves for second time
4 talk to Thomas
4 Talk to Dr Klingmann
10 Splice tape
2 take Jagdschein from Klingmann coat
5 use splice tape on walkie talkie
1 look at wolf tag
4 get wolf hair
1 read Jagdschein
1 read other side of Jagdschein
5 put receipt on mirror
1 write letter to Gracie
1 find Übergrau's office
5 drain all Übergrau topics
1 mail letter
2 Analyze wolf hair
2 Analyze crime scene hair
2 Analyze paw print
1 leave the unversity
1 enter the Loge
1 say you're an avid hunter
2 get family papers from Übergrau
10 show family papers to Xaver

Chapter 2
4 drain the Gerde topics
2 drain the Mayor topics
4 drain barkeeper topics
1 nick screwdriver
3 use screwdriver on stonehole
5 enter the closet
2 enter Gerde's room
2 take library key
5 open library door
1 take Lycanthropy book/confront Gerde
2 read lycanthropy book
2 read letter to Ludwig II
1 take Victor's journal
2 read Victor's journal
5 Ring Barclay
1 take Christian's journal
2 read Christian's journal
8 get in dungeon
2 look at the church from dungeon window
2 talk to mayor about church files
2 get church files
5 give church files to Mayor
2 talk to Werner Huber about Ludwig II
5 write letter to Gabriel
2 show letter to Gerde
5 mail letter

Chapter 3
1 read newspaper
1 receive package
1 read Grace's letter
2 talk to lawyer about Ludwig II
4 buy cuckoo clock
1 enter crime scene
2 try to talk to Kommissar Leber at the crime scene
5 talk to press about your analysis
3 drain all topics with Xaver
5 set clock in plant
1 open drawer at Xaver's stand
3 take keys
5 unlock basement door
1 return keys
1 look at trophies
2 read Black Book
1 look photos
4 drain Von Zell
9 drain Von Glower
1 inspect Von Glower's mask
6 drain Leber
1 look at police map
3 copy Grossberg's number
3 dial Grossberg
1 write letter to Grace
3 drain Übergrau
1 mail letter
5 drain Preiss
1 talk to Von Zell
4 join group hunt
5 sneak tape recorder into magazine
5 put magazine back

Chapter 4
2 get Ludwig biography
1 read Ludwig biography
2 get Gabe's letter
8 drain the Smith family
1 look at Gerde at the crypt
2 pick roses
6 give roses to Gerde
1 drive away
9 view all Neuschwanstein items
2 buy a ticket at Herrenchiemsee
15 view all items at Herrenchiemsee
2 learn location Wagner museum
5 view all Wagner museum items
6 drain Georg
1 get Huber to bring Smith family
2 get dream analysis
2 call Professor Barclay
2 call Joseph Dahlmeier
10 drain Joseph Dahlmeier
2 talk to Gerde about permit
3 write Gabe letter & übergrau note
2 call biography publisher
2 call Thomas Chaphill
2 mail letter
2 get lily
10 see vision
5 receive fax
1 read fax
10 show Georg diary

Chapter 5
2 pick up tape recorder
1 get letter
2 Drain Übergrau
5 use tape on Übergrau
1 buy Weisswurst
1 ask Leber about Grossberg's affairs
7 play tape
3 get account book
2 tear out page
2 ask Übergrau for cash
5 pay Dorn
8 drain Dorn
1 try to take tags
5 feed tiger
2 take tags
5 go on hunting trip
1 get rope
5 climb to Von Zell's room
3 look at footprint
1 look at Black Book
3 read Black Book letter
5 Drain Von Aigner
5 drain Henneman
1 take lamp
1 take shears
3 look at both wolf prints
3 use shears on bush
5 enter cave
7 show tags to Dr Klingmann
10 vomit!
3 show Von Zell As Wolf talisman
10 drive wolf to ravine
5 shoot Von Zell

