The overhaul brought some extra art! Enjoy!

Please welcome, for the first time outside my agenda, Fred and Derek!
Analysis of Fred and Derek
Fred and Derek: 100 Theme Challenge!
Gallery of Great Guitarists First page on Duckies: Donald Duck meets Jimi Hendrix!
Think Outside The Flock More ducky spoofs!

Frank Zappa-related art, containing the elusive "50 Zappa Titles In One Picture". How many can you spot?

GIF Animations
Knitting and other needlepoint

Then there's the dragon section, featuring a number of my dragons. CLICK HERE FOR THE DRAGONS!

There's the short-scale forum joke A.Gasper:
A. Gasper: Solution to all smoke allergies!

And the rest: portraits, stars, forum art... everything I couldn't place elsewhere:
Click here for the rest! 2 NEW!