What The Hell Was I Thinking?
a midi-file composed out of depression and boredom

Click Here to ListenThis piece started out as a song I wrote in October 2005, when I was in a deep mood of depression. I was just taking classes in music theory, where I learnt many things I liked to incorporate sometime in a piece, funky chords and stuff. The song was written in about half an hour. It's in A-minor, the chorus is in C-major, the break has the weirdest chords I could find. The lyrics describe my state of mind and the reason why I was so down. The title is a catchy phrase of which I didn't really realize how much I liked it until I read Les Claypool using it in an interview. He used it to describe his thoughts upon listening to Primus after the band's hiatus. Coincidently, it's also the title a friend gave to my Duck-Guitarist project (except the pronoun was "you").
   When I programmed WTHWIT into the PC, I could not find the sheet where I wrote it on. So the bridge is quite different from the original bridge. The chorus has, as a result, been simplified since I had to leave out the strange modulation. It also sounds a lot more cheerful. I also forgot the lyrics, since they were nothing special in particular, rhymeless and uncatchy. The singing line is a lot different from the original because of that.
   The song was written on a guitar, with me singing over it. It was intended for a band with vocals, guitar, bass and percussion. I didn't feel like programming for drums OR guitar, so the ensemble turned into contrabass, cello, violin, and a flute symbolizing the vocals. The arrangement was a result of boredom, really. I used my music theory knowledge to compose it, rather than my ear. That's why it sounds very consonant, nearly medieval. The original tempo was a lot slower, but slowing down WTHWIT made the song sound boring and sluggish. I also deleted the third verse and chorus, to prevent the file from sounding repetitive.

That's about the story behind this MIDI-file. Mail me at bonny@3xploeg.com for comments.
Thank you for listening.