Chapter 6
1 talk to Gabe twice
1 get Glower letter
2 read Glower letter
3 drain Mrs Smith
1 take bread
1 take pillowcase
7 take pigeon
1 read offerings case sign
2 buy holy water
5 use water on chair
5 find Act 1
5 find Act 2
5 use pigeon on hall
5 find Act 3
3 enter Madonna chapel
1 look at silver heart
1 convince Gerde to give you the heart
1 take heart
3 give heart to Madonna
10 take note in urn
1 take opera booklet
1 take seating chart
1 take to-do list
1 take binocs
1 talk to Gabe
1 click on X
1 click on the Mittel Loge in seating chart
1 Warn Georg
1 talk to chandelier repair man
1 take rope
1 take keys
6 burn furnace at hot
1 take Privat sign
3 lock prop room door
5 aim spotlight on Mittel Loge
3 give seating chart to Paul
1 lock up Gabe
1 wear dress/talk to Leber
2 See Von Glower and Leber in Mittel Loge
2 tie up door
4 put sign on door
1 move trunk
2 open vent
climb in air duct
1 take tape
1 take costume
2 wear costume
1 takepowder
5 use powder on mirror
3 hide behind screen
5 tie up Costello
5 close the first door in final showdown
10 enter furnace room when Von Glower is there
1 switch to Grace
2 open furnace
1 switch to Gabe
20 shove Von Glower into fire


All links go to either Wikipedia or IMDB. Mostly IMDB. Unfortunately these entries can't be trusted, considering they linked the cuckoo clock seller to someone born in 1986.
Gabriel Knight(Dean Erickson): Protagonist, writer, bookstore owner and Schattenjäger. Claims to have a "way with women" and a bad sense of languages. In GK2, Gabriel often appears shy.
Grace Nakimura (Joanne Takahashi): Protagonist, history student who's about to start on her Ph.D. Very bright and very adept at research. In GK2, Grace is very bitchy, especially in the first two chapters. She rejects Gerde's hand. Towards the end of the game, when Gabe falls ill, she becomes milder towards him.
Ludwig II (Russell Mitchell): The fairy-tale king of Bavaria. In GK2 it's revealed he was turned into a werewolf, by Von Glower no less.
Friedrich von Glower (Peter J. Lucas) Handsome, seductive baron. Turns out to be a very old (born around 1740) werewolf, turned this way by his father
Von Zell (Richard Raynesford): Arrogant and a-social man, turned into a werewolf by Von Glower.By day a banker. He brought Klingmann into the club so he could release two wolves, to cover his own tracks.
Stephen Klingmann (Wolf Muser): Works at the Munich zoo. Von Zell talked him into taking 2 wolves from the zoo. He cares much about the animals and is shocked to hear what happened to them.
Preiss (Clabe Hartley): Sturdy man with earring. Lawyer who's fond of women. Appears less friendly towards other club members. Likes to lock himself in the bathroom.
Von Aigner (Clement von Franckenstein): Owner of a butcher and a beer brewery. Loves to eat and drink. Doesn't mind Gabriel's presence when he's in the bath. He's the club's contact with Grossberg.
Hennemann (Edmund Shaff): Sturdy, short blonde hair. With the government. Drinks a lot.
Gerde (Andrea Martin): Pretty female caretaker of Schloss Ritter. She is in mourning over Wolfgang Ritter's death.
Werner Huber (Kay Kuter): Owns Gasthof. His cousin is Sepp. Friendly old Bavarian who keeps his mouth annoyingly shut.
Leber (Nicholas Worth): Stereotype German cop: big, blunt, yelling and bossy. Appears incompetent, both at the werewolf case, and at shooting the right wolf in the end section.
Harald Übergrau (Frederick Solms): Friendly lawyer with mild sense of humour. Helps Gabe out many times with translating, hooking up with people, getting papers and cash...
Xavier (Etan Boritzer): Highly stiff doorman at the hunting lodge.
Meryl Smith (Judith Drake): Pennsylvanian demonologist. She interprets Grace's dreams and reads tarot.
Emil Smith (Bruce Morrow): Husband of Mrs Smith. Guards the dungeon in Chapter 6.
Tomas (Gil Neuman): Zookeeper.
Michael Hessel (Christopher Shea): University lab researcher.
Dorn (Jack Orend): Trades in exotic animals. He had the zoo wolves shipped to Taiwan.
Mayor Ernst Habermas (Bert Hinchman): Friendly Rittersberg mayor.
Joseph Dallmeier (Michael Wilhelms): Handsome historian, expert in Ludwig II.
Georg Immerding (Brad Greenquist): Nervous music student. Appears to have a crush on Grace.
Frau Miller (Rosemarie Belden): Sells tickets at Herrencheimsee museum. Annoyed by Grace's bad German.
Officer Fink (Ron House): German officer at the lobby in Chapter 1.
German newswoman (Mary Stavin)
Head Chandelier Installer: (BW Wiff)
Father Getz (Karl Lienhof): Priest of St Georg
Cuckoo Clock Vendor (Zachary Charles)
Wurst Lady (Patricia Coleman)
Claus Immerding (Endre Hules): Brother of Georg, conductor.
Mr Costello (Hans Tester): Plays Engelhart
Sepp Huber (Wesley Mann): Cousin of Werner. His daughter is murdered by a werewolf.
Rittersberg post office lady (Brigitte Kozub)
Schloss Ritter Workman (Manfred Hofer)
Detta (Melanie Good): Dates Von Glower
Stätter (Jed Curtis): Police officer assistant
Frau Hogel (Diane Frank): Übergrau's secretary. Appears to crush on Gabriel.
Thomas Chaphill (Chris Tennant): Son of the Ludwig II biographer
Gabe Fan (Royce Herron): In Chapter 2 opening.
Günther (Dave Plaskett): Butler to Von Glower
Neuschwanstein Guards: Chris & Gari Boylan
Dr Gudden (Ross Evans): Treats Ludwig II after his arrest. Drowns.
Professor Barclay (Stephen Stavast): Historian at Yale. Grace calls him in chapter 2 and 4.
Young Von Glower (Matthew Kalashian): The little boy in the prologue, watching his father burn.
Von Glower's Mother (Cathy Wilcox)
Paul (Daniel Osers): Usher

