Dragons are wonderful creatures to draw! A dragon can be evil or benevolent, angry or happy, black, purple, red, gold or blue, a dragon can have batwings, bird wings or no wings, a dragon have 0, 2, 4 or more legs... a dragon may have 3 or 4 or 5 toes, a dragon may be slender or fat, male, female or gender-less...
   A dragon genuinely lets your imagination run free. This is why I am very fond of them, and I have made many drawings of these creatures. You can find some of them here!

This is 2=1. Named after a beloved math joke, this pen + pastel crayon took a lot of effort, but it was worth it! I made the symmetry by using a sketch and folding it in half, copying it using the window.

This dragon has no name, but I drew him while waiting for the dentist.

The original pencil colouring messed up in the scanner, so I touched it up in Paint.

Another nameless one. This one is quite large and I re-sized it, which meant the original detail went away.

These are Elithion and Demeter (blue one). I made this drawing during a class on Islam. I named them after two of my Catz.

"What the..." This sea dragon was made shortly after the passing of the great composer Luciano Berio, so this drawing is dedicated to him.

This little dragon with invisible background is my avatar on some forums. Click on the similar dragon at the top left to return to the start of this home page.

I used to have this avatar on one forum. The snake forms a B, and the flames it spits form a P.

Azquaylius the dragon. While the original looks ace, the scan had to be refined in Paint, where a blue background was added.

This is Saklyon. I made him between two college classes, when I had a spare hour.

I made Naeru for a friend of mine, an inspirational card. The black one is the one I mailed to him, the other is its sketch.

One of several dragons named Lezeiwd. For more on Lezeiwd and Azquaylius, read the text zone of the site!