Yes, yes, I know. For a composer I have precious little stuff up. My sole means of getting decent music is either to play it myself, and in that case the word "decent" is used loosely, and the alternative is MIDI files.

This directly goes to a MIDI file (so Save Target As) of a little something I wrote in 2007 for someone special.
Here it is! It's called Hnko.

There's Argh III, the third in a series of 4 short vocal compositions based on lyrics of dreadful songs. Links to a page with more information and links to the music.

Then there's the shorter What the Hell was I Thinking? Also links to a new page.

The home-programmed MIDI-files by other artists/composers are located HERE. There's a lot of Zappa, some Schubert, some Villa-Lobos, some Gall, some Bordewijk... Nice little mish-mash. They're primarily intended for exchange with other people with composer programmes, so they're not necessarily audible.

And, last best! here's my YouTube profile. Open in new window since Youtube stopped allowing embedding.