Opera performed by:
Hildegunde: Karen Oleson
Baron: Norman Smith
Hildegunde's Parents: David Bukey, Jacinta Koreski
Lead Village: Gino Lucchetti
Blacksmith: Brian Box
Villagers: Steve Kennedy, Erin Rogness, Dana Bogg, Daniel Blake, Rose E. Betz Zall
Jugglers: Greg Bennik, Jason Garfield, Robert Bailey

Jennifer Holleson, Jack Beck, Jason Casey, Lori Webb, Ivy Webb, Monica Harkiewicz, George Pauls, James Tuck, Rodney Parks, Michael Fennacy, Tere Cordua, Robert Larka, Warren Pannett, Daniel Osers, Cindy Lee Richter, Kach Hovanessian, Charles Kahn

Deutsch Übersetsung

German may be similar to Dutch (which is the mother tongue of the author of this page), but it is my 4th language. If I make any grammatical errors, spelling errors or whatever, please let me know. I only translate the text that is not too obvious (greetings, thank yous...) and that what isn't translated in the game already.

Prologue Werewolf Poster With That Gorgeous But Illegible Font
Achtung! Das Biest von Ulfing! Der furchterregenden Kindermorde des Jahren 1750 -Attention! The Beast from Ulfing! The frightening child murders from 1750!

Prologue Von Glower Dialog:
Some Guy: Nell! Die Kutsche wartet! - Nell! The carriage is waiting!
Mom: Komm! - Come!

Freistaat Bayern Zeitung, Monday March 17 1994
Killer Wolves From Zoo Still At Large
The two wolves that escaped from the Munich zoo in Thalkirchen, haven't been caught by the police and hunters up to now. The police officer in charge of the case, Chief of Police Leber from the police office at the Prinzregentenplatz, said that the police is carrying out a new plan, among others the cooperation with experienced track readers from overseas. Until now the wolves seem to be only in the countryside, yet the police still has no answer on the question why the atacks happened so far from each other. The wolves don't seem to have settled in a permanent lair yet. There has been much speculation on the incompetence of the police. The zoo workers have up to now always rejected such commentary.

Officer Fink:
Ja? Kann ich Ihnen behilflich sein? -Yes? Can I be of service to you?
Nein ich spreche kein English. Was möchten Sie bitte? -No I don't speak English. What would you like please?
Kommissar Leber? Wer möchte mit ihm sprechen? -Kommissar Leber? Who wants to speak with him?
Wenn? Sie sind? When? You are?
Kommissar Leber bitte... Kann er hier kommen? Tut mir leid. Er ist zu beschäftigt. Er hat absolut keine Zeit. Nein. Er kann Sie leider nicht sehen. Er ist zu beschäftigt. Auf Wiedersehen. Auf Wiedersehen mein Herr. Die Tür. -Kommissar Leber please... Can he come here? I'm sorry. He is too busy. He has no time. No. He can't see you unfortunately. He is too busy. Goodbye. Goodbye Sir. The door.*
...Amerikaner... -Americans...
*I assume he means door, based on the "die", but it sounds more like he says "Tor". Der Tor is a fool, das Tor is a goal.

