There are various types of magic involved in Lad. These are:
*Spells and powers put on you
*Spells you can cast
*Magic scrolls
*Magic potions
*Magic rings
*Fountain water
*The gods

On the top right corner of your screen, there's a window that shows you which powers and curses you have. Powers and curses can be acquired by reading scrolls, drinking potions, fighting with monsters, putting a spell onto yourself, ignoring or donating money to the gods, drinking water from fountains, stepping in shallow pools, or exploding gems. All effects in this window will heal with time. Curses will take less time to heal than powers take to disappear. Some powers last much longer than others. Below follows a list of all powers and curses you may get.
*Extra Vision: you can see ahead 2 spaces instead of 1 {scroll}
*Strength: your Strength characteristic increases with 3 {potion}
*Accuracy: your Weapon Class increases with 4 {potion}
*Haste: moves take half the time they normally do {potion or spell}
*Stealth: monsters don't come after you {potion}
*Etherealness: you can walk through walls. Losing this power in a wall doesn't kill you {potion, spell, fountains, pools}
*Missile Defense: missiles from monsters can't harm you {potion, spell}
*Protection: adds 1, 3 or 5 to your Armor Class {scroll, gods}
*Blurry vision: you can't see ahead {scroll}
*Weakness: your strength diminishes with 2 {potion}
*Dumbness: you can't cast spells {gems or monsters}
*Shaking hands: you can't hold weapons {gems or monsters}
*Hives: you can't hold armor, mails, helms or shields {potion, fountain, pool}
*Poison: your pips diminish with 2 per one-fifth time point {potion, fountain, pool, monster}
*Lethargy: moves take double the time they normally do {potion, fountain, pool, monster}
*Confusion: your missiles won't do damage {scroll}

There are quite a few SPELLS YOU CAN CAST. At the beginning of the game, you can only cast magic missiles, which have limited reach and damage ability. You can learn more spells by reading either leatherbound books, or small books. Books will disintegrate after you read them. They also make a nice amount of money when you sell them to the pawn shop. As a book may contain a spell you already know, it's up to you to decide whether you want to read it hoping you learn something new, or sell it and make a few gold pieces.
List of spells and their function:
*Magic Missile (2) for harming monsters
*Protection +1 (3) adds 1 to your Armor Class, for a while
*Fire Ball (6) can harm monsters a little more, and disintegrate walls
*Avoid Traps (7) gives you the power to avoid traps
*Teleportation (8) teleports you. You may materialize in solid rock, and die
*Lightning Bolt (9) harms monsters even more, disintegrates walls too
*Magic Fire (15) kills monsters who are attacking you in close combat
*Give Yourself Haste (16) gives yourself the power of haste
*Vaporize (17) deletes all non-dungeon-edge walls around you
*Annihilate Monsters (22) kills all monsters near you
*Missile Defence (28) gives you the power of misile defence
*Repair Items (29) repairs all broken items in your inventory
*Etherealness (32) makes you ethereal: you can walk through walls!

Occasionally you might pick up a SCROLL. A scroll can only be read once. After that, it disintegrates. After you read it, you may have gotten a power, a curse, cast a spell, find part of your inventory improved, or otherwise. If you get a scroll of which you don't know what it does, read it. You will be able to recognize the same scroll in the future.
*Protection adds 1 to your Armor Class temporarily
*Extra Vision, power with which you can see 2 spaces per direction, rather than 1
*Trap Detection, all traps in the level are revealed
*Gold Detection, all piles of gold in the level are revealed
*Monster Detection, all monsters in the level are revealed
*Remove Curse, reliefs you of curses and cursed items you wear
*Teleportation, teleports you elsewhere
*Detect Secret Doors, all secret doors are revealed
*Fire Ball, casts a fireball spell
*Lightning, casts a lightning bolt
*Identify, identifies all unidentified objects in your inventory
*Repair Items, repairs all broken items in your inventory
*Fortify Items, your items are made stronger and won't break so quickly
*Magic Fire, kills all monsters in close combat with you
*Magic Mapping, reveals all visible walls, items, monsters, traps, gold, secret doors in the level you're in
*Avoid Traps, you get this power and can avoid all traps
*Annihilate Monsters, kills all monsters in your vicinity
*Vaporize, deletes all walls around you
*Golden Touch, your gold-hoard doubles in value
*Extra Protection, adds 3 to your Armor Class temporarily
*Super Protection, adds 5 to your Armor Class temporarily
*Gem Improvement, your gems double in value
*Detect Treasure, all gold and gems in the level are revealed
*Weapon Enhancement, the weapon you're holding adds 1 extra to your Weapon Class
*Armor Enhancement, the armor you're holding adds 1 extra to your Armor Class
*Enhance Items, your rings, weapons, armor, mails, helms go up 1
*Monster Attraction, you are cursed and all monsters come after you quicker
*Vision Blurring, you can't see anything and anything you discover does not appear on your screen, except monsters you're fighting with
*Confusion, curse that means your fireball and lightning spells don't work
*Monster Aggravation, all monsters dislike you a little more
*Alter Reality, the level is restarted, all paraphernalia and monsters, and you, are elsewhere

POTIONS can only be drunk once, and may give you a power or curse. I wonder what happens to the bottle. You can recognize a type of potion once you've used one of a similar type.
*Water, does nothing
*Healing, restores a few pips
*Major Healing, restores a few more pips
*Haste, power that makes you move twice as fast
*Heal Spells, restores your spell points
*Strength, power that gives you 3 extra strength points
*Weakness, curse that lowers your strength by 2
*Poison, gives you poison, you'll lose 2 pips at every 20 steps, until you're healed or dead
*Forgetfulness, you'll forget the entire level, walls, trap doors, buildings, they'll disappear from the screen
*Sleep, you fall asleep and lose time
*Hives, you can't wear armor anymore
*Stupidity, you'll forget all items you've tried, except the ones in your inventory
*Missile Defense, gives you the power of Missile Defense, so certain monsters can't put their spell on you anymore
*Etherealness, you can walk through walls temporarily. If you lose this power when you're in a wall, you don't die
*Accuracy, power that adds 5 to your weapon class
*lethargy, curse that causes you to move twice as slow
*Stealth, monsters don't notice you until you're in close combat with them
*Alter Time, your time decreases or increases

RINGS can be worn, or not worn. They will increase or decrease several of your basic characteristics. This effect will last as long as you wear it. In case a ring has a negative effect, you can't take it off once you put it on. Beware a ring might break. At first you may not be able to recognize a ring, but once you know a type by trying it on, you'll be able to recognize similar items in the future.
*Spell Rejuvenation

FOUNTAINS can be found around the entire dungeon. Drinking from fountains can alter your time, restore pips and spell points, diminish your pips, give you poison, or hives, or lethargy, or etherealness. A drink may also add or subtract one point on/off your basic characteristics. Fountains may die when you drink from it. They'll never revive, sadly.

PUDDLES are the blue circles you can find occasionally. Stepping in one may alter your basic characteristics, your time, your number of pips, your spell points... You may also get poison, lethargy, hives or etherealness. A pool may also epavorate. It then leaves an item which you'll find immediately.

You may be an atheist or monotheist, but in this game, there are a number of GODS. You may stumble upon an altar. You're asked if you want to pay your respect to them. If you say no, your amount of pips may alter, or one of your basic characteristics may change. If you say yes, and offer gold to the gods, they may give you protection, depending on the size of your gift. The gods are greedy, however. If they're not satisfied with the amount of gold you give them, they'll just say thank you.
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