My sister lived for a year in the building where the movie Blackbook/Zwartboek was shot. After the film went bust, a lot of the sets remained standing where they are. This included a LOT of signs in German and Dutch, Nazi flags, portraits of Hitler, coffins, and much cool stuff in general. As it's one large concrete space, getting a photo from the hall is impossible with only the little camera flash I have. But I picked out some nice photos and put them on-line.

Compulsory shots against diphteria.

Secluded coast area. Access only with valid "ausweis". Photography prohibited!

Cigar store. There are TONS of this kind of signs.

No idea what this is...

Check out the dust! Been standing idle for years!

Some remaining shots of the area, building and view.

Part of the building is below the road.

By now, the building is to be demolished. One day, when only one of the inhabitants was in, the wreckers came in and sprayed orange crosses on many of the walls. They were surprised to find there were still people living in it.
My sister and her 2 housemates were forced to move in 7 days notice. Sis went back to her one-room apartment in Amsterdam, the others went to a new house that was assigned to them, and had considerably less space.
Moral of the story: Don't anti-squat!