Berlin 2024

Holiday In Berlin

Here follow my pictures of my vacation in Berlin around Easter, 2024.

The Berliner Dom at the Museumsinsel

The Berliner Goldhut at Neues Museum. Neues Museum has a large collection on ancient Egypt (most famously the bust of Nefertete), and archaeological finds from Germany. The Berlin gold hat is actually a gold hat almost 75 cm high but weighs no more than a pigeon, that has 19 rings depicting the lunar and solar cycle.

The Alte Nationalgalerie. The Museumsinsel, an island that hosts about 5 of Germany's most important museums, is Unesco world heritages. All museum buildings are extremely beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. These buildings date from ca 1850s and were made to display the art in them as best as possible.
The Alte Nationalgallery hosts mainly 19th century paintings and some sculptures of the same era. Highlights include amazing works by Boecklin (version 3 of his Toteninsel among others), beautiful works by Max Liebermann and a beautiful hall with French impressionism.

Sadly the top floor of the museum was closed, but the building was glorious.

After having some time left due to the Alte Nationalgalerie-visit being shortened by the top floor being closed, we went to the Boden-Museum. The information mentioned it had 13-th to 18-th century sculpture and paintings, letting me believe it was The Museum With The Rembrandts, but it wasn't - mostly Christian sculptures instead.

Of the three musea I visited, the Boden Museum most definitely was glorifyingly stunning - the hallway and rooms invite to making plenty of photos, like this statue of Mercury playing with the stairway.

Staircase glory

Sculpture "The Dragonhunt", anonymous.

Bodenmuseum Panorama

Brandenburger Tor

The Holocaust monument. Jumping from stele to stele is expressly forbidden.
The paths inbetween the concrete stelae dip, meaning that when you walk through them, the concrete is suddenly 2m high. It's very dark and disorienting.

This scene may look like an inoccuous ugly road at first glance - but although behind me is a Currywurst selling point and the cheerful Trabi World, where you can rent a Trabant and take an audio tour through the city, this side of the road does not just have the largest remaining section of Berlin Wall in the inner city - it was, during the 1933-1945 period, that this place hosted: the head quarters of the SS and the head quarters of the Gestapo, and several other important Nazi institutions. On these grounds, where Gestapo prisoners were once tortured, there is now a free exhibition in English and German named "Topographie des Terrors".

Bethlehemkirche monument and "Houseball" by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen.