A. Gasper's Oxigen Bottle Design produces oxygen bottles that look ace for reasonable prices. Currently available:

1 Office
A Joseph Black, smart-looking bottlethat can easily be located onto your desk. It contains an extra compartment containing sleeping gas for those lengthy meetings.
B Wilbur Navy blue bottle with white stripes to suit your costume
C Danny Sleekly designed oxygen bottle that will easily fit into any briefcase.
D Jem Oxigen bottle with leather design that can be carried like your briefcase.

2 Lady
A Pinky Bright fuchsia bottle with baroque light green ornaments.
B Kermy Soft green, elegantly shaped bottle to match your dress.
C Dippy Small bottle that even fits in your baby backpack! Yet it contains as much oxygen as a standard bottle!
D Rock Chick Black bottle with pink star for chicks who are rough on the outside and airy on the inside!

3 Fun
A Bubble Bottle with aquarium design and bubbly shape.
B Pam Turn this lady's knob and she'll blow the life back into you!
C Flower Power Bright yellow bottle with funky flowers and extra mask for stereo sucking!
D OxiBot White, magnetic bottle you can scribble your own drawings on! Magnetic pens included!

Conceptualized by Bonny Ploeg