Lady: Weisswurts ist sehr gut. Wollen Sie etwas? -Weisswurst is very good (tasty). Do you want some?

Klingemann & Von Zell in ch 1 closing video:
vZ: Ich möchte das nicht hier mit ihn besprechen. I don't want to talk about that here with him.
Kl: Ach... Entschuldigung... ich habe wirklich keine Ahnung warum... Ah, I'm sorry, I have really no idea why...

Habermas note:
Bruder Getz, Bitte geben Sie der jungen Dame jegliche Akten, die wir über Baron von Ralick haben. Die Daten sind von 1750. Ich werde Ihnen die Akten persönlich Zurückgeben*. Danke, Habermas
Brother Getz, Please give the young lady the files we have on Baron von Ralick. The data are from 1750. I will give you back the papers personally.
*Note: as it's a verb that's not at the start of a sentence, this z didn't have to be a capital.

Freistaat Bayern Zeitung, March 19th 1994
The last -and this far most gruesome- incident struck fear and terror with the people, and the authorities look on powerless. This morning around 1AM the killer wolves have claimed their 6th victim, and this in the centre of town. In a side street of the Dienerstrasse, not far from Marienplatz and the town hall, the murderous beasts struck again.
The corpse was discovered around 1:15 in the Althofstrasse, when the plaster stones in the small yard were still covered in blood.

Von Zell's Black Book:
I have to talk with the guys so I can finally get my stuff
I have to [get] the number from [...] American [...]

Magazine at Lodge (probably taken from Der Spiegel)
"...and don't be sad"
Ulrike Meinhof's* daughters on their childhood in the shadows of terrorism.
*Ulrike Meinhof was a member of the Rote Armee Fraktion.

Ch 3 Von Zell vs Klingmann (am I bothering you? I AM sorry!):
Kl: Baron von Zell, wirchlich, ich habe nicht gewusst... Baron von Zell, really, I didn't know...
vZ: Ja ja, ich auch [nicht]... Yes, yes, me neither...

Ch 3 Von Zell vs Klingmann: (Uh, nothing, nevermind, thanks...)
Kl: Der Amerikaner... wieviel kann man verstehen, wass er überhaupt... The American... how much can one understand, what he actually...

Ch 3 Von Zell vs Klingmann: (Just wanted to grab a magazine)
vZ: Ich bin sicher er ist kein Ritter. I am sure he's not a Ritter.

Ch 3 Henneman & Von Aigner:
vA: Ich habe mein Nachmittagstermin abgesagt. ...Wir triffen uns hier um 4 Uhr? I cancelled my afternoon meeting... we meet here at 4 o'clock?
He: Ja ja ja, soviel ich weiss... Yes yes, as far as I know...

Ch 4 Museum Lady
ML: Sie können nicht hereinkommen, bevor Sie eintritt bezahlt haben. You can not come in here before you pay the entrance fee.
GN: Ich hätte gern eine Einzrittkarte für's Museum. I's like to have an entry ticket for the museum.
ML: Ja. 8 Mark für eine Ganzpackskarte. Yes. 8 Mark for a package ticket.
GN: Ist das die Ludwig-Museum? Is that the Ludwig-museum?
ML: Ja. Ludwig der Zweite von Bayern. Yes. Ludwig the Second from Bavaria.
ML: Ludwigs Tagebuch... in Museum? Wo kann ich Ludwig's Tagebuch hier anschauen? Ludwig's diary in the museum? Where can I see Ludwig's diary here?
ML: Die Tagebücher sind ganz persönlich. Die sind in den königlichen Archiven. Niemand darf die lesen. Nein, niemand darf die lesen. The diaries are very personal. They are in the royal archives. No-one is allowed to read them. No, nobody is allowed to read them.
GN: Im Museum ist einen Brief von Ludwig über eine neue Wagner opera. In the museum is a letter from Ludwig on a new Wagner opera.
ML: Ja, ich kenne diesen Brief. Yes, I'm familiar with this letter.
GN: Wo kann ich mehr von diese Wagneroper sehen? Where can I see more from this opera?
ML: Ich weiss nichts über Wagner. Das hier ist kein Wagner-Museum. I don't know anything about Wagner. This here is no Wagner-museum.
GN: Ja... ich weiss... Yes, I know...
ML: In Bayreuth befindet sich ein Wagner-Museum. [?] In Bayreuth there's a Wagner-museum.
GN: Bayreuth, danke. Bayreuth, thank you.

