There are a helluva lot of monsters to be found, and beaten, in LAD.
Monsters can be tackled using physical and distant combat. In physical combat, you bump into a monster. You may do that with bare hands, but then you won't live long. You'd better wear appropriate weapons and armory. Wearing such an item will improve your weapon class or armor class. Each type of weapon will give you a certain amount of extra AC or WC points. Apart from that, they may have extra power or curse, indicated by numbers behind them.
DO NOT EQUIP ARMOR OR WEAPONS WITH A NEGATIVE VALUE. These items are cursed, and will decrease your WC or AC. You cannot take them off, unless they break, or by magic.

*Walking Stick +1
*Battle Axe +1 harms your accuracy
*Small Knife +2
*Brittle Knife +2
*Mace +3
*Short Sword +
*Long Sword +
*Sun Sword +10
*Throwing Star +0, but will work over a distance. They can only be used once.
*Wooden Bow only works with arrows: equip yourself with a bow and shoot an arrow by clicking it
*Composite Bow works in the same way
*Wooden Arrow will work over a distance, but can only be used once.
*Iron Arrow see wooden arrow
*Silver Arrow see wooden arrow
*Light Saber +35
*Vorpal Blade ?

*Leather Armor +1
*Ring Mail +3
*Plate Mail +6
*Silver Mail +
*Mithril Mail +25(Elvish metal from Lord Of The Rings, Frodo bears one of these)
*Helm +1 can be worn along with armor or mail
*Silver Helm +4 see helm
*Platinum Helm +8 see helm
*Wooden Shield +1 can be worn with helm and armor
*Iron Shield +2
*Silver Shield +

You can als battle monsters using magic spells. These can be read off a scroll, or cast. You can only cast a spell if you know it. You learn spells from reading books. Casting spells cost spell points. For more information on spells, check the Magic Page.
Monsters can also curse you. Some have special talents, but all can critical you, which means you'll have 2 pips left. So beware.

There are loads of different kinds of monsters. Here's a list of them, their AC and WC, their experience value, and optional information.
The experience value for high-level monsters is higher than those for the low-level monsters. Therefore it's based on the first appearance of the monster.
Small Goblin W0 A0 E1
Medium Goblin W0 A0 E1
Large Goblin W0 A0 E1
Small Orc W1 A1 E2
Medium Orc W1 A1 E2
Small Bat W0 A3 E1
Brain Limpet W4 A2 E15 can cause stupidity (lower your intelligence)
Rabid Snake W5 A6 E26 can poison you
Giant Banana Slug W3 A2 E287 unaffected by weaponry, and will kill you swiftly
Large Orc W1 A1 E3
Small Hobgoblin W1 A2 E4
Medium Hobgoblin W2 A2 E5
Large Hobgoblin W3 A3 E6
Large Bat W0 A11 E2
Small Ghost W2 A3 E5 can eat your strength
Giant Snake W2 A3 E6 can poison you
Giant Hobgoblin W5 A4 E13
Ghost W4 A3 E8 can eat your strength. High level ghosts can move through walls
Were Snake W4 A4 E21 can poison you
Flutter Piggy W0 A1 E1 may kiss you and dissappears if he does
Giant Bee W5 A5 E17 can poison you
Mad Archer W2 A6 E251 can harm you from a distance
Dumb Ass W15 A9 E 851 can give you amnesia
Giant Sap Sucker W12 A12 E356 can make you lethargic
Gelatinous Cube W3 A8 E122 is not affected by weapons
Giant Bat W3 A12 E32
Poltergeist W6 A4 E55 may move through walls, and eat strength
Cyclops W7 A6 E190
Rust Monster W4 A3 E48 may weaken your armor
Giant Eyeball W5 A13 E44
Leprechaun W8 A3 E157 can steal stuff from your inventory
Tracking Hound W4 A4 E77
Giant Mad Archer W5 A9 E1161 harms from a distance
Brain Blob W6 A3 E76
Giant Spider W7 A7 E124
Zap Master W5 A7 E364 may teleport you
Invisible Stalker W8 A13 E526 cannot be seen on your screen, unless he's walking over a building or item so watch out!
Lamia W6 A1 E1
Wraith W16 A11 E535 can move through walls
Giant Rust Monster W12 A9 E218 can weaken your armor
Giant Mosquito W18 A17 E205
Grelbner W15 A15 E3430
Giant Slime W17 A9 E353 is unaffected by spells
Scrilch W17 A13 E2251
Tongue Snatcher W15 A12 E1553 may cause dumbness
Gas Cloud W17 A16 E753 unaffected by weaponry
Gollum W6 A4 E273
Living Dead W14 A14 E1665 unaffected by weaponry
Enchantress W13 A13 E4534 unaffected by spells, may put various spells on you. Or kiss you!
Daemon W40 A40 E19543 unaffected by most spells and all weaponry.
Wraith Daemon W40 A40 E29543 walks through walls, unaffected by most spells and all weaponry
Rabid Leprechaun W18 A9 E1999 may steal your stuff
Hell Hound W6 A7 E3351 can harm you from a distance
Giant Brain Blob W9 A6 E911
White Dragon W13 A13 E4297 can harm you from a distance, even when you're ethereal and walking through walls
Giant Beetle W9 A10 E697
Giant Grelbner W22 A19 E4430
Florp W25 A19 E4651
Golden Dragon W30 A28 E19197 may harm you from a distance, even when you're in a wall
Grog W9 A39 E25153
Tabonga W39 A50 E26430
Metal-eating Grog W9 A39 E35153
Giant Tabonga W38 A50 E53430
Invisible Daemon W84 A40 E89534 can't be seen on your screen, unless he's walking through walls, then he appears as a black space

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