In these days of a thousand fonts in your word processor, who needs calligraphy? All the same, calligraphy ranks in the top 3 of most useful things I've ever learnt at school: it greatly improved my handwriting and my right hand coordination, which in turn improved my drawing. I love it: for some reason I write a lot easier with pen in hand than at a computer.

The style we learnt at school, but done years later. Practice sheet.

Graffiti influence

I love how you can see what's underneath it, which combined with the text gets a very different appearance.
I keep this verse framed.


Something I once started to do when I was 18 and going to write my Grand Novel. Like the Neverending Story I wanted to illustrate my own chapter starting letters. They have evolved further and further, but the only thing that remains is what gives them their name: they're all 5*5 centimetres.

And then I began putting those KQ7 limericks in a 6*7 shape.

And finally: the Dragon Alphabet!

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