Ch 6 Male Guard:
Wie ist das denn hier hereingekommen? How did that come in here?

Ch 6 Female Guard:
Ich höhle etwas um es ab zu wiechen. I'll get something to soak it off.


Unfortunately the FMV concept leaves us with little "fun" discoveries, just because there was never enough space to put on the dialog. You can, however:
-Occasionally Gabe can check up his hair: in the theatre dressing room and at the Huber farm.
-Note: St George's Book shop is located at 313 Bourbon Street.
-Try to tie up Klingmann at the lodge.
-Look at the matchbox. One of the suggestions for the most beautiful German word competition was matchbox: Streichholzschachtelchen.
-Try to shoot Von Glower instead of Von Zell in Chapter 5. It's been suggested that, if you kill Von Glower, Von Zell will be rescued, but that's not true. After all Von Zell has already tasted of human flesh.
-You can make small talk with the chandelier fellows and the lovely Georg if you chat with them BEFORE you pick up your To Do list.

Just like with the Fun issue, there are not many resource files that don't pop up in the game.
Still, you can find:
-It was once possible to return to the Huber farm in chapter 5. Then you'd find new tracks and more wolf hair.
-The Herrenchiemsee had originally an outside shot, just like Neuschwanstein and Altötting.
-There were originally claw marks to be found in the dungeon. This, along with the "trying to buy a watch" scene were apparently possible in the original release, but I couldn't get them to work in my Sierra Originals.
-It was possible to look out the window in Gabe's room at the lodge and spot a large driveway. When clicked, Gabe would remark that the driveway was bigger than the street he lived on in New Orleans.

-March 17th, 1994 was not a Monday as claimed by the Freistaat Bayern Zeitung, but a Thursday.
-March 19th was a Saturday in real life and would have been a Wednesday in keeping with the Monday newspaper, but the Ch 3 newspaper is dated Tuesday, March 19th.
-Time passes slowly... or quickly. Chapter 1 takes place on March 17th according to the newspaper. Chapter 2 is the 18th (Grace's letter) and Chapter 3 is the 19th. Still, chapter 3 takes place only one day after Chapter 1 in the game. (come back tomorrow...) And Day 5 takes place one day after Chapter 3. You can safely say the dates in the game are off.
This is most notable in chapter 1/2: Gabe writes Grace a letter, which apparently makes it all the way to the States in one day, and Grace manages to make it all the way from New Orleans to Rittersberg on the same day!
-Manos del Sol is Spanish, but the movement of the same name is from Brazil, where Portuguese is spoken. Grace also translates it to "men of the sun", while "hand of the sun" would be more accurate.
-In the prologue/manual, the C is left out of Von Franckenstein's (Von Aigner) name.
-There are occasional misspells in names, such as above, but when it is in a letter supposedly written by the person whose name is misspelled, it's especially sloppy. The letter to Ludwig II is signed by Christian VON Ritter, and Von Glower signs with "Friederich".
-A Minor Arcana tarot card (2 of swords) shows up in Mrs Smiths's Major Arcana Tarot Card deck. The two aren't usually mixed together in readings. Not to mention the fact that Major and Minor decks together have 78 cards. Mrs Smith doesn't seem to be holding that many. And if she mixed the cards, it would be odd (but not impossible) that there'd be only 1 minor arcana card in the 9 she draws, considering the major Arcana has 22 cards and the minor Arcana has 56.
-When you play the sneaked tape for Leber in Ch 5, you'll hear both the VMD music and the police theme through each other.
-When you show Gerde a letter from Gabriel in Chapter 6, a box will appear in the middle with the text "I already have Gabriel's address". Forgot to record that?
-When reading page 19 of the opera booklet, Grace will read "renegade" when it says "maranding".
-On the To Do list, it says "Warn H.I.", about 3rd act interruptions. Georg Immelding was meant... nasty typo.
-In the Mittel Loge, there are 6 seats in the still and in the distant shots, but in the closer vids there are only 4.
-What was the point of the opera? Why would Grace want to put Von Glower and Leber in the same box if Glower is supposed to change into a wolf? If anyone but any Beta kills the Aplha, the Beta won't be cured.
-The alpha cannot harm the beta of its own blood without causing an equal injury onto itself. Von Glower is the Alpha and Gabriel is his Beta. Yet he kills Gabe if the two end up fighting in the final sequence. That's some bad self defense!


In spite of having played and loved Sierra's adventures from an early age on, I didn't get into Gabriel Knight for a long time... until I became a fan of Tim Curry. I bought GK3 just a few days after I heard he voiced the protagonist. And I got totally hooked to Gabriel in minutes. The handsome protagonist, the awesome voice acting, the mighty impressive 3D interface, the beautiful music, the bright colours and beautiful backgrounds, the sarcasm, the wit... And above all, a compelling story-line unique in gaming. I was amazed at the dexterity of designer Jane Jensen at combining so many story lines into one smooth thriller. It sure was different from the coming-of-age, get-the-girl, alien-encounter and whodunnit games I was used to: this was like reading a very good suspense novel, while controlling the actions of the main characters and solving all the puzzles myself!
Finding GK1 was a harder task, but I managed. It was another amazing feat. Sure, there was no impressive interface, but for its age it was so rich in visuals, there is so much to find and to listen to, a compelling story with many twists, a fabulous cast... Enough reason to buy GK2!
Even with my relative laconic attitude to FMV games, with the cheesy acting making you want to throw toast, the huge amount of disk space and the low amount of complexity, I decided GK2 had the potential of being just as entertaining for me.
And many people believe so. Jane Jensen has stated she preferred this one (that is, if you twist her arm). MobyGames gives the game the biggest score of the three. And many Gabe fans prefer this one.

I hate to say it, but I don't. Not that it's a bad game, not in the least. But it's the one that is the most vexing in gameplay. The mood is different: while GK1 and GK3 were both delightfully dark with even the dryest remark cracking you up because it's such a relief from the darkness, GK2 sooner appears to be a real cheesy horror movie for the first five chapters. The little things are all missing. But the most bothering part for me was that the main characters seemed very different from the Gabriel and Grace I had come to love.
In GK1 and GK3, Gabriel is very, very handsome. He is very funny. He's witty and sarcastic. He's a vain macho. He's a seducer. Gabriel made my knees wobble, and occasionally came close to driving me to punch my monitor.
Dean Erickson's Gabriel didn't strike me as handsome. That's probably because I have a certified bad taste in men. This is why I preferred the animated characters: a pixellated drawing leaves enough room to fill in the blanks according to my personal taste.
Also the FMV medium didn't leave much room for Gabe's sarcasm, witty remarks and flirting. There is much less humour in this game. And as the flirting was easily my favourite bit about the other GKs and was that one bit that really formed his character was left out... well...
Gabriel also appears to be less caring towards his friends. He is also nowhere near the "actor": he doesn't impersonate anyone. He does pretend to be a hunter and does a miserable job at that. And he messes up when he tries to be in the opera scene... you'd think he'd catch a few rehearsals as producer. In GK1, Gabe pretends to be a Voodoo Cult member twice, an Irish priest, a police officer, and he'll imitate Bill Murray and Fred from I Love Lucy... In GK3 he'll pretend to be a wine critic and Mosely, and he'll mockingly imitate Jean on several occasions.
The vanity of Gabriel remained. He will look in the mirror and tell Grace to stop messing with his hair. It's not a match for the GK3 vanity with the motorbike (but that might be a good thing) or the GK1 vanity where Gabe will automatically check the police mirror every time he walks into Mosely's office (or when he talks to the mirror) and whines about having to cut his hair for the ritual.
If anything Gabriel has become shy. He's very soft-voiced and this leaves whatever little cynical quirk left (eg torches joke in Ch 1 intro) in the game to be humourless.
In GK1 Grace is playfully biting at Gabriel ("Do you know anything about snakes, Grace?" "Doing a family tree, Gabriel?") at any opportunity she can get her hands on. She is, though, very helpful at resources, and turns out to be very caring. In GK3 she is a lot milder towards Gabriel, but behind his back she'll still make nasty quirks. She is also friendly towards anyone, she is even reasonable towards Madeline. In GK2 however, she is a total bitch at the start of the game. She shows up at Schloss Ritter, and while Gerde wants to shake hands and offers her a place to stay, she's very vile to her. She is forced to pipe down, but her contact towards Gerde remains clumsy. Her vile remarks towards Gabriel are particularly nasty. They never come up as funny.
The result for me was that I sympathised with the villain Von Glower, who was terrifically portrayed by Peter J. Lucas, but absolutely not with Gabriel or Grace until the final chapter. This is not a good sign in any game: if you don't like the character you're controlling, you're just going to have a real bad time playing.

