More Photos!!

There is no order to the following photos whatsoever...

This candle didn't survive a heatwave.

The former Eindhoven city hall, demolished under great protest in the 1950s, resurrected in lamps! Innit beautiful!

Three items in my musical instrument collection...

Me showing off: a prize, and my Primus collection.

This haunted castle sure looks great from the outside... On the inside however, it's primarily scaffolding.

The bottom of our sofa. I had just purchased a copy of Shivers, a great PC game by Sierra, and showed it to my father. The jewelcase was broken, so the disk slid out and fell between two wooden slates in the couch. He cut the bottom open to free the CD.

Overview of the annual book market for over-produced literature.

Unusual trio... I felt Goofy was mocking with the angel, holding his hands like that...

Unusual clock I found at a second hand store.

Entrance to De Efteling

Haunted castle in De Efteling. Shot while the gates were still closed, so there were no buggies or children in sight. Efteling: please get rid of all that ivy!

Chandelier in the Fata Morgana ride in De Efteling. I'd switched on my camera so I could make the pic I always wanted: but then the boats stalled for a few minutes and I didn't want the cam to switch in stand-by mode, so I shot the chandelier.

And this is the pic I always wanted: the Djinn in Fata Morgana. He's HUGE, effin scary and you sail through his legs. His size, and the fact that you only have a few seconds before his face gets out of that frontal view, means my previous efforts to photograph him failed.

These are all photos I made on a visit in Nijmegen.