Home-knitted out of magnetic tape. More BB-knit: the infamous BB-vest, a Balaclava and Slipover

Made for my forum, under the head "Guess the Zappatitle in the picture". This is supposed to be the Poodle Lecture, and was named "brown" to confuse the contestants.
More Forum related: Trendmonger, Jumbo Go Away, another ZAPPAtitle in picture.

Spooky looking creature I named Death. Actually, one day I sat behind the PC and noticed the lights in the room combined with the CD-Roms on the table to make this awkward shadow on the wall, that I sketched out.

Portrait of Frank Zappa in pencil and charcoal pencil, second attempt.
Another Zappa-related one is the "Ten Days To ZPZ". Print and colour a letter per day!

Image made to attract more people to

See Also: Merry Christmas; another X-mas card; Bonny Christmas; Happy Holidaze and Zappy New Year!

Home made deck of Tarot cards.

Birthday present dedicated to forum friends. From left to right: Gabriel Knight (dressed like Dr Frank N. Furter. I couldn't get him to pose in fishnets, but he looked all boring in a white shirt, so I made a slight reference); a Lemming; Donald Duck dressed as Count Duckula; Leisure Suit Larry; Frank Zappa.

A clay head I based loosely on the bouncing green heads from Spirited Away.

Cute little pumpkin smileys I made for the Zappa-forum.

And then there is:
Alternative peace symbol
9-point star
Pillow Fighting