The acting of the lead characters isn't always very smooth. The most toe-curling sections for me were Gabe talking to the press in Chapter 3, and any scene between Grace and Gerde. Some of the side characters do an equally bad job, such as the Herrenchiemsee lady with her awkward fistbeat when she talks about Ludwig's diary. This was caused by the severe time and budget limitations, most scenes were only shot once or twice, leaving little time to polish timing.
The special effects are ridiculous. Watching Gabriel and Tomas run for the wolves at the zoo was a scene that could have come straight out of a B-horror film. The same can be said for the 3D werewolves, the "long way down" scene when Gabe is trying to walk on the ledge at the lodge, the tiger attack...
This really ruins the game's athmosphere. At least until Chapter 6, when the acting of both protagonists is good, Grace wears less hideous clothing, and the opera starts. Before that, the link to cheepnis horror just hangs around. At some sections it might float away a little (such as Seeshaupt), but as soon as Grace is talking to, say, the post office lady, any effect is gone.

A lot of the character work is due to FMV. It is also responsible for the nasty gameplay. Much of it is unnecessary travelling and talking to people. Many of the puzzles are simple, and apart from the basement chase there is no real logic involved. There were many points where I couldn't believe that I was actually doing everything right. With both GK1 (clock) and GK3 (bookstore) I got stuck at an early point in the game. Except for the easy Day 8 in GK1 and the short timeblock 1:4-6 PM, I failed to solve many of the puzzles, or any day or timeblock, by myself. I literally FLEW through GK2. In a game I prefer to have something to chew on, a puzzle you can take away from the game and think about it. With GK2 there's nothing to solve.
You can get stuck in GK2 though, but this is only frustrating. If you forget to look at even the slightest thing at Neuschwanstein, you'll have to explore the entire castle again... very vexing.

Like the other entries, GK2 has a great story line. Unfortunately there are still a number of loose ends. All things considered, the whole opera section seems bizarre. Initially Grace states it was intended for healing, and later we learn it was intended to destroy Von Glower. The transition between those is non-existent, you're just supposed to know. So I had to play it a second time to find that out. But why would Grace want to kill Von Glower by making him transform into a wolf while Leber was there with a gun? It'd mean Leber would shoot the werewolf: and Gracie should have read in the Lycanthropy book that that would mean Gabe would never cure.
Glower only changes because he heard Gabe howling. In that case, what were the chrystals supposed to have done?
And what about the dressing room death? How did that happen? What's THAT all about? Costello shouts help and you're done for? How?

There is technical nastiness. There are disturbing ambiance changes between lines. At many sections the actors are tough to understand, and here and there it's even impossible. This is a drag considering there is no closed captioning. A new game can only be started from the start-up screen if Disk 1 is in the drive. The startup Sierra vid and main menu have no music. In the Ch 6 sctions with the priest at Altötting in the priest office, the father looks a lot blurrier than Grace does. In any section where there is another character with Grace, the other character moves and walks, while Gracie is frozen. The game cannot be paused. There is much diskswapping. The ticking clocks cannot be switched off.

There are still many things that make this game stand out among its peers. The daring storyline turning Ludwig II into a werewolf, the tours through Neuschwanstein and Herrencheimsee... Of course the Opera, which is, by my knowledge, unique in games.(MORE ON THE OPERA IN MY OTHER GK2 ARTICLE!) The artwork is great, especially for FMV: the bluescreen work is often undetectable. The acting of the main characters may not be too fantastic in the first few chapters, but many side characters do a great job. I adored Peter J Lucas as Von Glower, and Georg, Übergrau and Joseph Dahlmeier also managed to charm me. It was great to hear some of the GK1 music return. The Chapter 4 startup vid has a very well-captured, fairy-tale-like athmosphere. The dresses Grace wears at this vid, the Ch 6 opening vid and the opera, are gorgeous. I had fun brushing up my German.

All put together, The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery is a very enjoyable title, though it might have worked better with me if I didn't have any preconceptions. It is with ease the best FMV I have yet played and it showed what could have come of the genre... if only...


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